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    Ankama pas Live #6 – L’actu d’Ankama

    – Hi, Logan, how are you? – Hey! I’m good, and you? – Good, good. – I need you to tell me about Temporis IV, please. – Sure! I’ve been wanting to explain it to you. So, the new theme for the server is magic. The surprise is that we’re reusing and improving the Temporis II rules. – Ok! – But with one big difference. We’re completely changing how characters evolve on the server, because each class will have a passive and an active now. – Got it. And we’re adding a big pool of spells that can be obtained through different game objectives. – Ok. – Pre-registration opens mid-March,…

  • Alex Meets with a Lawyer About Ceaser | Black Ink Crew
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    Alex Meets with a Lawyer About Ceaser | Black Ink Crew

    – Hello, we’re here to see Brian Robinson. – Brian? You got it. Right this way, you guys. – Donna finally convinced me to meet with the lawyer, talk about suing Cease. Honestly, I don’t know if it’s the right thing to do, ’cause I don’t like getting lawyers and courts involved in my personal business. But she worked with him in the past, she seemed to like him. So, I guess I’ll give him a shot. – Hey, y’all. – Brian. How you doing? – Donna, what’s good? – Thanks for meeting with us. Alex. – Nice to meet you. So what brings you guys in today? – We…