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    Ankama pas Live #6 – L’actu d’Ankama

    – Hi, Logan, how are you? – Hey! I’m good, and you? – Good, good. – I need you to tell me about Temporis IV, please. – Sure! I’ve been wanting to explain it to you. So, the new theme for the server is magic. The surprise is that we’re reusing and improving the Temporis II rules. – Ok! – But with one big difference. We’re completely changing how characters evolve on the server, because each class will have a passive and an active now. – Got it. And we’re adding a big pool of spells that can be obtained through different game objectives. – Ok. – Pre-registration opens mid-March,…

  • (K-DRAMA) Touch Ep 16 END (English Sub) – Teaser
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    (K-DRAMA) Touch Ep 16 END (English Sub) – Teaser

    Including you, there will be four members. Take good care of the younger ones. You are the leader. Have you ever gone to Europe? – No. – Want to go together? Say hello. He’s a friend who’s like a lover. I want to start a franchise for the 9,900 won shop. I don’t think you should be laughing at a time like this. It’s your turn, now. Just once. Please help me, just once. Finish it completely. Can you buy me something good today? Today? Here! A spicy rice cake for you. Robert, you’re such a good eater. Soo Yeon, do you have any plans? President Cha. What are you…

  • (K-DRAMA) Touch Ep 14 (Eng Sub) – Teaser
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    (K-DRAMA) Touch Ep 14 (Eng Sub) – Teaser

    I think it’s me.You’re being pushed out as a third-tier assistant. You know? Hurry up and clean up. Do it clean.Shall we go for another drink later by ourselves?Okay, thanks.You think you have nothing else to lose, huh?Hello.– Are you scared? – Forget it. – Hey!Cha Jeong Hyeok. Now he’s labeled a cheater.I think things are being exaggerated and he’s being misunderstood forsomething he didn’t do. That’s why I decided to go in front of the camera.By chance, do you like me? – What? – Huh?I think you do. You do like me.Touch

  • (K-DRAMA) Touch Ep 15 (Eng Sub) – Teaser
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    (K-DRAMA) Touch Ep 15 (Eng Sub) – Teaser

    It’s so delicious. Try it.Good morning.Good morning.– What’s with you? – What do you mean?You’re mad about something.No, not at all. I’m a cool person. There are lots of things you want to take from Oppa, huh? – Give me business rights to all the businesses in Korea and overseas. Also, sign the divorce paper for Baek Ji Yoon, too. – Hey! Did you meet Min Jeong? – Han Soo Yeon? – Yes, that’s me.Call me any time. When you’re annoyed, happy, or sad.When you want to kill some time. Any time.– CEO Oh, CEO Lee Yeong Woo is… – What?What is it you want to say?I’m asking you to…

  • (K-DRAMA) Touch Ep 13 (Eng Sub) – Teaser
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    (K-DRAMA) Touch Ep 13 (Eng Sub) – Teaser

    It’s okay. Hyung, do you like Soo Yeon? I told you to brace yourself. Sir, how old are you… I’m 37. I thought you’d take me back whenever I decide to come back. With no regret and hard feelings… I can’t take this anymore! Hyung, has Soo Yeon sang to you before? I guess not. Have a fresh start. I mean it. Are you crazy? What are you doing? I’m back. Soo Yeon, make sure to sign this. Sir! Touch