• Nomadic Community Living in a Bus in New York City
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    Nomadic Community Living in a Bus in New York City

    I hit the road at 17, just kind of wanted to do my own thing. My mom calls me her Gypsy Child. In order to live in these different places I’ve had to live very economically and I found that living in RVs, sailboats, buses have all been very cheap and affordable and made my gypsy life possible. I’ve lived in seven sailboats, six RVs, and now one bus so total of fourteen mobile homes in my lifetime so far. It’s definitely a lifestyle that fits my, fits my life. I mean I’ve always been mobile and to be able to bring my house with me everywhere I go, it’s…

  • Solar System Dynamics: Orbits and Kepler’s Laws
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    Solar System Dynamics: Orbits and Kepler’s Laws

    The planets orbit the Sun in a counterclockwise direction as viewed from above the Sun’s north pole, and the planets’ orbits all are aligned to what astronomers call the ecliptic plane. The story of our greater understanding of planetary motion could not be told if it were not for the work of a German mathematician named Johannes Kepler. Kepler lived in Graz, Austria during the tumultuous early 17th century. Due to religious and political difficulties common during that era, Kepler was banished from Graz on August 2nd, 1600. Fortunately, an opportunity to work as an assistant for the famous astronomer Tycho Brahe presented itself and the young Kepler moved his…

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    Law Day – 2018

    >>Last weekend, and so for some of us, there were not nearly the level of experiential opportunities that we provide the students today. Here, we have a number of clinical opportunities. One of the ones that is doing amazing work, for example, is the Veterans’ Clinic. We have served over 90 veterans, bringing in over a million and a half dollars or better for veterans whose benefits were denied through the system, and we helped them through the claim system. And so, that’s one of the things I’m really proud of, is the service we provide for our nation’s veterans, for our clinical opportunities. We’ve, of course, got the Prosecution…

  • Reyes Advocates for Seniors; Visits Senior Facilities to Listen to Concerns
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    Reyes Advocates for Seniors; Visits Senior Facilities to Listen to Concerns

    One of the biggest issues has to do with transportation and if our seniors cannot get to wherever it is they’re trying to go to the Department of Aging – it’s the Social Security office – scam stoppers office, then they don’t get access to these benefits, so taking it to them and taking the speakers to them makes a big difference. – Who do I speak to when I call? – When you call you just tell them you’re the important veteran and you need service. – We deal with Medicare fraud and abuse prevention, okay? Trabajo para esta Dugan is as young people a as a present attorneys…

  • Cornell Law School “Day One”
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    Cornell Law School “Day One”

    Let’s do it one more time. My name is Adebola Olofin. I’m Carolyn Boucek. My name is Lily Lysle. Hi I’m James, I’m from Hong Kong. It’s my first day here so I’m very excited. Cornell’s just been my dream school honestly. It’s exactly what you imagine, there’s these big beautiful buildings. When I visited Cornell I just loved the communal feel of the campus. Cornell has some of the best employment ratings in the country. You guys have a really great, or, we have a really great International Law Program Besides the reputation that it has, Ithaca, in general, is so beautiful and the weather is great so far…

  • What is the difference between collision and comprehensive insurance coverage? | Meldon Law Firm
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    What is the difference between collision and comprehensive insurance coverage? | Meldon Law Firm

    (soothing music) – The difference between collision and comprehensive insurance coverage is that collision insurance covers your car, automobile, truck, motorcycle. Comprehensive insurance covers everything else. So if you’re in an accident, and your car has $7,000 worth of damage, that would be covered under collision. If you had a computer in your car, or other personal items that were destroyed in the accident, that would be covered under your comprehensive. It’s important to have an attorney explain what kind of insurance coverage you have. We can explain how to get the maximum benefits for the insurance that they’ve purchased. (soothing music)

  • Google Owns 28% of Your Brain
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    Google Owns 28% of Your Brain

    Every morning, when my alarm goes off, I don’t hear a traditional chime – rather, my Amazon Echo plays motivational music to encourage me to actually get out of bed. Then it plays a video news briefing, suggests what I should wear based on the weather and then hands it over to my Google Assistant. Hey Google, what’s on my calendar today? “You have a meeting with Bahar at 11am” I venture out of the familiar terrains of my home guided by Google maps. I follow its recommendations as to where I should get coffee as I use its suggestions for how I should respond to my emails. We now…

  • Integrated Circuits & Moore’s Law: Crash Course Computer Science #17
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    Integrated Circuits & Moore’s Law: Crash Course Computer Science #17

    This episode is brought to you by Curiosity Stream. Hi, I’m Carrie Anne, and welcome to CrashCourse Computer Science! Over the past six episodes, we delved into software, from early programming efforts to modern software engineering practices. Within about 50 years, software grew in complexity from machine code punched by hand onto paper tape, to object oriented programming languages, compiled in integrated development environments. But this growth in sophistication would not have been possible without improvements in hardware. INTRO To appreciate computing hardware’s explosive growth in power and sophistication, we need to go back to the birth of electronic computing. From roughly the 1940’s through the mid-1960s, every computer was…

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    Facing Re-Foreclosures Due to Bartram

    Hi, this is Real Estate and Foreclosure Defense Attorney Roy Oppenheim. I want to talk a little bit today about what’s going on in the foreclosure jurisprudence in the state of Florida, now that we are in the beginning of the second quarter, and we’re seeing some very interesting things. Number one, what we’re seeing is a lot of folks are being re-foreclosed on, not just a second time, but a third time, because of Bartram. And basically, folks who thought that they were protected by Bartram, by the five year statute of limitations, are now learning based on Supreme Court decision, that in fact they’re not. There’s some interesting…