• FLRA Case Law Update
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    FLRA Case Law Update

    >>Welcome. My name is Marcus Fuller. I am a labor relations specialist on the accountability and workforce relations team here at the US Office of Personnel Management. It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to todayís webcast training entitled the FLRA Case Law Update. Our office presents webcast trainings in support of our ongoing effort to bring relevant and reliable developmental opportunities to federal sector employee and labor relations practitioners. Our speakers will discuss fiscal year 2019 decisions from the Federal Labor Relations Authority. The case law is updated as of December 5th, 2019. If you have any questions about the training, you may send an email to [email protected]

  • Law of Attraction, Your Political Nemesis and Gaining Soul-Aligned Clients
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    Law of Attraction, Your Political Nemesis and Gaining Soul-Aligned Clients

    Hi I’m Kristina Deckard and today I’m talking about a law of attraction and your political nemesis so if your attention is on the person the politician who you dislike so much and he just makes your skin crawl or she and your attention is on that you’re talking about him you’re talking about what you don’t want you’re talking about how you don’t want him to be in office again you or the candidates is running and you don’t like them and every time you see it there commercial on TV you just cringe because you don’t like what they have to say you don’t believe in what they…

  • What’s a Doula? Danielle Brooks Finds Out | A Little Bit Pregnant | Netflix Family
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    What’s a Doula? Danielle Brooks Finds Out | A Little Bit Pregnant | Netflix Family

    It was nice to talk to someone who wasn’t like, well you know- – I did it like this! – Yeah, exactly. I’m Danielle Brooks, and this is A Little Bit Pregnant. Each episode I’m talking to the experts about pregnancy, parenthood, and everything in between. This episode, What in the Doula? All right, y’all, I’m gearin’ up! I got six weeks to go before this baby comes outta me, and I keep hearing about doulas, and I know nothing about them! Maybe a little bit. I hope you’ll come with me and learn as we talk to the experts. In the meantime, hydrate. I’m very, very scared of childbirth.…

  • A New Age of Advocacy | #PublicInterestTech | Future of Work
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    A New Age of Advocacy | #PublicInterestTech | Future of Work

    Technology is not something that is just here to make money for a few people but instead is a tool to improve outcomes for the entire world. And we do that by demanding that platforms and companies are accountable to their users and by building the kinds of collectives that can make those demands with power and energy and momentum behind them. When we co-founded Coworker.org, Jess Kutch and I were coming from the traditional trade union movement and were both really inspired by what we saw as workers using popular technology tools like Facebook, like writing letters to Gawker, like creating microsites, or going onto Twitter forums to try…

  • Immigration Issues for Entrepreneurs
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    Immigration Issues for Entrepreneurs

    [Informal Talk] Thank you. Thank you, Stephen. So what we are really going to focus on here today are the issues that are going to be most relevant to you graduating from Stanford and also starting up a startup company in the Silicon Valley and the type of issues that you are going to face. And you will find that the issues that you face as an entrepreneur starting a small company are much different than you are going to face joining a big company. So if you find a job with Google, you are probably not going to have very many immigration issues. They have a very good staff…

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    Labour Law Issues

    Hello students welcome to the class on current affairs and in today’s class we’ll be dealing with an important issue that Has unfolded? Recently in the Indian economy and this relates to the labor issues labor laws in India Now what is the controversy? What is the issue around this labor laws? In order to understand this we Actually need to understand the concerns of labor And we also need to understand the concern of the corporate class the owners the proprietors of the companies of the manufacturing units of the industries Now before we understand the concern of the labors and the concern of the corporate class We need…

  • FLSA Webcast
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    FLSA Webcast

    Good afternoon and thank you for coming to presentation on the Fair Labor Standards Act exemption basics. My name Bob Hendler. I am the Classification and Pay Claims Program Manager for the US Office of Personnel Management what that means in relationship to what we’re doing today is that my program deals with Fair Labor Standards Act claims filed by certain Federal employees. the first thing that you do in dealing with the FLSA is to determine, whether you are covered by certain aspects of the FLSA. Just to kick off today’s session, this really is a session dealing with basic principles, practices, and concepts. And we do have the…