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    9: From Employee to Business Owner with Dr. Nika White

    What’s up, y’all. Welcome to The Shontavia Show, where my goal is to help you start a business based on your life’s vision. This ain’t gonna be your daddy’s business advice. I’m laser focused on entrepreneurship in the 21st century, vision and breaking the traditional mold. If you can get with that, you can get with me, be sure to visit shontavia.com for more episodes, blog posts, and other content. Thank you for listening. The show starts now. What’s up everybody? I’m Shontavia Johnson and this is another episode of The Shontavia Show where I help you start a business based on the vision you have for your life. And…

  • Why Weight Discrimination Persists In The U.S. Workplace
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    Why Weight Discrimination Persists In The U.S. Workplace

    There is this study out of Harvard last year that looked at how our biases changed over time. Researchers examined data collected over a nine year period that measured implicit and explicit bias against certain marginalized groups. When people were asked to evaluate their own explicit biases, data showed that over the course of those nine years, racism dropped by 37 percent. Anti-gay attitudes declined by nearly half. And bias against high weight people declined by 15 percent. But when they measured implicit bias, which are our assumptions and attitudes that we may not be aware of or willing to express, it showed something much different. The research found that…

  • The Culver City Chamber of Commerce: Catalyst, Connector, & Champion
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    The Culver City Chamber of Commerce: Catalyst, Connector, & Champion

    [music: upbeat]>>Colin Diaz: The Culver City Chamber of Commerce promotes the commercial and economic vitality of Culver City. Our robust membership covers many diverse industries.>>Lauren Carter: We’re here to help you achieve your full business potential in three distinct ways. First, we’re catalyst for business growth and expansion.>>Chris Harris: When my business was growing the chambers knowledge of local policies and access to local officials was a tremendous asset. The Chamber President even filled in for me at a city meeting, when I was unable to attend. Membership connected me to other business owners and city leaders whose patronage had a direct positive impact on our business. The chamber is…

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    The secret method to win the lottery jackpot tonight! 8 hours law of attraction and self hypnosis

    This video is going program your mind to attract abundance. It will magnetize your mind to attract massive amount of wealth How would you use the money to improve the lives of the people around you? Write down your wish in the comment section, and watch them come true. The more you comment, like and share this video, the faster your wishes will come true. Also remember to share your success stories in the comment section That way you can inspire others to get rich Take a moment, to wish good luck to all those commented and offer your sincere well wishes to everybody who are watching this video. The…

  • Met Police to deploy facial recognition cameras
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    Met Police to deploy facial recognition cameras

    The Metropolitan Police has announced it will use live facial recognition cameras operationally for the first time on London streets. The cameras will be in use for five to six hours at a time, with bespoke lists of suspects wanted for serious and violent crimes drawn up each time. Police say the cameras identified 70% of suspects but an independent review found much lower accuracy. Privacy campaigners said it was a “serious threat to civil liberties”. Following earlier pilots in London and deployments by South Wales police, the cameras are due to be put into action within a month. Police say they will warn local communities and consult with them…

  • Welcome to the Lyda Law Firm Channel
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    Welcome to the Lyda Law Firm Channel

    Hi, I’m Mark Lyda of the Lyda Law Firm, I’m an attorney licensed in Colorado. We work with entrepreneurs to help them start and grow their businesses. We started this channel because we think that legal education should be accessible for small business owners. This channel is informational and educational purposes only. It’s not legal advice because I’m only licensed in Colorado and every situation is different. If you want specific legal advice, please consult a professional. However, this channel does exist to give you information about how the law affects your small business. I think every small business owner has questions from time to time about how the legal…

  • The Law of Attraction Explained in 3 Minutes
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    The Law of Attraction Explained in 3 Minutes

    Have you ever noticed that, when you buy a new vehicle, you start to see that vehicle everywhere? Why does this happen? Did everyone buy the same kind of vehicle the same day you bought yours? Of course not. So what’s actually going on? What’s actually happening is that you are simply noticing more of that vehicle. The thing is this. When you bought that car, that car was front and center in your mind. You were constantly thinking about it. And whatever you are constantly thinking about, well, you start to notice things of similar energy all around you. So the thing is that those vehicles didn’t start to…