• Lorraine Clifford-Lee for Dublin Fingal
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    Lorraine Clifford-Lee for Dublin Fingal

    I am Loreen Clifford Lee and I’m looking for your support to represent you in da lair I am a local mother a public representative and a passionate advocate for communities I know the struggles and challenges facing families today North County Dublin is growing and changing rapidly working families like mine are struggling to access and a four-tire curve are facing overcrowded and completely inadequate public transport and home ownership is slipping further and further away from a whole generation community policing is starved of resources and investment and our children’s education as fire below passes leaders we deserve a champion who will put our interests first and fight…

  • Administrative Assistant Duties And Responsibilities
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    Administrative Assistant Duties And Responsibilities

    Administrative assistants provide general office support for a variety of administrative tasks that may include: answering incoming calls, making travel and meeting arrangements, preparing reports, maintaining filing systems, managing supplies and making sure company operations run smoothly. administrative assistants should have good communication skills, organizational skills, excellent time management skills and the ability to prioritize tasks. Communication: you should act confidently when it comes to exchanging information with employees of various seniority levels. Organization: you should be able to organize papers and data as well as analyze information and projects the way they can be presented as achievable goals Time management: you should know how to manage the time devoted…

  • Tips for Fundraising by a Volunteer | Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month
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    Tips for Fundraising by a Volunteer | Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

    My name is Angela Robinson. I am the teams and individual development chair for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network D.C. Affiliate. The tips I have for others to fundraise is to speak to everyone that you know. Everyone knows someone who has been affected by this awful disease of pancreatic cancer and I just ask that you speak to everyone. Ask everyone you know. Email them and just ask for the help. Whether it’s a dollar, two dollars lunch money, coffee money Everybody drinks coffee! and just ask everyone that they know. The pancreas is set, is so small and when people are diagnosed with it is often too late.…

  • Making moves all over the map.
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    Making moves all over the map.

    Where in the US is Up To Speed? I’m about to show you. Focusing on Verizon’s local impact on communities across the country. Our first stop is in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Soon to boast a 5G network that may even turn the heads of Mount Rushmore. We shared the good news on a Twitter livestream last Friday, with Craig Silliman, U.S. Senator John Thune, and Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken all on hand for the announcement. What it means for the economy of this area, what it means from jobs, what it means for productivity and quality of life. And so driving hard toward that goal is something that…

  • Arts Advocacy Day 2019: Senator Tom Udall
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    Arts Advocacy Day 2019: Senator Tom Udall

    [Senator Tom Udall:] Thank you so much for that very generous introduction. Let me say to Debbie, I know she’s really busy, and before she leaves. I was so honored to serve with John Dingell. When I was sworn in, my father, Stewart Udall and John Dingell came to the Congress in 1954. So, they were in the same class. When I came and was sworn in in 1999, they allow former members to come on to the floor. So, you go on to the floor to be sworn in and on my right, sitting with me, was John Dingell, and on my left, Stewart Udall. It was a proud…

  • Never give up on yourself (Youth Advocacy Video)
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    Never give up on yourself (Youth Advocacy Video)

    If God knows you even before you are pregnant, you do not need to scream or think, it’s how life goes. Today is not like tomorrow or yesterday, tomorrow it can’t be as it is today. So leave it up to God, he has the power to sustain your life I used to be the kid anybody never mind when all my friends were playing they used to leave me behind I never got out from the house ’cause with my situation friends were hard to find but with John 14 verse 1 it kept me strong and I never give up creating chances for my fellow youth in Malawi…

  • Italy’s ‘Beckham Law’ Tax Explained
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    Italy’s ‘Beckham Law’ Tax Explained

    On June 27th, 2019, a bill known as the Decreto Crescita, or the Growth Decree in English, passed through Italy’s Senate. The purpose of the legislation is to boost the stuttering Italian economy, but it could also have a major impact on football and on the ability of Serie A clubs to attract the world’s best players and coaches because of a new tax break. The legislation is being compared to the ‘Beckham Law’, a tax decree that was signed into Spanish law in 2005 and that provided tax breaks for rich foreign workers such as footballers. Given that David Beckham was one of the first players to benefit from…