• Bola – Medical Office Assistant Graduate
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    Bola – Medical Office Assistant Graduate

    I was working back home, in Nigeria. I come from Nigeria, and I was working as a school principal of school administrator and I had done that for about 17 years. The hands-on training was perfect for me. CDI is like a family school. There’s a one-on-one review instructor, so it helped me gain more confidence to be able to work in the Canadian system. This is unique to me because one, it’s Canadian – it’s different from every other thing. I am proud to have the CDI certificate, and that’s why I came for the graduation.

  • Virginia Commonwealth University | A big jump in student success
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    Virginia Commonwealth University | A big jump in student success

    Mike’l Simms grew up 10 minutes from the VCU campus, with dreams of playing basketball for the Rams, and being the first college graduate in his family. Every night, I just imagined I was playing for VCU. Eventually, my dream came true. (cheering). The sociology major received a call from VCU’s head coach, Mike Rhoades. It was an overwhelming feeling that I got the call from Coach Rhoades, saying that he wants me to play for his program. Simms helped the Rams to the NCAA tournament last season. But his biggest accomplishment will happen in May. I’ll be a college graduate. I’ll be the first in my family, which is…

  • NEW: Athena Woolley Talkie 2 of 6 – Helping Children & Youth
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    NEW: Athena Woolley Talkie 2 of 6 – Helping Children & Youth

    So I worked for the Boys & Girls Club for two years, I think? Umm… And then, uh, before that, I worked for, uh, a not-for-profit organization, Leave Out Violence and I was also a – A youth there and then as I got older, I… Was a counselor at that – At their camp as well and I also took on, umm… Like… Pro – Different, like, projects in different schools and I would go as, like, a support worker, uh, for another individual and we would go to, like, the schools and create programs for – For those kids as well and… I know – That’s where my…

  • LAURA MAYOR CELDRÁN Executive Assistant
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    LAURA MAYOR CELDRÁN Executive Assistant

    Hello, my name is Laura Mayor Celdrán and I am Assistant Executive in Lex Dixit Tax and Legal. Trained in Administration and Finance as well as in Library Sciences, Archives and Documentation. I worked for years in an internal project for the Savings Bank of the Mediterranean, currently Banco Sabadell. I am a perfectionist professional and you can count on my total attention and dedication. You can find more about me in our corporate Web site.

  • “Knowing When to Pivot” + An Announcement | ONE IDEA
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    “Knowing When to Pivot” + An Announcement | ONE IDEA

    hello world good morning today we have a very important idea to discuss especially for entrepreneurs which is all about knowing when to pivot because sometimes as entrepreneurs this is the most important decision we can make for our businesses and for our lives entrepreneurial ventures are always a kind of experiment and we should always be analyzing the data seeing how things are going and while there is a value to grit and resilience you want to match your resilience with being smart about the direction you’re going with your entrepreneurial venture and I have to say and announced at this moment that this has become one of those…

  • Dedication to Make a Real WR Car Road Legal! Colin McRae Drove This Before. A REAL WRC REVIEW!
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    Dedication to Make a Real WR Car Road Legal! Colin McRae Drove This Before. A REAL WRC REVIEW!

    Well basically, I like the WRC Impreza. For me, there is nothing else better for me That’s right Before getting this car, I was able to buy a 22B I think that was really a lucky thing for me. However, this is a slight dilemma that plagues owners of the 22B If you drive a 22B, you will know what I mean It is not a perfect replica of the WR Car As the value of 22B rises, so will the value of the WR Car Yes. That’s for sure. The suspension and brakes of this car is retained from the original spec of the WR Car. So, other than…

  • What is a Summary Judgment
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    What is a Summary Judgment

    I’m Reed Bloodworth, the managing partner of Bloodworth Law, with offices in Orlando and Winter Haven, Florida. At Bloodworth Law, our goal is to provide the highest level of legal work to help businesses, families, and individuals resolve legal issues no matter where they’re located in Florida. This is why at Bloodworth Law, we travel across the state for your case. Today, I’m going to discuss Summary Judgment. So, What is a Summary Judgment? In simple terms, the purpose of a summary judgment is to avoid unnecessary trials, or to simplify the issues that go to trial. In technical terms, a summary judgment is a procedure used in civil litigation…

  • Microsoft Trainee Program | Nicole
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    Microsoft Trainee Program | Nicole

    (gentle guitar music) – So Insight have decided to take part in the Microsoft Traineeship Program as an extension of our existing relationship that we have with Microsoft. And we thought this was a really exciting opportunity for us, as I said, to extend that relationship, but also an opportunity for us to bring those candidates into our business and look at broader opportunities and training opportunities for them. The Traineeship Program is something that Insight would highly recommend and we’re really excited to continue our partnership with Microsoft in moving into 2020. But it’s a great program, you know? We commend Microsoft for taking this onboard and we’re really…

  • Who are Education Advocates Supporting on Super Tuesday?
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    Who are Education Advocates Supporting on Super Tuesday?

    In today’s Federal Flash, we’ll discuss Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ testimony before the House Appropriations committee, funding for rural schools, where the unions are lending their support in the Democratic Presidential primary, and this year’s Digital Learning Day. [Opening Music] Hi, I’m Lindsay Dworkin and I’m joined by Anne Hyslop. Let’s begin with Secretary DeVos’ testimony. Anne? For those of you who watched our last Federal Flash, it will come as no surprise that sparks flew between Congressional Democrats and Secretary DeVos when she testified last week before the House education appropriations subcommittee about the Administration’s fiscal year 2021 proposed budget. Two of the most contentious topics were: (1) the…