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    The secret method to win the lottery jackpot tonight! 8 hours law of attraction and self hypnosis

    This video is going program your mind to attract abundance. It will magnetize your mind to attract massive amount of wealth How would you use the money to improve the lives of the people around you? Write down your wish in the comment section, and watch them come true. The more you comment, like and share this video, the faster your wishes will come true. Also remember to share your success stories in the comment section That way you can inspire others to get rich Take a moment, to wish good luck to all those commented and offer your sincere well wishes to everybody who are watching this video. The…

  • Jonathan Advocates for College
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    Jonathan Advocates for College

    When I was younger I was never told to think about college. I was too low functioning. But I still wanted to go to college! So I told my family that I wanted to go to college! It wasn’t easy. and it took a lot of work. Now I am a student at Mass Bay Community College! So, make your dreams come true And Think College! For information about college for people with intellectual disabilities visit think college dot net

  • Indian Law Colleges
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    Indian Law Colleges

    Hi ther,e here’s our latest question. Hey Aunty, I’m about to be a senior this year and I need help in discovering what colleges would be best for me to major and develop in Indian law. Well I’m so stoked that you are thinking about things in advance, we can certainly use you! So, some things to think about before you get into Indian law: Your undergrad program of course. You’ll have to finish one before you get into law school. You don’t have to go to the same school for your undergrad or graduate school and sometimes this is not even encouraged. So, for your prerequisites and LSAT you…

  • Racism, Law, & Politics (Race Part 1) | Philosophy Tube
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    Racism, Law, & Politics (Race Part 1) | Philosophy Tube

    This video is part one of two. In this episode we’ll be exploring the work of Falguni Sheth and learning about race, racialization, and political philosophy. In part two we’ll look at a case study and discuss the racialization of Muslims in so-called Western liberal societies. We’ve got a lot of ground to cover today so I’m gonna jump right in. There’s this big debate over whether race is a series of biological categories or whether it’s just a social construct. And in her book “Toward a Political Philosophy of Race,” Falguni Sheth tries to break away from that binary. She says that to talk about race just as a…

  • Humber Update – 2019 Wrap Up Edition
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    Humber Update – 2019 Wrap Up Edition

    Julian: Hey, Humber. Today we’re looking back at the top Humber moments from 2019. Humber’s Faculty of Business, in partnership with Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, raised over $30,000 for Camp Oochigeas – a summer camp exclusively serving children with cancer. Built to inspire innovation, support skills development and promote STEAM outreach, the Barrett CTI officially opened its doors this year, paving the way for students, faculty and industry alike to solve real-world problems. Students, staff and industry all came together to celebrate 50 years of Humber’s Film and Television Production program. The program is one of Humber’s most popular and competitive, and is also highly regarded by members of…

  • Pursuit of a More Equitable World: Disability Culture & Society (John Kemp Talk #2, Audio Described)
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    Pursuit of a More Equitable World: Disability Culture & Society (John Kemp Talk #2, Audio Described)

    [MUSIC PLAYING] SPEAKER: Pursuit of a More Equitable World, Disability, Culture, and Society. [MUSIC PLAYING] An excerpt from John Kemp’s keynote address at the University of Washington. SHERYL BURGSTAHLER: Thanks to all of you for coming. Good afternoon. I’m Sheryl Burgstahler, the founder and director of the DO-IT Center, where DO-IT stands for Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology. In DO-IT, we work to increase the academic and career success of individuals with disabilities and make physical spaces, student services, teaching and learning activities, and technology more welcoming and accessible to people with disabilities. I have the pleasure of introducing our keynote speaker, and his name is John Kemp. I met…

  • Advocacy for Policy Change: Beyond the Brandeis classroom
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    Advocacy for Policy Change: Beyond the Brandeis classroom

    ♫ Background music ♫ This class is such an amazing opportunity and I really didn’t know it when I was looking into it when I first enrolled. It looked like: oh my goodness, this class is going to be so much work. But it’s real work. That is something I wasn’t expecting, like we’re actually advocating for a bill and a line item. [Speaker talking] I mean, just the mere fact that we have a different speaker – whether it’s a legislator or an organization member – at every class is huge. The professor just has so many connections in the state house, and she really helps students facilitate connections…

  • Record number of Indigenous law students graduate from UWA
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    Record number of Indigenous law students graduate from UWA

    As a Noongar person, I very strongly I’ve always been aware of the justice issues that our people face. Mainly including the high incarceration rates and just generally access the justice issues. So when it came to choosing something to do I always thought the law would be a potential option. I was lucky enough to get through to the Aboriginal Pre-Law program that’s run through the UWA School of Indigenous Studies. Ever since then I’ve done some work in some different legal organisations such as Legal Aid and the Attorney-General’s Office in Canberra. And I’ve ended up graduating and working in a firm that works in Native Title. It’s…