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    Hi friends my name is Sunny and this is choque cultural Today i want to present you a special person Friends, he is my father-in-law I call him Papaji because in India we call father-in-law like this Today’s video is Tag of father-in-law Many of you asked me to make this video when i came to Peru We gonna answer the question that you asked on Facebook and Instagram So we gonna start with the first question What was your reaction when your daughter said she will go to different country Above all thing, I was afraid I was too much afraid I thought there was a different person after…

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    hello friends today we are going to discuss a new thing which is related to divorce. The most difficult thing in filling the divorce is that in accordance with Hindu Marriage Act 1955, no divorce petition can be filled unless 1 year of marriage has passed. means a divorce can be filled only after 1 year of marriage. And after filling of divorce petition, 6 months must ellapse. This means that a total period of 18 months must ellapse after marriage to get a divorce decree. Now in a circumstance where with in 1 month it comes to the knowledge that the marriage will no longer subsist and it is…