• What support can a School Direct Geography trainee expect when they start teaching?
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    What support can a School Direct Geography trainee expect when they start teaching?

    So we’ve taken on a geography trainee, and as part of her training programme with School Direct she will have a lot of contact with other trainees from other subjects, so she’ll be part of a network of students who actually engage with each other and have a generic programme with us. But more specifically, she’ll be working closely with the subject leader for geography and our advanced skills teacher, and the second in department, and she’ll be getting a lot of one-to-one support, subject specialist support, and a lot of feedback about how well she’s doing as she approaches her training.

  • Gene Scharer for Congress 2020
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    Gene Scharer for Congress 2020

    Hi, my name is Gene Scharer and I am a pro-union progressive Democrat running for Congress in Arizona’s District 6. I was born and raised in Michigan, but I made Arizona my home 33 years ago. I’m running for Congress because the Republican incumbent continually puts the interests of corporations ahead of those of veterans, working people, and retirees. After graduating from the University of Michigan in 1969, I began an honorable 22-year career as a teacher, but that was interrupted when I was drafted in 1971. My brother and I both served as artillerymen in the Army and this resulted in a minor disability for me, but my brother…

  • School Qtiyapa: Padh Le Basanti
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    School Qtiyapa: Padh Le Basanti

    A student who has not opened the book yet, is a big bastard. If a teacher is not giving proper directions, then it’s useless. I always felt that there are two types of students in school. One who silently grabs the answer sheet. And the other one cries and moves towards the exam hall. Later, we met the third one. I still see them stoned. Fearlessly rushing towards their last exam. I wish it wasn’t your last exam. It’s not our last exam, Mashrafe Mortaza sir. More sincere students like us are going to come. Many more. It’s time. Poha Le Kha. My grandfather, Mashrafe Mortaze was the best teacher…

  • Meet Tessa and Scott, Oxford TEFL trainees in Prague
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    Meet Tessa and Scott, Oxford TEFL trainees in Prague

    Hi, I’m Tessa, I’m from Seattle. I’m Scott from the north of Scotland. We’re here in Prague doing the Trinity CertTESOL course. We’re in week three, and it’s been a great three weeks so far. We’ve had a perfect mix of teaching practice and challenging input from the tutors. Prague is as beautiful as everyone says it is and it’s one of the reasons we decided to do the course here. and it’s been amazing. It’s been so amazing that we’ve decided to stay on in Prague and work here. And in fact we’ve already had two interviews lined up and we haven’t even finished the course yet, and there…

  • Chemistry:  Gay-Lussac’s Law (Gas Laws) with 2 examples | Homework Tutor
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    Chemistry: Gay-Lussac’s Law (Gas Laws) with 2 examples | Homework Tutor

    For a gas, temperature and pressure are directly proportional. When you keep everything else constant, as the temperature of a gas goes up, its pressure goes up. As the temperature of a gas goes down, its pressure goes down. If you heat up a gas, the gas particles move faster. If the gas is in a solid container, with fixed volume, this means that the faster the gas particles move, the more times per second they collide with the sides of the container. That registers as increased pressure. The converse is also true – if you cool down this container of gas, that means the gas particles are moving more…

  • Laws of Reflection | #aumsum
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    Laws of Reflection | #aumsum

    Our topic for today is Laws of Reflection. Consider this ray of light which strikes a mirror. This ray of light is called the incident ray. The point at which the incident ray strikes the mirror is called the point of incidence. Draw a line perpendicular to the mirror through the point of incidence. This line is called Normal. The angle which the incident ray makes with the normal is called the angle of incidence. When the incident ray strikes the mirror, it will bounce off the mirror. The ray which bounces off is called the reflected ray. The angle which the reflected ray makes with the normal is called…

  • Ohm’s Law | #aumsum
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    Ohm’s Law | #aumsum

    Ohm’s Law Welcome to the Tribute to Scientists Association. Presenting, Sir Georg Simon Ohm. Let us study his law. German physicist Georg Simon Ohm stated that the electric current flowing through a metallic wire is directly proportional to the potential difference across its ends, provided its temperature remains the same. This law is called Ohm’s law. Let us verify the law with an activity. Nichrome wire of 0.5 m, milliammeter, voltmeter, switch and a cell of 1.5 volts. Connect the cell with. The nichrome wire. Milliammeter. Voltmeter. What will happen now? Keep watching. When one cell is connected. The current is 120 mA. The potential difference is 0.3 V. This…

  • What qualities are schools looking for in a trainee geography teacher?
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    What qualities are schools looking for in a trainee geography teacher?

    Well as a geography teacher myself, I was particularly interested in making sure that we had a geography trainee who was going to do all of the things that many members of our current department do. We’ve got a very collaborative approach and a large number of staff who are very interested in teaching and learning, developing new techniques. So when we saw somebody who was very interactive with the students she was very collaborative, she used very recent case studies and really displayed her passion for the subject we knew she was the best person for our particular department.

  • How the Nurturing Schools Network approach helps trainee teachers
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    How the Nurturing Schools Network approach helps trainee teachers

    I guess it’s a genuine feeling because we really have benefited from it. It really has been the key thing that’s made a difference in our classroom, out of everything that we’ve done so far. I cannot think of a single training course, event, anything that I did in the last year that effected and impacted my teaching, my wellbeing, the wellbeing of my children, their learning, as The Nurturing Programme. I found that of all of the training that I had, it was the most effective and the most beneficial for my students. And I think for the community as well because when you start to talk to students…

  • The Ideal Gas Law: Crash Course Chemistry #12
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    The Ideal Gas Law: Crash Course Chemistry #12

    Gas! It’s all around you. It’s in space. It’s on Mars. It’s dissolved in your blood, and in your soda. It’s everywhere. And it’s easy to forget that we’re submerged in an ocean of gas, but it’s there all the time. You can feel it if you wave your arms around. Can’t look cool while you’re feeling it but you can feel it. It’s there. Those little molecules and atoms bumping around against your hands as you wave them around. Feel it? Are you doing this? I’ve got good news and bad news about gases. First the good news, when they’re behaving themselves it is extremely easy to describe their…