• What is a Stage? | The Chef Network Stage Listing
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    What is a Stage? | The Chef Network Stage Listing

    So stages has been a part of cheffing since day one. Stages are short periods of work experience that chefs spend in another chef’s kitchen and it’s kind of traditionally been a big part of the way that chefs train. It’s all about experience. It’s all about networking as well. You’ve learned a lot cooking-wise but it’s also learning how to operate a kitchen. But what the Chef Network are hoping to do is to open that right up into chefs that are already in their careers. No matter how qualified or what you are doing, there’s an opening and an opportunity for you to go and learn or experience…

  • Public hearing: Education and learning, Townsville – November 2019 – Day 4
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    Public hearing: Education and learning, Townsville – November 2019 – Day 4

    COMMISSIONER SACKVILLE: Yes. Ms. Eastman. MS K. EASTMAN SC: If the Commission pleases, Ms Eastman. I appear for the Royal Commission as Counsel Assisting with Dr. Mellifont, and with Mr Fraser. COMMISSIONER SACKVILLE: Thank you, Ms. Eastman. MS EASTMAN: My task this morning is to deal with the evidence of Deborah Dunstone, if the Commission pleases. COMMISSIONER SACKVILLE: Good morning. You may take – I’m sure you’ve been advised – the oath or affirmation as you wish. If you follow the instructions of the associate. Thank you very much. WOMAN: I swear by Almighty God… DEBORAH DUNSTONE: I swear by Almighty God… WOMAN: ..that the evidence I shall give… DEBORAH:…

  • Selina – Business Administration Trainee
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    Selina – Business Administration Trainee

    [MUSIC]>>INTERVIEWER: Hi Selina, thanks for doing the video today.>>SELINA: No worries!>>Can you please tell me what qualifications you’re doing as part of your traineeship?>>Uh, yep, so I’m a trainee in the planning department and I’m currently doing a Certificate 3 in business administration.>>Excellent. And how did you actually get this job at the Casey City Council?>>So what I did was I was just looking online and I came across, um, an advertisement, and I just applied for that. I got a call next day and I had a few interviews and… yeah! That’s what happened. >>Great! So you’re with a group training company, ATEP?>>Yep!>>How was the interview process with them?…

  • 7 Life Skills Your School Forgot to Teach You
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    7 Life Skills Your School Forgot to Teach You

    Pay close attention because I want to see if you agree with me or if you think I’m just absolutely bat-crazy. I believe there are seven things that our education system completely fails to teach us as we’re growing up. But if we can learn these seven qualities, our life as human beings radically transforms. And not only do our life transform but the lives of everyone around us go through a remarkable beautiful transformation as well. The first one is teaching people how to bend reality. What I mean by this is I have become 100% convinced that the world is an illusion and that our minds can shift…

  • Record number of Indigenous law students graduate from UWA
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    Record number of Indigenous law students graduate from UWA

    As a Noongar person, I very strongly I’ve always been aware of the justice issues that our people face. Mainly including the high incarceration rates and just generally access the justice issues. So when it came to choosing something to do I always thought the law would be a potential option. I was lucky enough to get through to the Aboriginal Pre-Law program that’s run through the UWA School of Indigenous Studies. Ever since then I’ve done some work in some different legal organisations such as Legal Aid and the Attorney-General’s Office in Canberra. And I’ve ended up graduating and working in a firm that works in Native Title. It’s…

  • James – School based IDMT Traineeship
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    James – School based IDMT Traineeship

    Hi James. How are you? Good. Can you tell me what traineeship you completed? A Certificate III in IT with Lightmare Studios. Great. How long ago did you complete? Two years ago. Fantastic. And, with your traineeship, do you remember how you started? I applied through school, after a school presentation they did, and I looked them up, and researched them a bit and then decided it was what I want to do. Great, and how did you find the interview process? Yeah, it was good. Sort of filtered out the bad kids and the good kids. Yeah, it was pretty good. Yeah, and you made it, so that is…

  • Georgia – Warehousing Trainee
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    Georgia – Warehousing Trainee

    Emma: Hi Georgia, thanks for chatting to us today. Can you explain what qualification you’re doing as part of your traineeship here? Georgia: Okay, so it’s certificate III in warehousing and logistics. Emma: Beautiful. And, do you remember how you got your job? How you started your job? Georgia: How I started it? Well, I found a job online, and then went to ATEL, and they said, you know, ‘no experience needed’, Started here, it was great. Emma: Yep, so how long, like from when you started looking, to when you started working? Georgia: Not long at all actually. I think, um, might have been about a month I guess.…

  • Wake Forest Law Study Abroad 2017
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    Wake Forest Law Study Abroad 2017

    Speaker 1: As a law student your 1L summer summer is really your last summer to be able to travel and see the world and Wake Forest offers this amazing Venice program and has this awesome house on the grand canal. and everything worked and everything clicked. so I decided to take it. Speaker 2: I chose the Wake Forest study abroad program in Venice because Campbell University is so small it doesn’t have its own study abroad programs and it was something that I really wanted to do my 1L summer and our student life director sent out an email saying that there were spots open in Wake Forest’s…