• All Aboard a Mobile Tea House
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    All Aboard a Mobile Tea House

    (door creaking open) – Imagine walking down the sidewalk and you come across a sign that says free tea, and you look in the door and there’s a magical hobbit home. Everything in here would have been considered waste by someone at some point. The process of building this bus was to reincorporate these waste things into this pile of trash that I call Edna. (tranquil music) – [Ally] I’m Ally. – [Guisepi] And I’m Guisepi. We’ve been on the road together for about 5 1/2 years. After college, I moved into a pickup truck and went to LA to work in the film industry, and I was working 50,…

  • Living Your Best Life in a Van
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    Living Your Best Life in a Van

    – Welcome back folks, here we are again. Cassie, better to start with a minivan or just get a van? Ah, you know what, it’s a hard question, the minivans are cheap, $3,000 minivans are a dime a dozen. I have a 2015 GMC Savannah and it has 40,000 miles on it now. If you can live with a small space, get a minivan. Okay. (mellow music) My name is Bob Welles and I live in a van. I’ve spent for the last 10 years connected to nature. I can hear it, I can feel it, I’m connected to it even when I’m sitting inside the van. And I am…

  • Gay Couple Overcomes Roadblocks
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    Gay Couple Overcomes Roadblocks

    (saw buzzing) – A little over five years ago, Ellen and I had been asking a lot of questions, like what’s next? We couldn’t really find our community, or find acceptance or love, and that was huge. It was like we’re living in this town, and we didn’t really feel like we were part of it. There was just a lot of things that led to us wanting change, but we just weren’t sure what that was gonna look like. Then, we got on the road, because we just felt like we wanted more. (soft music) – I’m Ellen. – I’m Kate. And we’ve been living on the road for…

  • Life on the Road as a Black Woman
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    Life on the Road as a Black Woman

    – I’ve gone to areas and I knew it wasn’t where I should be. And it’s not like when you GPS it tells you, you know, which side of town’s the Black side of town. I’m just very friendly. You speak to everybody “How you doing?” You get your groceries, you get whatever and you just leave. But I’m not gonna let someone else’s opinion of me, based on my skin color, effect how I live my life. If I wanna go there I’m gonna go and then if I don’t feel safe then I’ll leave and that’s the beauty of the lifestyle. (gentle acoustic music) My name’s Crystal and…

  • #BlackVanLife in San Francisco
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    #BlackVanLife in San Francisco

    (upbeat music) – Hey! – Hey, y’all wanna see Paris and Lovell cook their dinner for tonight? Alright, stick along ’cause we about to cook some black beans. (energetic music) My name is Paris Lee. I’m currently a film student at the Academy of Art University here in California. – My name is Lovell Lee. I’m a marketing student here in the same school and we’ve been living in the van for about two years. – [Paris] We met in the military. – [Lovell] We started to mingle, we became official 2014 and then we got married nine months later. (calm music) – [Paris] So school back in Los Angeles…

  • 1,000s Gather in Arizona for Nomad Rally
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    1,000s Gather in Arizona for Nomad Rally

    (mellow music) – Here we are I’m all alone in the desert like I usually am. Oh wait, there’s a thousand people out there! (people cheer) I’m with a few other people it’s the first day of the RTR and you guys having a good time? We just started. (people cheer) – Right now we are in Quartzsite, Arizona. It’s a tiny, tiny little town in Arizona, right on the California border. I host a large gathering here called the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous, the RTR. It’s basically just a gathering of van dwellers – and other RV type people that live nomadically on the road. – The RTR is the…

  • Advocate for social justice, freedom of movement and children’s rights #351 Ilona
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    Advocate for social justice, freedom of movement and children’s rights #351 Ilona

    I worked for a comms agency that’s worked with the European Delegation as Slovenia was preparing to join the EU. We had a referendum of our own and it was the vast majority of people, I think about 89%, voted to join the EU. And so I really grew to believe in the dream of why Europe had been set up, or the European Union had come about as a way of integrating countries. I came to London originally to study, I did Social Psychology, and I was interested in a career in a social justice organisation, particularly working with children and young people. We’re doing a lot at the…

  • SKYWATCH: a Sci-Fi Short (w/Jude Law)
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    SKYWATCH: a Sci-Fi Short (w/Jude Law)

    Enjoy your order. Whether you’re stocking up… …or eating in. Heading out… ‘I’ll meet you guys there!’ Or treating a friend. NexPort delivers. “And welcome back to Wimps versus Titans…” Enjoy your order. Dude, this is so bad. We’re gonna get caught. Hold on, hold on – check it out. Second drone is already arriving. This is hers, right? Yep. Hope she’s not a vegan. Yeah, I guess we’ll see. Enjoy your order. She’s going for it dude. – No she’s not. She’s gonna take at least one fry. She’s not even tempted. She’s just confused. Oh, you kidding me? – That’s a fry! No! Ahww– I totally called it!…

  • Pencilmate Gets Ripped! -in- “Dumbbell Dummy” Pencilmation Cartoons
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    Pencilmate Gets Ripped! -in- “Dumbbell Dummy” Pencilmation Cartoons

    Dumbbell Dummy (paper flip) Humph! (Music) (Music) Hm? (Music) (Music) Hmm! mmm! mmmmmmm! *Keep going, bro* yeaaaaaaa! Ahaa! (Music) (Pencil Stroke) uuuuhhhhh! *constipation* (Shaking Noise) (Shaking Noise) (Shaking Noise) (Pencil Stroke)(Oh man gawd why? (Noise) aaaaaaaahhh! (Noise) The faeces became solid? aaaaaaaah (Noise) (Noise) (Noise) (Noise) Now its liquid? (Music) *Waiting for gases* bro i edited it it so hard (Music) Noble gases please ummm! hmm! hmm! (Noise) hmm i must be srong (Music) Grab it pencilmate ahhhhhh! yeaaaaaaa! ughhh! Rip fingers aww im not hmm i willl be (Music) Finger lookin’ good Mmmmm! *licks finger* Finger lickin’ good Omg a fly man your weak let me try see easy…