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    Indian Law Colleges

    Hi ther,e here’s our latest question. Hey Aunty, I’m about to be a senior this year and I need help in discovering what colleges would be best for me to major and develop in Indian law. Well I’m so stoked that you are thinking about things in advance, we can certainly use you! So, some things to think about before you get into Indian law: Your undergrad program of course. You’ll have to finish one before you get into law school. You don’t have to go to the same school for your undergrad or graduate school and sometimes this is not even encouraged. So, for your prerequisites and LSAT you…

  • Being an Advocate for People
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    Being an Advocate for People

    >>SUSAN BROOKS: I did not come from a political family. My family was in education, my father was a teacher and a football coach, my mom worked for the school, so I didn’t come from a political background. But I learned that I enjoyed being an advocate, an advocate for people. And so I, at Miami, I studied political science, and then I also developed the double major of sociology because I loved learning about people, and about how groups of people interact. And so I did an internship, actually, one summer internship when I was at Miami, as a juvenile probation officer in Fort Wayne, Indiana. And that, in…

  • Pathway to Law School
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    Pathway to Law School

    (upbeat music) – Hi, my name is Dr. Mike Munoz. I’m the Dean of Counseling and Student Success and I’m the administrator overseeing the Pathway to Law School program. Now with our Pathway to Law School program, we create a seamless pathway for our students, so our counselor Angelica Martinez will work with you intensively to make sure you’re taking the right classes, that you’re building the skills that you need to be an effective lawyer and make yourself competitive to go to law school and we’re gonna support you on your path with internships, with LSAT preparation, and they actually waive the law school application fees, which can be…

  • Bachelor of Arts, Criminal Justice / UW Tacoma
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    Bachelor of Arts, Criminal Justice / UW Tacoma

    [music] [Diane Young]: I’m glad you’re interested in our Criminal Justice major. We have a unique major. It was created based on the community’s expressed need for more Bachelor’s level trained Criminal Justice professionals. At the time, we were Social Work faculty, and we saw an opportunity to create a unique Criminal Justice major. One that emphasizes Social Justice and emphasizes restorative and rehabilitative responses to crime, and to the criminal justice system. [music] [Alissa Ackerman]: What it means to teach a course for the Social Justice lens is to always be aware of the effects of Criminal Justice systems on individuals. [Derby-McCurtain]: When people tell me there are other…

  • What is the Best Major for a Law Career – James McCormick
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    What is the Best Major for a Law Career – James McCormick

    Erik: What is the best way for college students to prepare for a law career? James: Well, I think you have to take a step back and you have to look at what lawyers do. At the end of the day, you are reading, you are writing, and you are applying critical thought. I think that, as college grads or as college students, finding something where you can really feel as though you are engaged by the material and you are enjoying what you are doing and you are applying those kinds of core elements. I think that is enough. I don’t think you can necessarily say that a history…