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    Hiawatha – The Great Law of Peace – Extra History – #1

    Before Europeans arrived, on what they would name ‘North American soil’ Five Nations came together and formed a confederacy. They were guided by the will of the people and they created a constitution with 117 articles that guaranteed the rights of the people, and the responsibilities of their leaders. That constitution, the Great Law of Peace, still guides those people to this day. So who are they? Well, those Europeans we mentioned would call them Iroquois, but that’s not really their name. They are the Haudenosaunee: “People of the Longhouse” We don’t know exactly when they formed their confederacy only that it certainly came before the arrival of Europeans, perhaps…

  • L. Frank Manriquez – Opening Ceremony | Bioneers
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    L. Frank Manriquez – Opening Ceremony | Bioneers

    [SINGING] Ooooooh [SINGING] Ohhhhhhh… [SINGING IN NATIVE LANGUAGE] How’s that for a Hollywood Indian? [LAUGHTER] [CHEERS] I didn’t… I guess I left out a word: How’s that for an extinct Hollywood Indian? So in welcoming you to these lands, again in the name and the honor of the Miwok peoples, I’d like you to think about all the peoples of every place, of every place. I’ve been to your Scotland and seen your blue people naked on that hilltop, but that we embrace the indigenous because that is the answer. And it’s all very clear to everyone. I’d like people to throw in a little prayer for [NATIVE WORD]. It’s…

  • The Law That Lets You Legally Steal Houses
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    The Law That Lets You Legally Steal Houses

    This video was made possible by Dashlane. Stay safe online for 10% off by being one of the first 200 to use the code, “HAI” at checkout. Here at Half as Interesting, we take a firm stance against assault, arson, kidnapping, adults napping on subway benches, pickles, slow walkers, referring to travelators as moving walkways, people using the iPhone alarm sound as their ringtone, nuclear proliferation, the under toiler paper orientation, wind faster than 15 miles per hour, murder, mosquitos, referring to personal flotation devices as life jackets, Bombardier CRJ200’s, square earthers, 3D movies, crocs, the lack of video editing function on YouTube, under-hydration, and stealing. Well, maybe I should…

  • Weird laws in History
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    Weird laws in History

    this episode is sponsored by Wix go to wix.com slash go slash simple history to create a website today weird laws in history there were some strange laws made in the past but are they as strange as they seem let’s look at some of them now from 1886 to 1948 it was an arrest able offense to buy or sell margarine in Canada this made sense as it was brought in to protect the Canadian butter industry some Canadian states could not let go of their hatred for margarine as it was illegal to sell buttered color margarine in Ontario until 1995 in the United Kingdom a law dating…

  • Does Kirchhoff’s Law Hold? Disagreeing with a Master
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    Does Kirchhoff’s Law Hold? Disagreeing with a Master

    hi making this video makes me nervous this is a serious and complex video about an electronic topic and I have to do it very carefully see it’s like you disagree with Stephen Hawking who’s likely wrong you are and now I’m about to disagree with dr. Walter Lewin if you don’t know dr. Levine he has a PhD in physics he’s a former professor of physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT he has made many discoveries has written tons of books has received many awards for his scientific achievements has educated thousands in schools and millions over the web through his online lectures just check his…

  • Early Christian Schisms – Before Imperium – Extra History – #1
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    Early Christian Schisms – Before Imperium – Extra History – #1

    We are going to start this off in a way that we’ve never started off an Extra History before; with a disclaimer. These next few episodes are designed to help modern students get a handle on one of the most confusing and yet most important parts of Roman history. The topics discussed in these episodes are vital to understanding the Roman mind; to understanding why Rome fell and how the Western world made the transition from the Classical Era to the Medieval one. We’re going to try and make this as engaging as we can, but it is going to involve a lot of nitty-gritty detail about doctrinal disputes. To…

  • Education at St. Petersburg College
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    Education at St. Petersburg College

    It takes love and dedication to become a role model, but to turn it into a career, takes passion. With a bachelor of science in Education degree from St. Petersburg College, you’ll gain the skillset to teach any grade level, K-through-12, in a variety of settings. At half of the cost of state-universities, SPC offers a quality education that you can afford. Start your bachelor’s, and fuel your passion for teaching. Together, with SPC.

  • Math Antics – Common Denominator LCD
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    Math Antics – Common Denominator LCD

    In the last video we learned how to find what I like to call the ‘easiest common denominator’. And personally, I prefer to use that method of getting a common denominator whenever I can because it’s quick and easy to remember. But, I can think of at least two cases where it would be better to use a different method to convert ‘unlike’ fractions into ‘like’ fractions. The first case is when one of the fraction’s bottom numbers is a multiple of the other fraction’s bottom number. And the second case is when your teacher says that you HAVE to use this other method! This new method is called finding…

  • IEP 101: What is a Special Education Advocate?
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    IEP 101: What is a Special Education Advocate?

    [MUSIC] So Julie, in the arena of special education advocacy, we’ve talked about special education attorneys. Well, everyone knows whether or not you’re an attorney. You can check it out. Are they licensed to practice law is pretty much the question. Whether or not they’re a special education attorney is a different issue. But what is a special education advocate? I only wish that there was a criteria that I had to meet in order to rise to the level of being a certified special education advocate. Me too. Unfortunately, Jennifer, there is not. So the way that I describe a special education advocate and what I tell people when…

  • Insurance of Lawyer is Fake #22
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    Insurance of Lawyer is Fake #22

    art again you might be right but I don’t see how you can say that everything we say is right and everything the website is a lot but that’s exactly what you just you know what i said i said i would say that we are not to credible equally credible parties when it comes to what we say publicly about the conflict in Ukraine your argument would be the u.s. is more credible than the Russians naughty didn’t find that corner of your mouth were more credible yes we don’t put out massive amounts of propaganda what did she just say now contrary to that little fit that was…