• Judicial Law Clerk Career Video
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    Judicial Law Clerk Career Video

    Judicial law clerks help judges prepare for court by conducting research and preparing legal documents. Clerks are usually recent law school graduates. They help judges stay on top of the vast body of law and precedent that legal decisions are based on, and assist in communicating with attorneys involved in cases. Law clerks prepare legal briefs, review motions submitted by attorneys, and also perform more routine tasks like proofreading opinions, taking notes, reviewing forms, and entering data. Judicial work generally takes place at courtrooms, in judges’ chambers, and offices, but clerks may also travel to conduct witness interviews or deliver subpoenas. Law clerks often work 40 hours or more per…

  • Conversation With Andrew Brandt | Wharton Sports Analytics & Business Initiative
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    Conversation With Andrew Brandt | Wharton Sports Analytics & Business Initiative

    It’s good to be back here. I always enjoy coming to Wharton, the great program that Michelle runs here, the program I was involved in, as I’ll talk about, it’s part of my background before I moved over to the suburbs and Villanova. I was down here for a few years teaching sports law, sports business, and negotiations, a great experience here and always enjoyed dealing with students and faculty here, it’s such a great institution, and talking about sports because sports is why we’re here, right? Sports is a unifier. Sports is something that galvanizes. I’ve seen it firsthand throughout my career what sports does to people, and everyone…

  • How To Make Money If You Are Under 18
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    How To Make Money If You Are Under 18

    It can be fun being young, but ask most teenagers what the biggest drag is in their life and they’ll tell you it’s the fact they don’t have enough cash. Money doesn’t just buy you nice things, it also gives you some independence. You can travel, go to concerts, take people out on dates. Being broke is no joke, and it can really get a person down. That’s the reason today we are going to tell you some ways you can earn some cash at a young age even if you’re still studying. We’ll start with the lower paying jobs and end with the jobs that pay the really big…

  • Top 10 Careers in Law –  Dhananjay Sharma
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    Top 10 Careers in Law – Dhananjay Sharma

    Hello everyone This is Dhananjay Sharma and you are watching World Legal Help Organisation George Carman once said Law is an addictive profession Being in the profession of law is not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s why we lawyers are very special Today we are going to discuss about the top 10 career opportunities in the field of law So let’s start with number 1 Advocacy In order to enroll yourself as an advocate you have to clear an All India Bar Examination conducted by the Bar Council of India once you clear that exam you are enrolled as an advocate after being enrolled as an advocate you have…

  • ECCO NextGen Global Programme 2020 – Meet Christina
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    ECCO NextGen Global Programme 2020 – Meet Christina

    [MUSIC PLAYING] CHRISTINA: Graduating from university can involve some uncertainty. That was the case for me when I finished my master’s degree in finance. I was still hungry to learn and wanted to challenge myself and find my true passion. So I applied for ECCO’s NextGen program. Looking back, I’m happy that I did, because I’ve been given the chance to define my own career. As an ECCO NextGen, you develop a huge amount of respect for craftsmanship and innovation behind ECCO’s products. You start to see yourself and your role in a broader perspective within a global business setup. So, if you’re ambitious, open to new things, and able…

  • 8 Smart Questions To Ask Hiring Managers In A Job Interview
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    8 Smart Questions To Ask Hiring Managers In A Job Interview

    – Hi there, it’s JT and welcome back to Work It Daily. In today’s video, I’m going to give you eight smart questions to ask hiring managers in job interviews. But before I do that, I just wanna remind you to click the link below to subscribe and hit the bell to get instant notifications every time we create new career content to help you get ahead. Alright, so what do you do when you’re in an interview and we get to that end where the hiring manager looks at you and says, “Do you have any questions for me?” Well, of course you do! In fact, it is very…

  • How to Answer: Tell Me About Yourself.
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    How to Answer: Tell Me About Yourself.

    This lesson covers the dreaded “tell me about yourself” question. You hate this question, all of my clients hate this question, but it’s a question that starts off 99% of job interviews. I highly recommend spending some time on this question because it’s going can make a world of difference to your interview performance and your results. Let’s get started. Why does every interviewer ask this question? Along with variations like walk me through your background, tell me more about you, it sounds like a harmless way to start a job interview. It’s very open-ended, not particularly difficult, everybody should know a little something about themselves that they can talk…

  • Selina – Business Administration Trainee
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    Selina – Business Administration Trainee

    [MUSIC]>>INTERVIEWER: Hi Selina, thanks for doing the video today.>>SELINA: No worries!>>Can you please tell me what qualifications you’re doing as part of your traineeship?>>Uh, yep, so I’m a trainee in the planning department and I’m currently doing a Certificate 3 in business administration.>>Excellent. And how did you actually get this job at the Casey City Council?>>So what I did was I was just looking online and I came across, um, an advertisement, and I just applied for that. I got a call next day and I had a few interviews and… yeah! That’s what happened. >>Great! So you’re with a group training company, ATEP?>>Yep!>>How was the interview process with them?…