• Trump Addresses the Nation on the Coronavirus Pandemic: A Closer Look
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    Trump Addresses the Nation on the Coronavirus Pandemic: A Closer Look

    -Hey, everybody. Welcome to “Late Night” Casual Thursday. [ Laughter ] So, we were planning on doing our show tonight and then, on Monday, we were gonna start doing shows without an audience, but, basically, things are moving very fast — I don’t need to tell you that — and our guests, with great reason, decided that they didn’t feel right, coming in and doing the show tonight, so we decided to cancel it and we don’t know when we are gonna start doing shows again. But, we had written “A Closer Look” last night and the “Closer Look” is about everything that’s happening right now and, really, the reason…

  • TSP’s Hum Tum | Road Trip
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    TSP’s Hum Tum | Road Trip

    Dude, we’ve been fighting since a week, today only she had to plan a road trip, we could’ve sort it out at home also. First thing whenever I say something, she would only say that ‘aww Kishore! you look cute when you get angry’. Everytime I have to say sorry. But you actually look cute in anger. Thanks, bro. That’s why nobody takes you so seriously. What do you mean? I didn’t come from Bangalore to Mumbai because I was missing Vada Pav. I came for him. And he started fighting. And then he’ll act so cute that I can’t get angry on him. And then later I have to…

  • The Music Room – Nikhil D’Souza
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    The Music Room – Nikhil D’Souza

    As a singer, you’ve been around for a quite a while now. Too long. Almost ten years. Is that right? I’m getting too old for this. Okay. How old are you by the way? I’m not saying. – Alright. – I’m as old as I need to be. Hello, Nikhil! How are you? – Hi. I’m great. Thanks. – Welcome to ‘The Music Room’. First of all, I saw the video of it and that was a beautiful song ‘Sitaare’. Thank you so much. So in the video features Kalki and I’m going to let… …you say her last name because I don’t want to get it wrong. So I…

  • Maybe We Should Fix The Impeachment Process? – SOME MORE NEWS
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    Maybe We Should Fix The Impeachment Process? – SOME MORE NEWS

    (bright music) Eres Maaare Naaars! Pirate Nars! We got tales o’ swashing-buckles and gold doubloons. It’s not pirate Nars, it’s, president, it’s President Nars. Sorry that’s much less exciting. And it’s actually the opposite of exciting. You know what I’m talking about, right? It’s this guy, he’s a complete drag and it’s still weird he’s the president, you know? Remember when he had that show where he fired Stephen Baldwin? And now he’s the entire president? I know this seems pretty basic and like a million steps backward but are we sure he’s not doing some kind of Andy Kaufman performance piece? We’re sure, right? Has someone asked him? Has…

  • r/EntitledParents – Crazy In Law Demand Me To Work For Free – Reddit Stories
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    r/EntitledParents – Crazy In Law Demand Me To Work For Free – Reddit Stories

    “Entitled Parent Tries To Bully A Platoon Of Infantrymen In DC On The 4th Of July. Learns The Errors Of Her Ways.” Backstory: Joined the Army right out of high school. During basic training, I volunteered for a unit within the army known as The Old Guard. (T O G from here on) T O G is responsible for ceremonies in the DC area and funerals in Arlington National Cemetery, amongst other duties. T O G consists of units you may have heard of, such as the US Army Drill Team and the Sentinels of the Tomb of the Unknowns, as well as lesser known platoons such as the Presidential…

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    Nothin’ But Net… For Jimmy Kimmel and Kevin Hart

    Let’s teach ’em how to spin the ball on the finger. That I’ve always wanted to learn how to do. All right, you want to get a strong vertical spin. – Mm-hmm. – And you want to place your finger in the seams of the basketball. I’m gonna place my finger in the center of the basketball. – Man: There you go. – Keep it going. Wow! – There you go! – Oh, wow, that’s exciting. Jimmy Kimmel is a baller, but not as much as old Kevin Hart. Do me a favor, check out both of our hoop skills in these deleted scenes. Kev, you think you could do…

  • The Try Guys Transform Into Beauty YouTubers
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    The Try Guys Transform Into Beauty YouTubers

    – Hey, what’s up you guys? – Beauty! – Welcome back to my channel. – Makeup. – OMG, gag. – Scandal. – Today we’re gonna be recreating YouTuber beauty campaigns. – Let’s take it back to the beginning of the video and see how we got here. – [All] Three, two, one! – Whoa! (upbeat pop music) – [Ned] The Try Guys are getting beautiful. – [All] Hey everyone! – [Rachel] It’s the Try Girls here. – [Kalen] Kalen. – [Alex] Alex. – [YB] YB. – [Rachel] Rachel. – [Alex] We’re so excited to show you our new women’s apparel. – [Rachel] You can get this cute tee and these…

  • youtube’s biggest sponsor broke the law – rAiD: sHadOW LegEnDs
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    youtube’s biggest sponsor broke the law – rAiD: sHadOW LegEnDs

    Today’s video is sponsored by RAID: Shadow Legends. Nope. Nope. Nope. Just kidding, that would be awful. It’s actually sponsored by ExpressVPN. Alright, so just as I did in my last video, I’d like to emphasize that this video is a criticism of the company, not a callout of the creators. Bills must be paid, and that’s not easy when the bill-payer is YouTube incorporated. I once got an email from YouTube informing me that I got demonetized for being an adult. That didn’t happen, but the fact that you had to think about it proves why we do sponsorships. And that’s why I’m glad to announce: This video is…

  • TVF Shots – Chadhi Nahi Hai
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    TVF Shots – Chadhi Nahi Hai

    Hey Didn’t you go on a date yesterday? – How’d it go? – Don’t ask, man! That girl judged me so bad! – What happened then? – What do you mean? I lost the case. Who makes these girls judges? You don’t worry. you please add some ice in this? Your bro will drink on the rocks today. Everyone’s rocking but I’m the only fool here. – ??, you’ll take a 90 again, right? – Yes. How do you fill so much alcohol in such a tiny stomach? They call me a tanker. Give it to me. Looks like even he’s drunk today. Congratualtions ! you are stoned… No, no,…