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    The secret method to win the lottery jackpot tonight! 8 hours law of attraction and self hypnosis

    This video is going program your mind to attract abundance. It will magnetize your mind to attract massive amount of wealth How would you use the money to improve the lives of the people around you? Write down your wish in the comment section, and watch them come true. The more you comment, like and share this video, the faster your wishes will come true. Also remember to share your success stories in the comment section That way you can inspire others to get rich Take a moment, to wish good luck to all those commented and offer your sincere well wishes to everybody who are watching this video. The…

  • Selina – Business Administration Trainee
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    Selina – Business Administration Trainee

    [MUSIC]>>INTERVIEWER: Hi Selina, thanks for doing the video today.>>SELINA: No worries!>>Can you please tell me what qualifications you’re doing as part of your traineeship?>>Uh, yep, so I’m a trainee in the planning department and I’m currently doing a Certificate 3 in business administration.>>Excellent. And how did you actually get this job at the Casey City Council?>>So what I did was I was just looking online and I came across, um, an advertisement, and I just applied for that. I got a call next day and I had a few interviews and… yeah! That’s what happened. >>Great! So you’re with a group training company, ATEP?>>Yep!>>How was the interview process with them?…

  • UWA Law School 90th Anniversary Gala
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    UWA Law School 90th Anniversary Gala

    Welcome to the University of Western Australian Law School 90th Anniversary Dinner. As a soon-to-be graduate, I’m honoured to be joining an incredible community of distinguished and esteemed alumni. And above all, I am excited at the prospect of this Law School providing incredible experiences for students, like myself, for many years to come, and hopefully, at least, another 90 years. The time on that infamous occasion, when the engineers welded George to a railway line, has gone down in Law School, if not University, history. As we think about the wonderful memories of 90 years of Law School, we should also think fondly of all of our friends who…

  • Racism, Law, & Politics (Race Part 1) | Philosophy Tube
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    Racism, Law, & Politics (Race Part 1) | Philosophy Tube

    This video is part one of two. In this episode we’ll be exploring the work of Falguni Sheth and learning about race, racialization, and political philosophy. In part two we’ll look at a case study and discuss the racialization of Muslims in so-called Western liberal societies. We’ve got a lot of ground to cover today so I’m gonna jump right in. There’s this big debate over whether race is a series of biological categories or whether it’s just a social construct. And in her book “Toward a Political Philosophy of Race,” Falguni Sheth tries to break away from that binary. She says that to talk about race just as a…

  • Curtin Law School.. in the heart of the Perth courts precinct!
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    Curtin Law School.. in the heart of the Perth courts precinct!

    >>This is an amazing building that we’ve been given here in the heart of the city, a National Trust treasure with an enormous history and it works very well as a law school.>>I’m currently in my third year at Curtin University studying Law in International Relations which is a double degree. I found that the Moot Court in the city location was really helpful in helping our team prepare for the Asia-Pacific rounds of a Mooting competition that we won in India. We’re now off to the world finals in Mexico and I found that the Moot Court was really helpful in our oral preparation in front of a judge…

  • What’s New in Microsoft EDU | Episode 39
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    What’s New in Microsoft EDU | Episode 39

    – And the Excel app lets you take a picture of a printed data table, and then it converts it into a fully editable table in Excel. Good day everybody, what a year it’s been. I’m here back in the Windows 10 Video Editor, which you can find in the Start menu if you type in ‘video editor.’ And I’m here. – Hi Mark! – We’re excited. – And delighted to be invited. – Provided you stay and care what we share. – Our top tips and tricks of 2019. – What an ensemble, and perfect to kick off our holiday recap of the year in EDU. – Hello there,…

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    Nottingham Law School – A Guided Tour

    [MUSIC PLAYING] Welcome to Nottingham Law School. My name’s Laura, and I’m an LPC student. My name’s Mani and I’m currently studying for a masters. Today we’re going to be showing you around Nottingham Law School. And as a law student, you’ll be based mainly here in the Chaucer building where there are plenty of facilities for you to enjoy, all of which we’ll show you today. So let’s take a look inside. We’ve got some great courtroom facilities at Nottingham Law School with the criminal courts, family court, and a moot room. And the best thing about it is that these court rooms are virtually identical to any real…