• Re-educate Your Breathing To Support Lifelong Health & Wellbeing with Patrick Mckeown
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    Re-educate Your Breathing To Support Lifelong Health & Wellbeing with Patrick Mckeown

    Hi, my name is Guy Lawrence. And thanks for tuning into my podcast today. If you’re enjoying these conversations and you want to check out more of this transformational work, be sure to come back to guylawrence. com.au and join me as we go further down the rabbit hole. Enjoy the show. Patrick, welcome to the podcast. Thanks very much Guy. Good to be here. I must admit I’ve been submersed in your work, uh, especially over the last couple of weeks now when you were coming on the show and for the depth of knowledge of this topic to see blew my mind. Like I knew the breath was,…

  • Five Tips for Law School Success
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    Five Tips for Law School Success

    Tip number one: You’re going to have to do your homework. You have to keep up with the reading, and that can be challenging in law school. Reading assignments can be long. You’re going to need a system, where every day you sit down, you slog through it, you get the reading done. As you are reading you will want to read for particular things. So you’ll start to notice what those things are, but the basic ones: You need to know who the parties are, who did what to whom; You need to know what kind of court you’re in; What’s the question that the judge is being asked…

  • Kristen Loveland ’16 on her job as a teaching assistant for Professor Daryl Levinson
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    Kristen Loveland ’16 on her job as a teaching assistant for Professor Daryl Levinson

    One of the things I really value about being a teaching assistant for Professor Levinson is the chance to experience his very unique lecture style. So he will spend 20 minutes building up some theory or argument to the point where it seems really airtight, and you look around the classroom and all the students are sort of nodding and they get it and they’re on board with it. And then suddenly he will just quickly pivot and spend the next 30 minutes poking holes in it and revealing the underlying assumptions and the logical inconsistencies so at the end, the whole theory he built up has been destroyed on…

  • Education at St. Petersburg College
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    Education at St. Petersburg College

    It takes love and dedication to become a role model, but to turn it into a career, takes passion. With a bachelor of science in Education degree from St. Petersburg College, you’ll gain the skillset to teach any grade level, K-through-12, in a variety of settings. At half of the cost of state-universities, SPC offers a quality education that you can afford. Start your bachelor’s, and fuel your passion for teaching. Together, with SPC.

  • Bay Pines STEM Dedication
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    Bay Pines STEM Dedication

    It’s a tremendous honor to be here on behalf of my late husband John Chapin. The St. Petersburg College Bay Pines STEM Center is near and dear to his heart and the success of students. He was a master of finding ways for students to get engaged in the learning. I like to think of the future of STEM here as really a public service to our community.

  • Get Ready For College Reading – SPC MOOC
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    Get Ready For College Reading – SPC MOOC

    Welcome to St. Petersburg College’s free course: Get Ready for College Reading. We’ve designed this self-guided course to help you practice and refine the reading skills you will need to be successful in college. Effective reading skills are vital to your success, both in the classroom and in the workplace. The purpose of most college-level reading instruction is to assist you in understanding the thought processes and ideas of authors. Reading is a complex and versatile skill set and college textbooks require a variety of reading assignments. Some skills will be important in academic reading, no matter what the subject. These skills include: Clear, well-organized thoughts that are expressed by…

  • SPC College of Business Expo
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    SPC College of Business Expo

    Hi everyone! I’m Dr. Wende Huehn-Brown, and I’m here with my friend Gus. Gus and I will be at the Expo to make sure all your questions are answered. So come on by the Expo at the EpiCenter, and get that business degree finished! It’ll just help you with building your career. So head on over to the Expo, and we’ll see you there!

  • Keys to Manhood 2018 Keynote
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    Keys to Manhood 2018 Keynote

    Thank you for coming. Thank you for having me here today – Mr. Reed, Dr. Gordon. I’m going to walk around a little bit. I hate standing in one place. So I want you guys to answer a question in your mind. Or you can even answer the question if you’d like. I want to make this as interactive as possible. Why are you here today? Anyone like to share why they’re here today? Young man in the blue shirt. To gain more knowledge. Who else? To learn how to be an entrepreneur. To be an entrepreneur. To gain more ability to learn. To get more ability to learn. I…

  • Electric cars on campus!
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    Electric cars on campus!

    Mr. Henrique Muller: I’ve had the car since March 2014. And what Tesla did was unlike anyone else. He did the technology by adding many, many small batteries… actually, they are readily available 18650 laptop batteries. They are made by Panasonic currently but in the future they will be built in the United States at the new Giga Factory. By doing many small batteries, he was able to get much more range out of the car. And depending where your foot is it goes from super car to eco car. The mileage is quite amazing. It is equivalent to about 90 miles per gallon. If you just drive around town,…