• Law of Cosines
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    Law of Cosines

    BAM!!!, Mr. Tarrou. We just got done learning Law of Sines and now we are going to learn another law that allows you to work oblique triangles or non-right triangles. That is the Law of Cosine. Now we need both of these laws because you can’t always do Law of Sines and you can’t always do Law of Cosine. To be able to set up the law of sine, you need to have a matching pair of angle and side. When you have that paring like you know angle A and side a you can set up the law of sine. However, if you don’t have that then hopefully the…

  • Ableton Producer | What I Use To Make Music and Perform
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    Ableton Producer | What I Use To Make Music and Perform

    Hi guys welcome to my channel. If you’re new I’m The Friz. I’m a music producer singer-songwriter Dreamer… At the beginning of the month I put out a video showing you around my apartment here and showing you my new studio setup and in that video I mentioned each piece of equipment that I use but I didn’t really touch on them at all so in this video I wanted to touch on each piece of equipment what I use it for why I like it and all that good stuff. This is the Ableton Push. It’s the first one I do not have the second one yet but I…

  • Advocacy workshop with Dr T.
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    Advocacy workshop with Dr T.

    The framework you are using, is a human rights framework. And It’s a framework that is also constitutional because our constitution was written with a human rights perspective. So everything we discuss today is based on the constitutional rights of people. And our constitution is very simple. It doesn’t say permanent resident, it doesn’t say permit holders.It says all those who live in it. Don’t forget that. When we speak about sexual and reproductive health and rights, they are also human rights. Often people say “SRHR is women’s rights” but for those people who don’t think women are people,they still won’t uphold our rights, because they think they are doing…

  • Alex, Abe, Phil, Michael and Benjie are now official soldiers | A Soldier’s Heart (With Eng Subs)
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    Alex, Abe, Phil, Michael and Benjie are now official soldiers | A Soldier’s Heart (With Eng Subs)

    Platoon, halt! Excellent! Good job. One more time! Hooah! Excellent! But I want you to do a better job later at the actual ceremony. Today is your last day. You can’t afford any slip-ups! – Understood? – Yes, sir! – Are we clear?! – Yes, sir! Buddy, is your family coming? No. I wouldn’t want them here, anyway. Why not? What’s the point of having them here if I’m not graduating top of the class? What about you? Will your family be here? My parents live abroad. What about your siblings? I’m an only child, buddy. Really? Is your family coming? I don’t think my parents can make it. It’s…

  • PUNK!! Japanese “Yankee” Style【featuring Artist Kawakami】
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    PUNK!! Japanese “Yankee” Style【featuring Artist Kawakami】

    Have the emotion either above or below neutral If it is up, go high. If down, go really down Happy or sad I didn’t go to Japanese school so I don’t know the shape There is a need to compromise to some extent Perfectionists have a hard time Hello! Hello! Hello! Do I say like that? Kawakami-san and Urata-san are here again Pro manga artist from “Mangaka-channel” Kawakami and Urata I want to do a drawing challenge this time We talked earlier about Yankee(punks) I wonder how my image and Kawakami-san’s image is different I think it’s different abroad and in Japan Are there Yankee(punks) abroad? There always are delinquents…

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    Lynx prepares a new suit for training. She was invited by Carbide to become a superhero. Zenith is waiting outside for Lynx. “Whoa Lynx, you look incredible!” “Thanks Zenith! Now let’s go!” Carbide is waiting for Lynx to arrive for training. “Hi Carbide!” “Hey Lynx!” “That new suit looks amazing!” Lynx shows off some of her moves in her new suit. “Here, let me introduce you to someone.” “This is my best friend and partner in crime, Valor.” “Valor, this is my new trainee, Lynx!” “Nice to meet you, Lynx!” “I’m going to introduce you to a few more heroes now.” “Bye Valor! It was nice meeting you!” Zenith hangs…

  • Is HDR Brachytherapy An Outdated Treatment? | Ask a Prostate Expert, Jeffrey Demanes, MD
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    Is HDR Brachytherapy An Outdated Treatment? | Ask a Prostate Expert, Jeffrey Demanes, MD

    So, I think when it comes to the concept of brachytherapy, I know a lot of patients are not offered this as a treatment right away. In fact, I’ve talked to a lot of people on our Helpline and we kind of have to get them to a different doctor sometimes just for them to hear all of their options. So, can you speak to why brachytherapy is almost like—I think some radiation doctors almost consider it like outdated or old-fashioned. Well, I think it’s anything but old-fashioned. It’s very modern and high-tech. From the time that Madame Curie discovered radium in 1898 and in the years after, they started…

  • MCPHS: Physician Assistant (Worcester and Manchester, NH)
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    MCPHS: Physician Assistant (Worcester and Manchester, NH)

    Description: Physician Assistant Description: Upbeat music Description: Students train to be physician assistants Speaker 1: MCPHS University is a great place to come to learn how to be the best that you can be. It gives us a lot of great opportunities because we’re affiliated with a lot of the hospitals that are in the surrounding locations. Speaker 2: Being able to go into lab and work with my group mates and have professors there to give us pointers and help, you know, guide us through the physical assessment of a patient in that lab setting where you really apply what you learn in class and real-life clinical simulated settings,…

  • Applying to Drake Law School
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    Applying to Drake Law School

    Hey everyone, I’m Ann Allen from the Drake Law School Admission Office. This is… And I’m Kara Blanchard. And we just wanted to provide a short, digital resource for you if you’re considering applying to law school specifically, at Drake. And in regard to that, the timeline for applying to law school is now. So that application is available on lsac.org, the Law School Admission Council website. We do have a priority deadline of April 1st. And that really is for scholarship consideration and for your own stress level. I think it’s easier to apply early. So if you’re interested in doing that – lsac.org. And I’m going to talk…

  • TSP’s Rabish Ki Report | रबिश पहुंचे शादी में
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    TSP’s Rabish Ki Report | रबिश पहुंचे शादी में

    Can you see the marriage hall in the right, It’s only for Thakur’s. And here Brahmans. Now discrimination even in marriage. I hope the route is proper. Yeah. As per Google map, this way it’s left. Google is waste, you idiot. The place where you can hear some noise… See, this place is full of lights, right? Let’s go there. Such a small vehicle you’ve got. Didn’t you find a big. Bullet or something. – There was no budget. – Oh! Every time you say that there’s no budget. Did you apply any perfume or no? I was going to apply it but you’ve finished the bottle. You’re putting a…