• Who do you want to be? – International Law and Human Rights (MA)
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    Who do you want to be? – International Law and Human Rights (MA)

    My grandparents came from Estonia to Canada in the 1950s as refugees escaping Soviet occupation. It is their journey that’s inspired me to study human rights and that’s why in the future I would like to work in the field of human rights research or advocacy for an international body like the UN or the European Union. I’ve always known I should not stop on achieved and having the background in civil society matters led me here. I was an intern at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and will be working for an international organisation and writing my thesis at the same time. My plan after graduation is…

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    The secret method to win the lottery jackpot tonight! 8 hours law of attraction and self hypnosis

    This video is going program your mind to attract abundance. It will magnetize your mind to attract massive amount of wealth How would you use the money to improve the lives of the people around you? Write down your wish in the comment section, and watch them come true. The more you comment, like and share this video, the faster your wishes will come true. Also remember to share your success stories in the comment section That way you can inspire others to get rich Take a moment, to wish good luck to all those commented and offer your sincere well wishes to everybody who are watching this video. The…

  • UF Law Rising Above
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    UF Law Rising Above

    [DEAN LAURA A. ROSENBURY] We’re the best law school in the third largest state. And we have amazing students, faculty and alumni throughout the world. [JESSICA BEUGEN] Once you’re here you feel it. You feel like I could live here. This is conducive to learning. Because it’s a nice place to live. [CHANTELLE MCHUGH] The campus on the University of Florida is beautiful. By far one of the most beautiful campuses of all of the places that I’ve toured. You can study outside in 70 degree weather in December and I think that’s fantastic. [JESSICA BEUGEN] The level of competition here is healthy. Where people are still willing to answer…

  • Research @ SMU School of Law | SMU Research
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    Research @ SMU School of Law | SMU Research

    (♫) My name is Goh Yihan, I’m the Dean of the SMU School of Law. My name is Gary Chan, I’m currently Professor of Law at the School of Law, Singapore Management University. (Prof Goh) The SMU School of Law strives to be a school that anticipates change in a world that is rapidly evolving but perhaps most importantly, it strives to be a law school that keeps the moral imperatives of the law central to its mission. The School of Law has many different research areas but we tend to focus on just three of them. The first area is on law and technology, the second area we want…

  • ONEL YEAR – first semester, new apartment | law school vlog #1
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    ONEL YEAR – first semester, new apartment | law school vlog #1

    Hey yal! I wanted to come on. This is really bright. I’m just going to keep my hand here. There we go! Hey guys. I wanted to come on and just catch up really quickly. This is kind of awkward. This is risky. I wanted to come on and catch you guys up on a couple things because I know I’ve been MIA and I know that’s annoying. I really didn’t intend for it to happen like this it just kind of happened like this. What’s been new with me, where have I been? I never really talked about it on my channel, I kind of spoke about it vaguely…

  • Petroleum Law: Resource Management – Online short course
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    Petroleum Law: Resource Management – Online short course

    So the course we are doing is Petroleum Resource Management and it’s a course that really introduces the student to how the government provides access to petroleum resources to companies. So if you’re working with a company and you’re already managing, or you’re going to be moving into managing petroleum resources through licences, then this is the course for you, because what it does is it provides you with an overview of what the state does, what the oil companies do, and the ways that access through a licence can be provided. So in this course you’re going to be taught by myself and Dr Greg Gordon, who is one…

  • Indian Law Colleges
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    Indian Law Colleges

    Hi ther,e here’s our latest question. Hey Aunty, I’m about to be a senior this year and I need help in discovering what colleges would be best for me to major and develop in Indian law. Well I’m so stoked that you are thinking about things in advance, we can certainly use you! So, some things to think about before you get into Indian law: Your undergrad program of course. You’ll have to finish one before you get into law school. You don’t have to go to the same school for your undergrad or graduate school and sometimes this is not even encouraged. So, for your prerequisites and LSAT you…

  • UWA Law School 90th Anniversary Gala
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    UWA Law School 90th Anniversary Gala

    Welcome to the University of Western Australian Law School 90th Anniversary Dinner. As a soon-to-be graduate, I’m honoured to be joining an incredible community of distinguished and esteemed alumni. And above all, I am excited at the prospect of this Law School providing incredible experiences for students, like myself, for many years to come, and hopefully, at least, another 90 years. The time on that infamous occasion, when the engineers welded George to a railway line, has gone down in Law School, if not University, history. As we think about the wonderful memories of 90 years of Law School, we should also think fondly of all of our friends who…