• New Court, New Term Webinar
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    New Court, New Term Webinar

    well good evening welcome everyone my name is Greg Brandis under Dean of Saint Francis School of Law and what a pleasure to welcome all of you here see they talk about Supreme Court no no it’s a subject has been very much on people’s minds and always is but that we’re going to talk about the cases tonight so we’ll be talking quite a lot about the 2018-2019 term of the Supreme Court of the United States and talking primarily about some of the cases that are taking place during that term and so we’re going to do this a little differently tonight then perhaps you might expect but…

  • Education at St. Petersburg College
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    Education at St. Petersburg College

    It takes love and dedication to become a role model, but to turn it into a career, takes passion. With a bachelor of science in Education degree from St. Petersburg College, you’ll gain the skillset to teach any grade level, K-through-12, in a variety of settings. At half of the cost of state-universities, SPC offers a quality education that you can afford. Start your bachelor’s, and fuel your passion for teaching. Together, with SPC.

  • UNL Online Journalism Masters Degree
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    UNL Online Journalism Masters Degree

    Getting my masters degree at the University of Nebraska from the College of Journalism is going to open a lot of doors for me. I think I’m getting a good education. Having enrolled in the online courses at the university really allowed me to create a flexible environment for my family. I like to have constant interaction with a student online. LEE: We have one of the best masters programs in journalism, in advertising, in public relations anywhere in the world. And the reason is we’ve got experience. We’ve been delivering our programs online for at least 20 years. LOREN: With the knowledge that I gained through the online courses,…

  • Donald Trumps bid to hire Trey Gowdy as his defense lawyer appears de.ad   . Online
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    Donald Trumps bid to hire Trey Gowdy as his defense lawyer appears de.ad . Online

    Donald Trumps bid to hire Trey Gowdy as his defense lawyer appears de.ad . Online Published: 20:57 BST, 14 October 2019 | Updated: 20:57 BST, 14 October 2019 s attempt to bring former Congressman Trey Gowdy on board to lead his impeachment defense appears to be dead in the water after being stymied by lobbying regulations and intra staff bickering.  The president said last week the former Republican congressman from South Carolina would join his team as outside counsel in January because of lobbying regulations.  Trey Gowdy is a great guy, he said Thursday at the White House. He cant start for another couple of months because of lobbying rules…

  • UCI DCE Spa & Hospitality Management Story: Michael Samawi
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    UCI DCE Spa & Hospitality Management Story: Michael Samawi

    (piano music) – This program has actually helped seal the deal on my future career. During the job interview, I’ve been asked questions about, okay what have I been studying, what have I been reading. This specific program and the courses involved that was what the person who interviewed me said to me. That’s what I wanted to hear. I’ve grown up in hospitality. Family run businesses. My father said don’t do what I’m doing. So I listened to him for a short while, went in to advertising, had to leave that quickly, and went back in to hospitality, realizing that I want to give excellence to everybody that I…

  • CSUN’s Bachelor of Arts in Public Sector Management Program
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    CSUN’s Bachelor of Arts in Public Sector Management Program

    [music] I decided to enroll in the Public Sector Management degree quite honestly because it was 100% online. I logged into our live sessions in all different locations – on vacation in the summer or traveling for work and it just it gives you mobility so it doesn’t force you to stop your life to pursue your education it kind of integrates it into it more. The cohort model was quite an interesting impact not having schooled or really done anything online as interactively as this class was demanding, I really didn’t know what to expect. I found it to be very beneficial. I found it to be very inclusive.…

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    Vermont Dog Earns College Degree (WCAX-TV report)

    A Vermont dog is the world’s first canine to earn a college degree. Chester Ludlow just graduated from Rochville University and as Keagan Harsha reports that has some worried that colleges today are going to the dogs. College isn’t easy. There are hours upon hours of homework. I’ve been working really hard. Some weeks you have three exams, two on the same day and one the day before. But not all students are stressed. Meet Chester Ludlow. Chester has his MBA. The 8 year old pug got a college degree without even cracking open a book. Good boy. His owner, Vicky Phillips, runs GetEducated.com, a consumer advocacy group. My little…

  • March 2015 Advocacy Minute
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    March 2015 Advocacy Minute

    Welcome to the March 2015 Advocacy Minute. This month we will discuss legislative searches online. Many people don’t know where to start when looking online for legislation that impacts interpreters. It’s really easy. I’m going to show you a short demonstration from South Carolina, but this can be applied to any other state as well. See! It’s easy, right? It is also easy to sign up for our newsletter, called “In the Hopper.” That will keep you informed about what’s going on with legislation around the United States. That’s your advocacy minute!

  • Bay Pines STEM Dedication
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    Bay Pines STEM Dedication

    It’s a tremendous honor to be here on behalf of my late husband John Chapin. The St. Petersburg College Bay Pines STEM Center is near and dear to his heart and the success of students. He was a master of finding ways for students to get engaged in the learning. I like to think of the future of STEM here as really a public service to our community.

  • Get Ready For College Reading – SPC MOOC
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    Get Ready For College Reading – SPC MOOC

    Welcome to St. Petersburg College’s free course: Get Ready for College Reading. We’ve designed this self-guided course to help you practice and refine the reading skills you will need to be successful in college. Effective reading skills are vital to your success, both in the classroom and in the workplace. The purpose of most college-level reading instruction is to assist you in understanding the thought processes and ideas of authors. Reading is a complex and versatile skill set and college textbooks require a variety of reading assignments. Some skills will be important in academic reading, no matter what the subject. These skills include: Clear, well-organized thoughts that are expressed by…