• What is Moore’s Law? – Instant Egghead #3
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    What is Moore’s Law? – Instant Egghead #3

    60-Second Science instant egghead — Explain Big Ideas. Fast. Moore’s Law Well, Moore’s Law? It’s not exactly a law. I mean, not a law of nature that is. I mean, it’s not like gravity. It’s more of a technological trend. Gordon Moore, who was in charge of Intel in the 60’s, basically said that the number of transistors created in optimal minimum cost, doubles every two years. So this is what’s allowed us to go from room-size computers that only governments and corporations can afford to little small gadgets and computers for the masses, in just four decades. Four decades sounds like a really, really long time, but it’s actually…

  • Episode 17 – Behind the Tech: 2019 Year in Review
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    Episode 17 – Behind the Tech: 2019 Year in Review

    [MUSIC]>>All of us every day should be asking, like, how is it that the thing that I’m doing right now is going to positively accrue to the overall social good. Like, if you can’t answer that question in an affirmative way, then maybe you’re doing the wrong damn thing. [MUSIC]>>Hi, everyone. Welcome to Behind the Tech. I’m your host, Kevin Scott, Chief Technology Officer for Microsoft. In this podcast, we’re going to get behind the tech. We’ll talk with some of the people who have made our modern tech world possible and understand what motivated them to create what they did. So, join me to maybe learn a little bit…

  • What’s New in Microsoft EDU | Episode 39
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    What’s New in Microsoft EDU | Episode 39

    – And the Excel app lets you take a picture of a printed data table, and then it converts it into a fully editable table in Excel. Good day everybody, what a year it’s been. I’m here back in the Windows 10 Video Editor, which you can find in the Start menu if you type in ‘video editor.’ And I’m here. – Hi Mark! – We’re excited. – And delighted to be invited. – Provided you stay and care what we share. – Our top tips and tricks of 2019. – What an ensemble, and perfect to kick off our holiday recap of the year in EDU. – Hello there,…

  • The dark side of electronic waste recycling
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    The dark side of electronic waste recycling

    – [Jim] They had a place where they’d store it right under our noses. They just thought they could get away with it forever, and they could have if it hadn’t been for those trackers. (Jim laughs) – [Reporter] Right now, you’re watching this on an electronic device. Do you ever think about where it’ll end up when you’re done with it? Many devices contain toxic materials and should be recycled very carefully. Sadly, lots end up in landfills but even if you’re diligent and give your electronic waste, or e-waste, to a recycler, that’s no guarantee about what happens next. American recyclers often ship it overseas, frequently to countries…

  • Birdsnest Traineeship 2018 – Take Flight With Us
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    Birdsnest Traineeship 2018 – Take Flight With Us

    Before I began my traineeship at birdsnest I loved creativity and the girls saw potential in me to join the marketing team and I began designing for them by doing newsletters and designing website graphics with no experience and they just put their trust in me and I loved it. Hi, my name is Taylor and I’m a graphic and web designer at birdsnest. At the moment I’m working on redesigning the birdsnest website. Hi, my name is Charly and I’m a development trainee at birdsnest. I’m Paddy and I’m the operations trainee. Hi, I’m Sarah, I’m a design trainee. Hi, my name is Gabby and I’m a marketing trainee…

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    Put Your Phone Away | HOT DATE

    (neon sign buzzing) (phone buzzes and chimes) – Holy shit! One of the Stranger Things kids got a DUI. – I thought you were taking my picture. – Man, they grow up so fast. – All right, let’s put the phones away. You know, there was a time when two people could go out and enjoy a meal without bleeps, and bloops, and you’ve got mails interrupting their every bite. – You know what, you are absolutely right. – Thank you. – Except about the you’ve got mails. That came outta left field. – That’s better, right. – Yeah. – A real human connection. No devices separating us. (phone chimes…

  • How has the law been pushed aside in the age of AI?
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    How has the law been pushed aside in the age of AI?

    Traditionally the constitutional position is that every individual is free to go about his or her own business without interference by the state and it’s only if a police officer has reasonable grounds for suspicion that an individual then can be subject to police intervention of some kind. But the use of live facial recognition in my view fundamentally reverses that presumption it means that everybody is under suspicion and then it’s up to you to justify that your behaviour is benign. These technologies have the capacity to cause real harm and real adverse consequences it’s absolutely vital that we have legal structures systems and legislative frameworks in place that…

  • Laptops Are a Conversation Killer (Hot Date)
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    Laptops Are a Conversation Killer (Hot Date)

    (upbeat music) – This was such a good suggestion. I mean, we were just sitting at home on our laptops like anti-social losers. (keys clicking) – What? Oh, sorry, I was um, I was reading a… – Yes, it’s totally fine, we’re adults. We can sit at out laptops and still have a conver… Talk. – Whoa, did you see this article about a US arms deals to Saudi Arabia? – Huh? – US arms deal to Saudi Arabia? – Huh? – US arms deals to, uh, cat who thinks he’s a dog, what? – Um, sorry, I just found super cheap airfare. – Uh huh. – To Japan. –…

  • Now create your own AI Assistant with few simple steps!
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    Now create your own AI Assistant with few simple steps!

    Hello guys welcome to another video, my name is Kunal and today I’m going to show you how to build your own AI Assistant. So starting from 2016 there is lot of buzz going about virtual assistant, many companies have developed their own like Google Assistant, Siri, Amazon Alexa and Cortana. But for developers who want to use them in their Applications, Google has provided a platform called Dialogflow, and we are going to use this. If you stick till the end of this video I will tell you how you can integrate your AI assistant on a website. So, Let’s get started. First you need to go to www.dialogflow.com…