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    Hi ther,e here’s our latest question. Hey Aunty, I’m about to be a senior this year and I need help in discovering what colleges would be best for me to major and develop in Indian law. Well I’m so stoked that you are thinking about things in advance, we can certainly use you! So, some things to think about before you get into Indian law: Your undergrad program of course. You’ll have to finish one before you get into law school. You don’t have to go to the same school for your undergrad or graduate school and sometimes this is not even encouraged. So, for your prerequisites and LSAT you…

  • Advocate takes on CLB judge with dictaphone on
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    Advocate takes on CLB judge with dictaphone on

    Deepak Khosla: Your honour, with permission, this is a recording device, if your honour would kindly permit that…. CLB member: Nononono, the rules … you’re not supposed to do anything. Yes, may I see the rule your honour? You’re not supposed to do anything. Not do anything mean? You’re not supposed to record anything. May I see the rule your honour? … [shuffling papers] Your honour, but I believe it’s not been gazetted so far, so until it’s gazetted. You’re not permitted to do anything. No rule traditionally (?) is there permitting you to record any… Now rule has come prohibiting anybody to record anything, ok? But your honour, as…