• Curtin Law School.. in the heart of the Perth courts precinct!
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    Curtin Law School.. in the heart of the Perth courts precinct!

    >>This is an amazing building that we’ve been given here in the heart of the city, a National Trust treasure with an enormous history and it works very well as a law school.>>I’m currently in my third year at Curtin University studying Law in International Relations which is a double degree. I found that the Moot Court in the city location was really helpful in helping our team prepare for the Asia-Pacific rounds of a Mooting competition that we won in India. We’re now off to the world finals in Mexico and I found that the Moot Court was really helpful in our oral preparation in front of a judge…

  • Keith Eats Every Pie
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    Keith Eats Every Pie

    – In 1963 in Pasadena, California Pie’n Burger opened its doors. Since then, it’s been slinging delicious pies to all the beautiful patrons of Southern California. Today, I will taste every pie at Pie’n Burger. It’s high time for some pies! Thanks to Google Lens for sponsoring today’s video. (phone ringing) Hello! I just hung up on ’em. (laughs) (upbeat music) – [Keith] The whole vibe of this place just feels like a very small town pie or burger shop and I love it. – My name is Michael Osborne, the restaurant is Pie’n Burger here in Pasadena. So Pie’n Burger opened in 1963, recipes go back about 70, 75…

  • Keith Eats Everything At KFC
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    Keith Eats Everything At KFC

    In 1930, in North Corbin, Kentucky, one man had a dream, and that dream would become the greatest fried chicken franchise in America- nay, the WORLD. It’s eaten in Japan for their Christmas dinner! Santa Claus hops down the chimney with a big old bucket of chicken. (chicken clucks) Today, I will attempt the impossible and I will taste EVERYTHING that KFC serves at its fine chain establishment. Whoaaa, it smells great in there! (What have you gotten yourself into) (Try Guys theme music) (chicken clucks) (singing) La la la I don’t have every single thing you could purchase by line, but everything they sell is represented on this table.…

  • Record number of Indigenous law students graduate from UWA
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    Record number of Indigenous law students graduate from UWA

    As a Noongar person, I very strongly I’ve always been aware of the justice issues that our people face. Mainly including the high incarceration rates and just generally access the justice issues. So when it came to choosing something to do I always thought the law would be a potential option. I was lucky enough to get through to the Aboriginal Pre-Law program that’s run through the UWA School of Indigenous Studies. Ever since then I’ve done some work in some different legal organisations such as Legal Aid and the Attorney-General’s Office in Canberra. And I’ve ended up graduating and working in a firm that works in Native Title. It’s…

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    The History of Paper Money – Lay Down the Law – Extra History – #4

    Last we left off, paper money doctrine was just starting to be established, with people like Nicholas Barbon beginning to explore the radical idea that gold and silver didn’t have any inherent value only the value we gave them. Which leads inevitably to the argument that in using gold and silver, we tie ourselves to a system that has all the disadvantages of a commodity currency without really securing for ourselves anything more tangible than what we get with paper bills. Today we get to watch what happens the first time someone really tries to put paper money doctrine into practice. John Law, the son of wealthy Scottish goldsmiths turned…

  • Eugene Ranks Every Astrological Sign From Best To Worst
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    Eugene Ranks Every Astrological Sign From Best To Worst

    – Hello, and welcome to Rank King Astrology. I’m your Rank King, Eugene. Please welcome my special Rank Priestess, Allison. – Oh, wow. – Pretty good, right? – That was really good. – Yes. – Thank you. – We are very well-versed in the way of the stars. And today we are gonna rank all of the astrological signs from best to worst. Now for everyone watching, it doesn’t matter if you’re into astrology. You have never seen a zodiac video like this. This will be one of the only times you’ll see people actually rank all of the signs from best to worst with no mercy. We are right.…

  • There’s a Loophole in One of the Most Important Laws of Physics
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    There’s a Loophole in One of the Most Important Laws of Physics

    [♪ INTRO] When you study physics, they teach you a bunch of rules. Things like how you can’t create energy, you can’t travel faster than light — it’s like, stop telling me what to do, man! These rules are helpful, though, because they give you a framework for how the universe works. Like, no matter how complicated things get, at least it’s not a lawless wasteland out there. Except, there is one law of physics that’s fundamentally breakable, even though scientists don’t usually treat it that way: the second law of thermodynamics. To put it simply, this law says that a system will never become more orderly on its own.…

  • What is it like to be a trainee at Royds Withy King?
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    What is it like to be a trainee at Royds Withy King?

    As a trainee at Royds Withy King, you can expect to learn a lot. You’ll learn that you really have the opportunity to grow and develop your career, working on stimulating projects as part of an expert team of leaders in their field. You’ll learn that working with great people means it’s OK to ask questions. And working in smaller teams really allows you to get stuck in and offer excellent service to our clients. You’ll get to do high quality client work in a relaxed environment, and get to experience more than just work. You’ll be challenged to be your best somewhere that’s really going places, at a fast…

  • The Try Guys Test High Driving
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    The Try Guys Test High Driving

    (upbeat jazzy music) – Over the course of this series, we are going to drive under the influence four times. – We’re gettin’ drunk, we’re getting stoned, we’re gettin’ sleepy, and we’re gonna be textin’. – In this video, we’re gonna drive while high. – Oh, no. – We’ve set up a closed course that is a traffic simulation. -Yesterday, we drove the course sober as a control for our experiment. – I’m actually really curious to see if we can push this to the limit today, and find out, what is the threshold for stoned driving? – I’m worried about how I’m going to act today. I’m more worried…