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    Ankama pas Live #6 – L’actu d’Ankama

    – Hi, Logan, how are you? – Hey! I’m good, and you? – Good, good. – I need you to tell me about Temporis IV, please. – Sure! I’ve been wanting to explain it to you. So, the new theme for the server is magic. The surprise is that we’re reusing and improving the Temporis II rules. – Ok! – But with one big difference. We’re completely changing how characters evolve on the server, because each class will have a passive and an active now. – Got it. And we’re adding a big pool of spells that can be obtained through different game objectives. – Ok. – Pre-registration opens mid-March,…

  • Record number of Indigenous law students graduate from UWA
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    Record number of Indigenous law students graduate from UWA

    As a Noongar person, I very strongly I’ve always been aware of the justice issues that our people face. Mainly including the high incarceration rates and just generally access the justice issues. So when it came to choosing something to do I always thought the law would be a potential option. I was lucky enough to get through to the Aboriginal Pre-Law program that’s run through the UWA School of Indigenous Studies. Ever since then I’ve done some work in some different legal organisations such as Legal Aid and the Attorney-General’s Office in Canberra. And I’ve ended up graduating and working in a firm that works in Native Title. It’s…