• Administrative Assistant
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    Administrative Assistant

    >>STUDENT: I’m interested in working in a legal profession. There is a big demand for legal assistants. Before I earn that certificate I need some strong office and computer skills, so I enrolled in the Administrative Office Professional program at Lane. Now, I’m learning skills that will provide me with a stable career, allow me to work anywhere in Oregon or anywhere I choose to live.>>ANNC: Think about what’s needed to run a modern office. Teamwork, writing and listening skills, a knack for organization and management, and the ability to handle the latest communication, computer and web technologies. It’s all part of the training in Lane’s Administrative Office Professional program.…

  • COC Uniquely Abled Academy – The Trainee – Full Version
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    COC Uniquely Abled Academy – The Trainee – Full Version

    Hi, my name is Mike Bastine. I’m the director for our manufacturing training center at College of the Canyons. I’m excited to explain this unique program that we’ve just started this year called the Uniquely Abled Academy. And what we have done is we’ve identified a population of individuals who have high-functioning autism and we’ve placed them into an intense training program to become CNC machinists and have a career, a lifelong path of machining. The reason we identified this population to begin CNC training is their attributes for the workforce is incredible. These individuals are focused, they’re driven, they have exceptionally high IQs, they’re appreciative of starting a career,…

  • Education at St. Petersburg College
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    Education at St. Petersburg College

    It takes love and dedication to become a role model, but to turn it into a career, takes passion. With a bachelor of science in Education degree from St. Petersburg College, you’ll gain the skillset to teach any grade level, K-through-12, in a variety of settings. At half of the cost of state-universities, SPC offers a quality education that you can afford. Start your bachelor’s, and fuel your passion for teaching. Together, with SPC.

  • College of the Canyons Opening Day Video 17/18
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    College of the Canyons Opening Day Video 17/18

    Every student comes to College of the Canyons with their own story. Their reasons for being here are as unique as they are. But, they all share two things: a desire to change, and the courage to start making that change. Change careers. Change their story for their family. Change their future. They want to do something new. Be someone different. We are no stranger to change at College of the Canyons. We are always making things better for our students and our community. Expanding. Innovating. Improving. These students wont be the same when they’re finish. Every finish will be different for every student. But it all starts here at…

  • Interested in a health care career? | Clark College Vancouver WA
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    Interested in a health care career? | Clark College Vancouver WA

    [VO] The Clark College Health Care Partnership bridges the gaps between high school and college – and then college and high demand careers in health care. [Hailey] I became interested in a health care career when I was really little. I always wanted to be a nurse or something like that. I was – just thought “I want to do this, I want to help people.” [VO] High school students earn articulated college credits and save time getting a jump start on pathways to their careers. Students are able to sign up for the program with their high school class and register for these college credits. I earned 17 college…

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    Campus Spotlight – Library | De Anza College

    [magical chimes] My name is Mariya Saifee and I am a student at De Anza College. Initially, when I joined the college, I would sit at the cafeteria, or… at some of the classrooms to study. And I noticed that that was getting a little noisy, and … it was distracting for me. So one of my friends actually invited me to join her while studying at the library. And that’s where I found out that it’s such a huge library … and still they maintain so much peace. And that atmosphere really helps me focus on my work. And I get alot of things done. I feel I’m very…

  • Commencement 2016
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    Commencement 2016

    Our final selection of the day will be a Disney medley. So feel free to sing along if you know the songs. [BELL] [MUSIC – “A WHOLE NEW WORLD”] [MUSIC – “COLORS OF THE WIND”] [MUSIC – “UNDER THE SEA”] [MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC – “CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE TONIGHT?”] [MUSIC – “PART OF YOUR WORLD”] [APPLAUSE] That concludes our prelude concert. OK, and I thank you for listening and being a wonderful audience. We’re going to get ready for the graduates and the Oli to happen very shortly. So Aldo Garcia will be sharing “Twilight” on guitar. [GUITAR STRINGS] [MUSIC – “TWILIGHT”] [APPLAUSE] Good afternoon, and welcome…

  • FTCC Criminal Justice Mock Courtroom
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    FTCC Criminal Justice Mock Courtroom

    This courtroom gives us an environment where we can put into practice the theory that we have been studying in books It gives us an environment where we can make mistakes and still learn from them, but see how behind the scenes we can produce the documents that are entered into evidence and how it unfolds within the trial or court proceedings. Its an added dimension, that gives us something to touch and practice rather than read and test. The FTCC Criminal Justice multi-purpose courtroom is now operational. Located in room 635 of the Horace Sisk building, the new courtroom will add unique dimensions to teaching and learning that will…