• Gene Scharer for Congress 2020
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    Gene Scharer for Congress 2020

    Hi, my name is Gene Scharer and I am a pro-union progressive Democrat running for Congress in Arizona’s District 6. I was born and raised in Michigan, but I made Arizona my home 33 years ago. I’m running for Congress because the Republican incumbent continually puts the interests of corporations ahead of those of veterans, working people, and retirees. After graduating from the University of Michigan in 1969, I began an honorable 22-year career as a teacher, but that was interrupted when I was drafted in 1971. My brother and I both served as artillerymen in the Army and this resulted in a minor disability for me, but my brother…

  • About IAASC – POhWER’s Information, Advocacy, Advice and Support Centre (draft)
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    About IAASC – POhWER’s Information, Advocacy, Advice and Support Centre (draft)

    Good afternoon POhWER Alex speaking how can I help. My name’s Abdul Raheem, I work for POhWER. I’ve worked for POhWER for about 8 years now and I manage our Information, Advice and Advocacy Support Centre or IAASC for short. We work with a number of different client groups across many different areas and all of the front line contact for all of our services comes through to this centre. So I have responsibility for line managing all of our information, advice and advocacy support officers. We also work with a number of volunteers, student social workers and other support staff and thats all based in our main hub in…

  • The Medical Internship
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    The Medical Internship

    Hi. Let’s go over the quick facts about the medical doctor internship in Australia. Starting right now, what is the purpose of the medical internship Well, the purpose of the medical internship is generally seen to be an opportunity to consolidate after medical school and be assessed as a safe practitioner prior to general registration. Putting it simply the medical internship forms are provisional or preregistration year between medical school and working as a clinical doctor. It can be considered as a bit of a final test or observation of a training doctor’s capabilities prior to being able to work independently. Historically the internship form the funnel barrier to general…

  • Rechtsanwaltsfachangestellte in Wirtschaftskanzlei
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    Rechtsanwaltsfachangestellte in Wirtschaftskanzlei

    My name is Wiebke Suhr. I have been a trained legal assistant for 35 years. With Graf von Westphalen for 20 years. I am responsible for the training, also do internal trainings for the open positions administration, execution, fee law and am the contact person for everyone here and company-wide. There is no really typical working day in this sense, I think, every day is somehow different. I would say, there’s much organization so do. That’s just very important. We talk on the phone a lot, with clients and of course also with courts. We have to arrange appointments, we have to organise travel for the lawyers, if they have…

  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: Global beacon for unalienable rights
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    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: Global beacon for unalienable rights

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the best-known advocates for unalienable rights. His life and work symbolize the quest for equality for all people. Unalienable rights are natural rights with which all people are born. They include the right to life and liberty and the freedom to pursue one’s own destiny. And yet today, and throughout history, governments around the world have denied people their rights. King’s example has inspired others to change their societies through nonviolent protest. From the Solidarity movement’s cracking of Soviet occupation in Poland to Nelson Mandela’s struggle to end apartheid in South Africa, King’s legacy continues to be a message of hope for…

  • Jeff Stuhr | D & D Wrecker, Inc. | VanDerGinst Law
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    Jeff Stuhr | D & D Wrecker, Inc. | VanDerGinst Law

    “At D&D Wrecker, we offer towing, starting, unlocking, vehicle recoveries, uh, winch outs–it’s a service job. I’m there to assist the motorists. The calls–customer service. If you’re in an accident, you might be eligible for compensation. If I’m due compensation for somebody else being at fault, I’d like to be taken care of. I would recommend VanDerGinst Law.”

  • Working as a Customer Engineer (en)
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    Working as a Customer Engineer (en)

    Hi, I’m Arvind Ravishankar and I come from Bangalore, India. I have academic qualifications in mechanical engineering and management engineering and I currently work at ZF’s integrated safety system house in Alfdorf, Germany. As a customer engineer, I’m currently coordinating all customer and internal predevelopment projects. In addition, I’m managing all the engineering budgets and supporting some of the yearly strategic preparations for the integrated safety system house. I started at ZF in 2016 as a ZF Global Trainee. This was a strong launch pad for me to get a holistic understanding of multiple divisions at ZF and also to build a strong global network. Now, I’m able to leverage…

  • Lee Jae Jun – Tell Me What To Do(Audio)(ENG/SUB)
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    Lee Jae Jun – Tell Me What To Do(Audio)(ENG/SUB)

    I’m deceiving myself continuously ”I’m still lousy, I have to practice more” I press myself and always hide my emotions I thought that I can achieve because I started music earlier than others But, it’s not easy to me Maybe I thought It’s easy I’m so stupid Pray for myself Pray for myself I always think that everything is gonna be okay Everything will be alright Pray for myself sometimes I’m getting smaller and smaller again I don’t know why Tell me what to do Somebody tell me I wanna feel comfortable I wanna give up I don’t know what to do Will it be okay as time goes by?…

  • Mo Lahna honours paratriathlons advocate Alan Shanken | Gold Medal Entourage
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    Mo Lahna honours paratriathlons advocate Alan Shanken | Gold Medal Entourage

    Without Alan Shanken, things would be more complicated because he does his best to keep me away from all the problems that could prevent me from achieving my athletic dream. He was always there to make my career go as smoothly as possible. Mohamed would have been at the Paralympics with or without me. But I always thought my goal was to make his life a little bit easier as he got there. I met Mohamed Lahna five years ago. We were on a relay team at the Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon. He was a swimmer and I was the cyclist. When I first came to the United States, I…

  • Why I Became an Advocate for Mental Health Awareness
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    Why I Became an Advocate for Mental Health Awareness

    – It is evident that our students and youth are struggling. We continually hear the statistics of depression, anxiety, and suicide being on the rise. I have felt this firsthand when I received the news that my friend’s son had died from suicide at the age of 14. This news rocked my world and forever changed my viewpoint. For years, I thought we can prevent this. It can end. Through taking the time to gain new understanding and educate myself, I know now that mental health concerns and suicide will happen. But that we need to talk about it. Standing aside and not helping others who are hurting will not…