• Google Owns 28% of Your Brain
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    Google Owns 28% of Your Brain

    Every morning, when my alarm goes off, I don’t hear a traditional chime – rather, my Amazon Echo plays motivational music to encourage me to actually get out of bed. Then it plays a video news briefing, suggests what I should wear based on the weather and then hands it over to my Google Assistant. Hey Google, what’s on my calendar today? “You have a meeting with Bahar at 11am” I venture out of the familiar terrains of my home guided by Google maps. I follow its recommendations as to where I should get coffee as I use its suggestions for how I should respond to my emails. We now…

  • Integrated Circuits & Moore’s Law: Crash Course Computer Science #17
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    Integrated Circuits & Moore’s Law: Crash Course Computer Science #17

    This episode is brought to you by Curiosity Stream. Hi, I’m Carrie Anne, and welcome to CrashCourse Computer Science! Over the past six episodes, we delved into software, from early programming efforts to modern software engineering practices. Within about 50 years, software grew in complexity from machine code punched by hand onto paper tape, to object oriented programming languages, compiled in integrated development environments. But this growth in sophistication would not have been possible without improvements in hardware. INTRO To appreciate computing hardware’s explosive growth in power and sophistication, we need to go back to the birth of electronic computing. From roughly the 1940’s through the mid-1960s, every computer was…

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    The First & Zeroth Laws of Thermodynamics: Crash Course Engineering #9

    Whether you’re putting food into your body or fuel into your car, you’re always trying to get something out of raw materials. You’re trying to convert energy. But if you want to understand how this works, we need to talk about thermodynamics, and the laws behind it. Only then can we truly harness the power of energy as engineers. [Theme Music] Energy is constantly being converted all around you. When you take a bite of an apple, you take in the fruit’s energy and convert it into something that your body can use. Maybe you’ll use it to help power the marathon you’re training for. Maybe it’ll go to power…

  • The NYU Law Advantage
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    The NYU Law Advantage

    Beatrice Lindstrom ’10: I think the law is about recognizing and enforcing basic dignity. Oftentimes vulnerable communities will need to be able to enforce their legal rights that’s what sparked my interest in going to law school. Joyce Chang ’17: I came to law school because I want to help entrepreneurs. Nathan Mooney ’18: I’m interested in distressed transactional work — it was a huge reason why I came to NYU School of Law. Mitchell Brown ’17: I really am passionate about voting rights, I want to be a civil rights lawyer. Riane Harper ’17: I think cybersecurity is really fascinating, that’s really where my passion lies. NYU School of…

  • Meet Evelyn Del Rosario, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice | Howard Community College (HCC)
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    Meet Evelyn Del Rosario, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice | Howard Community College (HCC)

    Why did I first decide to get into the field of criminal justice? Um well I always knew that I wanted to practice law. Um both my parents were immigrants and I thought initially I wanted to do just immigration law um but as I’ve, as I’ve learned more about the legal system I just became fascinated and this is something I always tell my students. I find our legal system, our criminal justice system with all its flaws and I always tell students it has many flaws, but I find it absolutely fascinating. Um I find that the procedures that are in place to ensure a sense of equality…

  • Bryan Stevenson delivers keynote for 2018 NYU Law JD Convocation
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    Bryan Stevenson delivers keynote for 2018 NYU Law JD Convocation

    [Announcer] We now welcome our keynote speaker, Professor Bryan Stevenson, clinical professor of law at NYU School of Law and founder and executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative. [Bryan Stevenson] Thank you so much. What a great thrill for me to be here with you today. I’ve had the privilege from time to time to give a commencement address, but it’s a special day for me to provide a commitments, a commencement to the students that I’ve had the great privilege of being in the classroom with at the university I’ve been honored to work at for the last 20 years. It is a great honor for me to…

  • Religion and the Constitution (1984) | ARCHIVES
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    Religion and the Constitution (1984) | ARCHIVES

    Announcer: From the nation’s capital, the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research presents Public Policy Forums, a series of programs featuring the nation’s top authorities presenting their different views on the vital issues which confront us. Today’s topic, “Religion and the Constitution.” John Charles Daly: This public policy forum, one of a series presented by the American Enterprise Institute, is concerned with the relationship of church and state under the Constitution of the United States. Our subject, “Religion and the Constitution.” Our Constitution, hammered out in the long debate in Philadelphia in 1787, went to the States for ratification bearing one reference to religion. Article VI States, “No religious…