• PTA Award – Advocacy Award
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    PTA Award – Advocacy Award

    Hundreds of students and families look forward to Eastwood Elementary’s Science Fair every year. That enthusiasm, however, can lead to complications when students and parents want to tour projects during a time when judging is supposed to take place. In attempting to address these issues a new idea was born – an evening STEAM Fest to allow families to tour the projects and enjoy hands-on activities to make science come alive STEAM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, art, and math During STEAM Fest, scientists from the community are invited to bring exhibits and demonstrations, and PTA volunteers create displays to encourage discussion among parents and students. Additionally, the…

  • Part Time Law School
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    Part Time Law School

    Wondering if becoming a part time law student is right for you? Today I provide you with the pros and cons of attending a part time law school program. Hi, this is Professor Beau Baez. Having taught part time law students, let me provide you with the advantages and disadvantages of entering a part time program. Part time law students usually go to school in the evening and complete their JD in four years, rather than the three years it takes full time law students. But some students stretch it out to five or even six, depending on the law school’s graduation policies. In addition to evening options, some law…

  • Being an Advocate for People
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    Being an Advocate for People

    >>SUSAN BROOKS: I did not come from a political family. My family was in education, my father was a teacher and a football coach, my mom worked for the school, so I didn’t come from a political background. But I learned that I enjoyed being an advocate, an advocate for people. And so I, at Miami, I studied political science, and then I also developed the double major of sociology because I loved learning about people, and about how groups of people interact. And so I did an internship, actually, one summer internship when I was at Miami, as a juvenile probation officer in Fort Wayne, Indiana. And that, in…

  • Advocacy for Policy Change: Beyond the Brandeis classroom
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    Advocacy for Policy Change: Beyond the Brandeis classroom

    ♫ Background music ♫ This class is such an amazing opportunity and I really didn’t know it when I was looking into it when I first enrolled. It looked like: oh my goodness, this class is going to be so much work. But it’s real work. That is something I wasn’t expecting, like we’re actually advocating for a bill and a line item. [Speaker talking] I mean, just the mere fact that we have a different speaker – whether it’s a legislator or an organization member – at every class is huge. The professor just has so many connections in the state house, and she really helps students facilitate connections…

  • Record number of Indigenous law students graduate from UWA
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    Record number of Indigenous law students graduate from UWA

    As a Noongar person, I very strongly I’ve always been aware of the justice issues that our people face. Mainly including the high incarceration rates and just generally access the justice issues. So when it came to choosing something to do I always thought the law would be a potential option. I was lucky enough to get through to the Aboriginal Pre-Law program that’s run through the UWA School of Indigenous Studies. Ever since then I’ve done some work in some different legal organisations such as Legal Aid and the Attorney-General’s Office in Canberra. And I’ve ended up graduating and working in a firm that works in Native Title. It’s…

  • 7 Secrets to Pre Law School  Preparations – Learn How to Get A’s Before Law School Starts
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    7 Secrets to Pre Law School Preparations – Learn How to Get A’s Before Law School Starts

    If you are reading you can see this lecture on Youtube at the following link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBJYyjOAU4k Paul Owen here for Law School Success. Today, the topic is frequently asked questions and questions you should ask. What can I do in advance to prepare for law school? There are five things that we feel are important to do: * Read Influence Science and Practice Robert B. Cialdini 4th Edition ISBN 9-780321-01147-3 *  Learn to type 40 wpm or better *  Master the usage of your computer and its word processor programs *  Understand the learning process required to internalize the law M.A.D.TM Study Method. (Memorize, Apply and Dissertate). *  Do not:…

  • What Makes a Law School Great: Inside Chicago-Kent College of Law
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    What Makes a Law School Great: Inside Chicago-Kent College of Law

    What makes a law school great? A reputation of uncompromised excellence. A legacy of distinguished achievement. The proven capacity to change and innovate. A great law school values collaboration, fosters community, and has a history with the city it calls home. Because history means partnerships, externships, and jobs. Its faculty are astute legal scholars — analyzing trends in patent litigation, investigating land restitution in South Africa, defining privacy rights for social networks — and they’re mentors to new a new generation of law students — students seeking first-class legal training. So when you ask what makes Chicago-Kent great, many would say its accomplished alumni — those who are giants in…

  • The Columbia Law Experience: One Semester In
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    The Columbia Law Experience: One Semester In

    I came to Columbia because I felt it was a place that made you really think outside of the box, and that’s really held true here. When I first came here I was a little intimidated by just how smart everyone else was, and I thought I was maybe alone in feeling like an impostor sometimes. And then really during finals when I made study groups, I learned that all my feelings were really valid and others were feeling the same way as well. I think one of the things that a lot of people think about with law school is that it’s going to be this very, like, competitive…