• 9 Biggest Law School Application Resume Mistakes
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    9 Biggest Law School Application Resume Mistakes

    Hi everyone, you’re watching the Spivey Consulting Group Law School Admissions YouTube channel, and I’m Danielle Early. I’m from the Spivey Consulting Group, and I am a former admissions officer at Harvard Law School, and I’m here to talk about the biggest mistakes you can make on your law school application resume. So why do schools ask for a resume? Well, they want to understand what you’ve been doing, what your qualifications are, what your skills are, and what your experiences are. They do ask for similar information on their applications – some schools do, not everybody – but this is your place to put it together in a way…

  • The NYU Law Advantage
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    The NYU Law Advantage

    Beatrice Lindstrom ’10: I think the law is about recognizing and enforcing basic dignity. Oftentimes vulnerable communities will need to be able to enforce their legal rights that’s what sparked my interest in going to law school. Joyce Chang ’17: I came to law school because I want to help entrepreneurs. Nathan Mooney ’18: I’m interested in distressed transactional work — it was a huge reason why I came to NYU School of Law. Mitchell Brown ’17: I really am passionate about voting rights, I want to be a civil rights lawyer. Riane Harper ’17: I think cybersecurity is really fascinating, that’s really where my passion lies. NYU School of…

  • Bryan Stevenson delivers keynote for 2018 NYU Law JD Convocation
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    Bryan Stevenson delivers keynote for 2018 NYU Law JD Convocation

    [Announcer] We now welcome our keynote speaker, Professor Bryan Stevenson, clinical professor of law at NYU School of Law and founder and executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative. [Bryan Stevenson] Thank you so much. What a great thrill for me to be here with you today. I’ve had the privilege from time to time to give a commencement address, but it’s a special day for me to provide a commitments, a commencement to the students that I’ve had the great privilege of being in the classroom with at the university I’ve been honored to work at for the last 20 years. It is a great honor for me to…

  • African-Americans, Law Schools and the LSAT, with Professor Alex Johnson
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    African-Americans, Law Schools and the LSAT, with Professor Alex Johnson

    I’ve been involved with the LSAC since 1989. And so I’ve learned a lot about the test. And hopefully we’ll be able to share some of that with you today. Yeah, I see a lot of friendly faces, good! I was also asked to talk about this article by Conrad Johnson that appeared in The New York Times that’s entitled “Law School Admissions Lag Among Minorities” and what was surprising reading this article when it initially came out was that the New York Times published it. It didn’t really say anything new. It’s somewhat misleading in that it compares 1993 to 2008. In 1993 — I’m sure not many of…

  • Books to Read Before Law School
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    Books to Read Before Law School

    Welcome to LearnLawBetter. Want to know which books to read before law school? Are you excited, and want to get a head start? Stay to the end, as I provide you with my list of 10 books to read before you start your legal education. Don’t forget to hit the like button if you enjoy the episode and click the subscribe button and bell if you don’t want to miss any future episodes. Hi, this is Beau Baez, and today I want to provide you with some books you might find interesting before you start law school. The list includes books in fiction, academic success, biography, writing, history, and the…

  • Meet UF Law’s Assistant Dean of Inclusion
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    Meet UF Law’s Assistant Dean of Inclusion

    (inspirational music) [MICHELLE SMITH] Hi, everyone. I’m Michelle Smith, your Assistant Dean for Inclusion. I am a very proud triple Gator grad having received my Bachelor’s degree in Sociocultural Anthropology from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. I received my Master’s in Exercise and Sports Science from the College of Health and Human Performance another of the colleges that I serve in this role and I am also a graduate of the Levin College of Law our law school In this role I am here to assist advise, and provide guidance in fostering an environment of inclusion celebrating and advancing the diversity of our students, faculty, and staff creating…