• Faraday’s Law Introduction | Physics | Khan Academy
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    Faraday’s Law Introduction | Physics | Khan Academy

    – [Instructor] In other videos, we talk about how a current flowing through a wire can induce a magnetic field. Now what we’re going to talk about in this video is how we can go the other way. How a change in a magnetic field can affect or induce a current in a loop of wire. We’re gonna be going from a change, change in, and actually we’re gonna focus on magnetic flux. Magnetic. Magnetic flux through a loop. Through a loop. Now we’re going to see how this actually induces a current in that loop. So, induces. Induces a current. Induced current. This right over here, all right, this…

  • Yerkes-Dodson law – Intro to Psychology
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    Yerkes-Dodson law – Intro to Psychology

    The next model we’re going to discuss, is the Yerkes-Dodson Law. So the Yerke-Dodson Law states that moderate levels of arousal, lead to optimal performance. So think back to our lesson on consciousness, where we talked about our levels of awareness. At one side of the continuum, we were unconscious, so in a coma, and we had zero awareness. And at the other end of the continuum. We are fully awake and aware. So, the idea here is somewhat similar. Except, instead of having awareness on a continuum, we have our level of arousal on a continuum. Like you see here, we go from low levels of arousal to high…

  • Small is Mighty: the Square-Cube Law
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    Small is Mighty: the Square-Cube Law

    What do you think is stronger, an ant or an elephant? An elephant can lift more weight than an ant, but what about their strength compared to their body size? The answer might surprise you. An elephant can lift 500 kilograms, which is 10% of its body weight. An ant can only live one-millionth as much, but that amount is actually 50 times its body weight. Ants use their impressive strength to move food and materials to their colonies. How much can you lift? The average person between the size of an ant and an elephant can only lift about half of its own weight. Why is an ant so…

  • Faculty of Social Sciences and Law – the student view
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    Faculty of Social Sciences and Law – the student view

    It’s really good because some of the lecturers, they really inspire you with the subjects and they teach it in such a charismatic, interesting way that you can’t help but be really interested. One of the best things about Bristol for me has been the personal tutor scheme. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know my personal tutor. She’s been really supportive of me. And other tutors as well, seminar tutors, they’ve just been really helpful. Every term you’re going to be assigned a group project. So you’re typically working with three or four people that you’ve never worked with before. So I think that is a great learning experience. If…

  • Did The Past Really Happen?
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    Did The Past Really Happen?

    Hey, Vsauce. Michael here. The dog that played Toto in The Wizard of Oz was credited as Toto, but in reality the dog’s name was Terry. And when Terry died in 1945 her owner and trainer Carl Spitz buried her on his ranch in Los Angeles. But in 1958 the Ventura Highway was constructed right through Terry’s grave. Her remains were disturbed and have never been found. Fifty-three years later a memorial was erected in Hollywood Forever Cemetery in her honor but because she isn’t burried there, the memorial is not a grave. It’s what’s known as a cenotaph, an empty tomb. I was reminded of Toto’s cenotaph when I…

  • Education at St. Petersburg College
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    Education at St. Petersburg College

    It takes love and dedication to become a role model, but to turn it into a career, takes passion. With a bachelor of science in Education degree from St. Petersburg College, you’ll gain the skillset to teach any grade level, K-through-12, in a variety of settings. At half of the cost of state-universities, SPC offers a quality education that you can afford. Start your bachelor’s, and fuel your passion for teaching. Together, with SPC.

  • The Unstoppable Power of Letting Go | Jill Sherer Murray | TEDxWilmingtonWomen
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    The Unstoppable Power of Letting Go | Jill Sherer Murray | TEDxWilmingtonWomen

    Translator: Phuong Cao Reviewer: Peter van de Ven Letting go can make you unstoppable. I know because I let go of a relationship and reclaimed my life. And I know that letting go can create the best of change for each and everyone of you. Let me tell you a story. When I was 41, the death of a relationship showed me how to truly let go of what wasn’t working. See, up until that time, I didn’t really think about the future. I kind of lived my life like a dog – moment to moment. I chased balls, I ate whatever I could find on the ground. (Laughter) And…

  • UCLA Extension Accounting Certificate: What Our Graduates Are Saying
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    UCLA Extension Accounting Certificate: What Our Graduates Are Saying

    How does it feel to graduate today? Exciting. It’s a big accomplishment for me. I have two kids and I have full-time work. It was a lot of work, so I am very proud. What was your most enjoyable part of UCLA Extension? Being able to do all my work from home. So convenient. Anytime, any time of the day, four o’clock in the morning I’m up studying. Midnight. Anytime I wanted. The flexibility it offers. Being able to work and go to school without losing, you know, the sense of quality of life. The hours are just flexible and the education was wonderful. They offer flexibility for working professional.…