• Susan Lewis, Advocate
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    Susan Lewis, Advocate

    I was worried going into it about speaking to a legislator. I had no experience in that. I was worried about being prepared properly and presenting the case for Alzheimer’s in such a way that it would make whoever it was I spoke to want to take some action. And they give you so much support as an advocate that it’s impossible for you to go in unprepared. The training, both for the state advocacy and for the forum in Washington, is very thorough. They spend hours going through the specific things they’re trying to get accomplished. The money, the research, and also emphasizing to us that we tell our…

  • Elizabeth Santos, Advocacy Forum
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    Elizabeth Santos, Advocacy Forum

    My first trip in Congress at DC, when I ride the bus from the hotel going to the Capitol, that’s what really hit me that I’m doing this not just for myself but it’s for thousands of people in our country, so I don’t think that it’s hard. I felt that, and the strong support that I get from Sacramento and from our regional office is just amazing!

  • Advocate Barbara Marquez shares her Forum experience
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    Advocate Barbara Marquez shares her Forum experience

    Last year, I had the opportunity to attend the forum in Washington, D.C. It was my first time, and I didn’t really know what to expect. I had participated in the Advocacy Day in Sacramento, so I knew that we were going to go to the Capitol. We were going to meet with legislators or their staffs. What I really enjoyed about the forum is that you got to meet people from throughout the country who have the same passion and desire to find a cure for this disease. We had absolutely wonderful speakers who inspired you and motivated you and we had excellent training again, so when we did…

  • Welcome to Dorset Advocacy
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    Welcome to Dorset Advocacy

    (Music Plays) Life isn’t always smooth sailing and we can often be faced with challenges. Challenges that are sometimes hard to meet on our own. When dealing with health and social care organisations it isn’t uncommon to be faced with complex structures, information or systems that are difficult to understand or navigate. So where can you turn for help? Based in Dorchester and covering the whole of Dorset, Dorset Advocacy have staff and volunteers all over the county ready to help you get a fair deal from the health service, social services, housing associations and others. Advocacy helps people to make their needs known, to make informed choices about the…

  • Do I Have a Real Case? | Probate, Estates & Trusts Litigation
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    Do I Have a Real Case? | Probate, Estates & Trusts Litigation

    I’m Mike Hackard. I lead Hackard Law, a Northern California based law firm that focuses on probate, estates & trusts litigation. I’m the one who is ultimately responsible for taking a new case. It’s an interesting and an imperfect process. We are not magicians – we know that we can’t magically turn a fact pattern into a viable legal case. Fact patterns are only part of the picture – if we delve deeper, they’re stories of real family traumas and strained personal relationships. Being spurned by a parent – even a parent with Alzheimer’s – or taken advantage of by a stepparent or sibling is not something generally shrugged off.…

  • Linda Cortez, Being an Advocate
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    Linda Cortez, Being an Advocate

    So being an advocate is satisfying and also exciting. Satisfying in the way that knowing what our vision is and what our mission is moves out into not just our state but also the nationally. I personally because of the relationship that I have with dementia, it shows me that hard work and getting the word out really helps with getting the funding and making more people aware that this is something that could be cared for.

  • The Empathy Simulator: Curtin develops hi-tech simulations for healthcare trainees
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    The Empathy Simulator: Curtin develops hi-tech simulations for healthcare trainees

    Dr Janet Beilby: How do you prepare health students to work in demanding, complex and often emotional situations? The best way is to place them in real-life clinical situations, or at least simulate these as closely as possible. Voice Over: Unfortunately, clinical placements are limited and very costly. Alternatively, such as using trained actors to role-play are also expensive and limited to training small numbers of students. Student: “Hello Jim, what brings you here today?” Jim: “My memory isn’t what it used to be.” Student: “Okay well we can help with some…” Voice Over: The solution is the Empathy Simulator; a world-first avatar-based patient simulator designed to train students in…

  • Probate vs Nonprobate Transfers | How Assets Transfer at Death
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    Probate vs Nonprobate Transfers | How Assets Transfer at Death

    Hello, I’m Mike Hackard. I am a California estate and trust litigation lawyer. I began the practice of law in 1976, and I’ve been very active to this day. I want to discuss how assets pass on after we pass on. We begin by recognizing how different is the part played by our probate courts from that of automatic transfers on death. We can see these differences by telling some stories. We in the United States have the gift of owning property. We have certain property rights and responsibilities associated with the ownership. For example, if we own a home, we have the responsibility of paying property taxes. We may…

  • Linda Cortez,  Advocacy Forum
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    Linda Cortez, Advocacy Forum

    So the experience at the capital was very exciting. There were way more many people than I thought were going to be in attendance. The meetings with the legislators was an open door type of experience. They were very generous. They took the time to sit and talk. If the legislator wasn’t available, their staff member was there. They took our information. They sometimes shared their stories.

  • Linda Cortez, Advocate
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    Linda Cortez, Advocate

    My name is Linda Cortez, and I advocate because of my family member, my grandmother, who is very close to me. No background is needed. What helped me was having the personal story, that got me involved. My hope is that the advocacy that we do makes a difference. What I see personally is that we get the word out, that our legislator is open to what we are hearing. We are given a lot of materials, and the materials that we are given are explained to us. We attend some meeting, some trainings, workshops, policy meetings. There is a lot of information, and there’s a lot of support. So,…