• Kingston Law School: 50 years of legal education and research
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    Kingston Law School: 50 years of legal education and research

    It’s a great landmark that the law school has reached its 50th anniversary, and I think it’s got an enormous amount to be proud of. It’s a well-known law school. It’s got a fantastic reputation in legal skills, practical skills like mooting and client interviewing and negotiation. It’s so much more than just studying law, you know. The subjects are amazing and they’re catered to you, so you don’t just study all the topics that you don’t want to. In the third year you get the chance to actually choose what you want to do. So whether its family law, or dispute resolution you get to decide what you like…

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  • Curtin Law School.. in the heart of the Perth courts precinct!
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    Curtin Law School.. in the heart of the Perth courts precinct!

    >>This is an amazing building that we’ve been given here in the heart of the city, a National Trust treasure with an enormous history and it works very well as a law school.>>I’m currently in my third year at Curtin University studying Law in International Relations which is a double degree. I found that the Moot Court in the city location was really helpful in helping our team prepare for the Asia-Pacific rounds of a Mooting competition that we won in India. We’re now off to the world finals in Mexico and I found that the Moot Court was really helpful in our oral preparation in front of a judge…

  • Postgraduate study and opportunities at Birmingham Law School
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    Postgraduate study and opportunities at Birmingham Law School

    I chose to study here at the Birmingham Law School because of the array of courses on offer for the LLM. It offered a pathway which I wanted because I had a long time of choosing between crime and international law human rights, and my pathway it has both of them. I felt like here I could really continue to foster my skills and grow as a future researcher and as a future practitioner. Personally for me, being an international student, the international community here was really helpful because you feel welcome immediately and you’re not the only international student. The wide range of modules that are available here are…

  • Study with the Exeter Law School
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    Study with the Exeter Law School

    We spent a lot of time in this Law School thinking about how we impart our knowledge to our students and that finds its clearest manifestation in what we call the Exeter Law Curriculum. The Exeter Law Curriculum was developed over a number of years to ensure that our students have a liberal education and the skills that they need to be employable when they graduate and make the most of their time and money that they spend here with us at Exeter Law School. So I’ve loved the community feel of the Law School, I’ve gotten involved with many opportunities whether it be pro bono, mooting and debating and…

  • Ken Ching | Made it Theirs | Otago Polytechnic
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    Ken Ching | Made it Theirs | Otago Polytechnic

    I think people really appreciate how life-changing cycling can be. It opens up so much richness in their life and that itself is the most rewarding thing. Hello, my name is Ken. I am a bike mechanic and I run Action Bicycle Club here in central Christchurch. So my role is the director of the company. Cycling helps people and that’s something I’m very passionate about. And, so, we sell, hire and service bikes and we’re here to make cycling an everyday experience for New Zealanders. Bikes are great, you know. It’s a beauty of man and machine. It’s good for your health. It brings people together. It’s so environmentally…

  • Education at St. Petersburg College
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    Education at St. Petersburg College

    It takes love and dedication to become a role model, but to turn it into a career, takes passion. With a bachelor of science in Education degree from St. Petersburg College, you’ll gain the skillset to teach any grade level, K-through-12, in a variety of settings. At half of the cost of state-universities, SPC offers a quality education that you can afford. Start your bachelor’s, and fuel your passion for teaching. Together, with SPC.

  • 2015 Criminal Justice Thesis Show
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    2015 Criminal Justice Thesis Show

    [music plays throughout] [many people speaking] [Joanna Amirault] This is the poster session for the Criminal Justice degree students. They’ve been working on, uh, thesis projects that they started in September. And today is, sort of, a culmination of all the work that they’ve been doing throughout the course of the year. [Aaron] My project is on the, uh, perils of, uh, texting and walking. So what me and my two other group members did was we conducted two, uh, separate methodologies. [Katie] We decided to do child sex tourism because there’s a lot of ethical issues surrounding it. And, you know, we know a lot about human trafficking, we…

  • How will my law degree help me become a lawyer?
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    How will my law degree help me become a lawyer?

    Here today, we’re at Mills and Reeve in the centre of Birmingham. I’m here with the Pro Bono society and the Free Legal Advice Group. We’re here learning about how we should interview prospective members of the public to help out with free legal advice. The Centre for Professional Legal Education and Research – CEPLER – is very much a part of Birmingham Law School and really it’s the umbrella within the Law School for many of the aspects of life in the School that are linked to law and practice and the legal profession. We have a very busy and active careers programme and we bring in practising lawyers…