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    Law Day – 2018

    >>Last weekend, and so for some of us, there were not nearly the level of experiential opportunities that we provide the students today. Here, we have a number of clinical opportunities. One of the ones that is doing amazing work, for example, is the Veterans’ Clinic. We have served over 90 veterans, bringing in over a million and a half dollars or better for veterans whose benefits were denied through the system, and we helped them through the claim system. And so, that’s one of the things I’m really proud of, is the service we provide for our nation’s veterans, for our clinical opportunities. We’ve, of course, got the Prosecution…

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    Abraham: THE LAW OF ATTRACTION – Part 2 of 5 – Esther & Jerry Hicks

    Abraham-Hicks Publications Presents The Law of Attraction Part 2 of 5 As Esther is standing before you allowing us to express to you through her process she has managed through a few years of meditation   and many years of doing this and through coming into alignment     even now as she is standing here   she has managed   to bring her vibration into the frequency that is us so that we are one in this moment. Esther is not dead in this moment   she’s not gone to some other galaxy she is not timed out   she is not sleeping under the stage. Esther is blended with that which is Abraham and you are experiencing the benefit of that blending. And you…

  • Professor Mac Explains Newton’s Second Law of Motion
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    Professor Mac Explains Newton’s Second Law of Motion

    Oh Hello Welcome to my laboratory. My name is Professor Mac, and today I’m going to be talking about Newton’s second law of motion. This is one of three laws which Sir Isaac Newton published in 1687. The laws explain the interaction of forces and objects and the way in which the motion of an object is affected by force. The second law is an incredibly important law even although its form is rather simple. You may have seen it before and it’s normally expressed as F=ma. Today I’ll explain this law, and together we’ll explore the way in which we can use it to predict how an object will…

  • Texas A&M University School of Law
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    Texas A&M University School of Law

    The real meaning of this is to make us complete. Texas A&M is a nationally ranked, tier 1 research university, and most of our peers have a Law School. We haven’t had one, it’s about time. It is an opportunity, not to just have a feather in our cap but also for us to contribute to society by the kind of graduates we produce and the scholarship we have in much better ways. This has always been a Law School that has had a distinct student focus to it and has connected to our local community. I think with the transition to Texas A&M University, we’re going to have even…

  • What Is A Petition To Modify Child Custody?
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    What Is A Petition To Modify Child Custody?

    Amanda Szpakowski: My name is Amanda Szpakowski. I am the Family Law legal assistant here at the Bornmann Law Group. I specialize in anything family law-related; custody, visitation, father’s rights, anything family law. Basically, if you already have a custody order put into place where you have visitation, we can file what’s called a Petition to Modify the Custody. We can ask for you to have more visitation, we can ask for the custody to be changed from primary custody to joint custody. There’s a lot we can do at that point regarding getting you either unsupervised visitation, a difference in legal decision making, or basically just completely modifying the…

  • Your survival guide to what AI means for legal services
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    Your survival guide to what AI means for legal services

    David Lowe: Today I’m going to be talking to Matt Hervey a Director in our Intellectual Property team about artificial intelligence (AI). What is it and why is it important to General Counsel? So Matt we read a lot about artificial intelligence, you know Google is going to take over the world and the parts of the world it doesn’t take over is going to be taken over by autonomous vehicles but why if you’re a busy in-house lawyer, why does it matter today? Matt Hervey: I think it’s because of the range of applications for AI. So it’s everything from consumer queries or help desks or medical research or…