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    Ankama pas Live #6 – L’actu d’Ankama

    – Hi, Logan, how are you? – Hey! I’m good, and you? – Good, good. – I need you to tell me about Temporis IV, please. – Sure! I’ve been wanting to explain it to you. So, the new theme for the server is magic. The surprise is that we’re reusing and improving the Temporis II rules. – Ok! – But with one big difference. We’re completely changing how characters evolve on the server, because each class will have a passive and an active now. – Got it. And we’re adding a big pool of spells that can be obtained through different game objectives. – Ok. – Pre-registration opens mid-March,…

  • The big fight over Coexist
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    The big fight over Coexist

    This is the Coexist logo you might know: star and crescent, peace sign, the well-known gender…e, star of David, Wiccan i, yin yang, and Christian cross. It’s the bumper sticker gibberish you see on that 1998 Volvo that just cut you off. But the real story doesn’t start in a co-op in Montpelier, Vermont. The story of Coexist begins in Poland — and it’s had its own battles. “My name is Piotr Mlodozeniec. I am a graphic designer. I am making posters, book covers, record covers, some layouts. I paint also.” This is his son’s room and here’s a poster designed by Piotr’s dad. In 2000, a contemporary art museum in…