• Is Islam A Religion Of Peace? Fact Checker | What Is Sharia Law?
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    Is Islam A Religion Of Peace? Fact Checker | What Is Sharia Law?

    Before I begin I want to say that many Western Muslims are good people who follow a moderate version of Islam and are therefore able to congregate in a non-muslim country the point of this video is to highlight global Islamic beliefs which are in sharp contrast to the hypothesis that Islam is a religion of peace now I bore you with the details but I will cite the 2013 Pew Research report where the researchers interviewed samples of Muslims from about 66% of the Muslim world so the following numbers are linked to the sixty-six percent not the entire Muslim population first up I did a key calculation I…

  • Enforcing Sharia in Raqqa: The Islamic State
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    Enforcing Sharia in Raqqa: The Islamic State

    After taking control of the Syrian city of Raqqa, In March of 2013. The Islamic State or IS A group formally known as ISIS Has also taken over the role of governing every aspect of daily life. Under the strict interpretations of Sharia. These Islamic laws cover everything from High crimes, to civil disagreements to economics, and even personal behavior. Such as, diet, prayer and public appearance. Now what was once a very Westernized city. Is patrolled 24 hours a day by armed men known as the Hisbah. That travel throughout the city enforcing their mandate.

  • What Is Sharia Law?
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    What Is Sharia Law?

    Sharia Law – we’ve been hearing about this all over the place lately. It’s a tentpole of the Taliban, and it’s what ISIS wants for Iraq and Syria. It’s also used in the legal systems of the United Arab Emirates. But obviously those are very different groups and situations. So, what is Sharia law? Well, there’s no set list of things that are, or aren’t, Sharia Law. In Arabic, Sharia is roughly translated to “path to the watering hole” and it refers to a system meant to control all aspects of its followers’ lives. That includes daily routines, familial and religious obligations, and financial dealings. It prescribes punishments, but those…

  • Jihad series: Does the doctrine of jihad advocate aggression and terror?
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    Jihad series: Does the doctrine of jihad advocate aggression and terror?

    There is a common misconception among many Muslims and non-Muslims that the Islamic concept of jihad somehow accommodates ideas such as terrorism or aggression against innocents. The word “jihad” is an Arabic word used in the Qur’an and used in the Sunnah. And to understand the concept of jihad, it is critical to look at all the verses in the Qur’an in their context, the Sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him), which is the best practical application of the Qur’an, and try and understand, therefore, the concept of “jihad” by looking at a holistic reading of the Qur’an and a holistic study of the practice and tradition of…

  • To speak in God’s name
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    To speak in God’s name

    In this program, we shall be looking at the care, caution and concern scholars had when speaking in God’s name. When issues came to declaring things as obligatory (“fard” or “wajib,” or regarding certain things as “haram” (prohibited), scholars understood by saying something was obligatory according to Islamic law, it usually meant there was a sin attached to not doing it. And “haram” (a prohibition) implied there was a sin for committing it. The moment one is attributing a sin to something, it implies that God is going to punish. No one has the right to say God would punish you for committing or omitting a particular action or deed,…

  • Punk Rock vs Sharia Law – Music World – Episode 5
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    Punk Rock vs Sharia Law – Music World – Episode 5

    Punk came to Indonesia in the 90s when former dictator so hard to rule the island nation with an iron fist this was before they had the internet and there was no free press but its ideals of social justice individuality and rebellion punk became an outlet for Indonesia suppressed youth to revolt against corrupt politicians and escape strict family and social conventions I feel more free I don’t care about what people think about me this is who I am the government been racing the generation to be non critical to be very permissive the grassroots punk movement swept across Indonesia and today it has one of the biggest…