• Bola – Medical Office Assistant Graduate
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    Bola – Medical Office Assistant Graduate

    I was working back home, in Nigeria. I come from Nigeria, and I was working as a school principal of school administrator and I had done that for about 17 years. The hands-on training was perfect for me. CDI is like a family school. There’s a one-on-one review instructor, so it helped me gain more confidence to be able to work in the Canadian system. This is unique to me because one, it’s Canadian – it’s different from every other thing. I am proud to have the CDI certificate, and that’s why I came for the graduation.

  • [HOT] Special Director ‘BTS J-Hope’ Visit  ,언더 나인틴 20190105
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    [HOT] Special Director ‘BTS J-Hope’ Visit ,언더 나인틴 20190105

    Put more feel into it You have to clean up this part of the choreography You must make your shoulders go like this We have to make big movements like we said yesterday Sharp like this kind of movement Right now, it’s too rough J-HOOOOOOOOOPE/ Special Director These are snacks OMG This is more fascinating to me Who am I I saw him who I could only dream of, so I was so happy It was something I couldn’t even imagine so when it was a reality, I was shocked It’s an honor to meet you guys When I was outside I heard Fake Love playing Yes we… (Hold up……

  • CHAPMAN TRIPP | Iwi Governance Scholarship in Law
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    CHAPMAN TRIPP | Iwi Governance Scholarship in Law

    My name is Findlay Jacob-Sauer and I’m a previous recipient of the Iwi Governance Scholarship. The Iwi Governance Scholarship was established in 2012 and it’s provided by Chapman Tripp to students at the University of Auckland that are interested in Māori issues, specifically iwi governance. Like with all scholarships, there was the financial aspect which was driving me, but also there was the added factor of it being related to Māori interests and being able to start a relationship with Chapman Tripp, what I consider to be the firm that leads in this area, which is the area that I knew that I wanted to work in. I found the process of applying for the scholarship…

  • Houston Criminal Defense Law Firm – The Gonzalez Law Group
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    Houston Criminal Defense Law Firm – The Gonzalez Law Group

    Criminal defense law at The Gonzalez Law Group is one of the cornerstone departments of our firm. My father, Ricardo Gonzalez, has been practicing for almost 35 years strictly with criminal defense. I became very successful at defending clients and winning a lot of cases so that’s what I’ve been doing exclusively criminal defense. We know the system. We know how to help people. We know how to fight the state. We will go to work and we will fight for everybody. We hold the responsibility of protecting people’s rights. We are their last hope. We are their defense between them and the state of Texas. It is our job…

  • Success Story with Kyra Carlen
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    Success Story with Kyra Carlen

    Good morning Beachbody Coaches. I’m super super excited to be here today And we have a special guest who’s going to be joining us to share kind of her success story with finding Beachbody And I’m super excited to introduce to you Kyra Carlen who is a first-time elite team, and she’s here to talk to us kind of a little bit about her journey with Beachbody. So welcome Kyra. Oh Hi, I’m so excited like literally so excited for this me too Can you kind of just introduce yourself a little bit and kind of tell us kind of what you were doing Prior to finding Beachbody how your…

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    Who Swiped Left On Cardi B? | Swipe In One Second

    – Ahh! Wait, who’s that? – Ugh! I wanna date Tina Fey! – That’s Adam Levine? Holy– what the heck?! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Have you ever tried a dating app? – Have I ever tried a dating app? I met my boyfriend on a dating app almost three years ago. – This is what all us married ladies do. We go hang out with our friends, and we’re like, “Swipe that one. Mm, don’t swipe that one.” – (FBE) Well, we’re actually going to be having you play another edition of Swipe in One Second today. – Ooh! Okay. – Last time, off of one second, I…

  • What It’s Like Being A Client of Greenberg & Bederman Law Firm – Pt. 1
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    What It’s Like Being A Client of Greenberg & Bederman Law Firm – Pt. 1

    (piano music) – My Greenberg & Bederman experience was phenomenal. They kept the lines of communication open with me. If I needed anything, I could reach out at any time. – After I spoke with Andy that first time, there was no need to talk to anybody else. The biggest surprise of all, whenever I did place a phone call or shoot an email, they got right back. – They would always say, “If you have any questions, please call back,” and if I had a question, I’d call back, and I got someone immediately. – When I initially called them, I was shocked to hear Andy answer the phone.…

  • Forestry whānau plight returns to the big screen in Helen Kelly film
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    Forestry whānau plight returns to the big screen in Helen Kelly film

    A movie now screening in cinemas across the country has exposed the fact that Maori workplace fatalities are much higher than for other New Zealanders. ‘Helen Kelly Together’, an award-winning film is now back on the big screen due to popular demand. Eruera Rerekura spoke to the director of the film, who spent the last 12 months with the late Helen Kelly who was a strong workplace advocate. She was a voice for the vulnerable. She was an advocate for the trade unions. And she fought for workers’ rights. Right up until her death bed. And she became a great friend of families, mainly Maori, whose sons and daughters were…

  • A young life nurtured: “Through every dark night, there’s a brighter day”
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    A young life nurtured: “Through every dark night, there’s a brighter day”

    When I first met Newton, he’d just turned 17 years old, long-term unemployed job seeker and was at risk of homelessness. The challenges he faced in regards to work was a direction. – I moved to Australia from Guinea when I was nine years old as an orphan, and I lived with my aunty up until I was 16. I had like a dark cloud over me. I just avoided everyone, stayed by myself, just tried to fight through the pain and not communicate with people, not tell them what’s going on in my life, no-one really knew how to help me. – To come from where he lived, to…

  • TSP’s Nawab Sahab | खोज का बोझ
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    TSP’s Nawab Sahab | खोज का बोझ

    God only gave a chance to celebrate mankind to people. That’s why some people find ways to celebrate. And some for no reason. Listen, Pan Villas boxes for the guests. And saffron water for gargle. And listen, last time Kiran Bedi was called by putting a poster of Falguni Pathak. This time don’t call any local brother instead of Sanju baba. And how come you’re still washing utensils? Guests have arrived. When are you going to prepare food? Make it fast. And these clothes… …why these clothes are lying here? Who’s suppose to put this. Who’s the in charge of decorations? Decoration is nice. It’s beautiful. Who said it? C’mon.…