• Advocacy workshop with Dr T.
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    Advocacy workshop with Dr T.

    The framework you are using, is a human rights framework. And It’s a framework that is also constitutional because our constitution was written with a human rights perspective. So everything we discuss today is based on the constitutional rights of people. And our constitution is very simple. It doesn’t say permanent resident, it doesn’t say permit holders.It says all those who live in it. Don’t forget that. When we speak about sexual and reproductive health and rights, they are also human rights. Often people say “SRHR is women’s rights” but for those people who don’t think women are people,they still won’t uphold our rights, because they think they are doing…

  • A Common Misconception about Newton’s Third Law Force Pairs (or Action-Reaction Pairs)
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    A Common Misconception about Newton’s Third Law Force Pairs (or Action-Reaction Pairs)

    mr.p: I would like to address a misconception about Newton’s Third Law Force Pairs. Bo: Hey guys. Billy: Hey Bo. Bobby: Hi Bo. ♫ flipping physics ♫ mr.p: Because this concept is an extension of my video introducing Newton’s Third Law and Third Law Force Pairs, I suggest you watch that video first by clicking on the link in the description, or the link right here that is embedded in this video. Now, I need a free-body diagram of all the forces acting on the book. Bo? Bo: The force normal is perpendicular to the table and a push, so it is up. And the force of gravity, as always,…

  • Capital Litigation Webinar: Mitigating Mental Health Defenses
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    Capital Litigation Webinar: Mitigating Mental Health Defenses

    – [Allie] Good afternoon everyone. Welcome to the Mitigating Mental Health Defenses webinar. All of our participants are currently on listening only mode. To listen to today’s presentation, you will need to connect the audio from your computer via the platform. Please click the audio symbol at the top of your screen and ensure that it is green. I encourage everyone who just entered to take a moment to increase the volume on your computer or check that you’ve unmuted your computer speakers to hear the audio clearly. If you require audio via telephone, or you have technical questions for us, please type your question in the Q&A box on…

  • Penn State Football Lawsuit by Ex-Player for Hazing and Harassment
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    Penn State Football Lawsuit by Ex-Player for Hazing and Harassment

    hello welcome to the channel I’m Maddie Salamone and for those of you who don’t know me I’m an attorney a former college athlete and I was also chair of the Division One student-athlete Advisory Committee while I was in school now in this episode we’re going to discuss a fairly serious issue and it’s one related to a complaint that was filed by a former Penn State football player recently some of the allegations in the complaint are graphic and we are gonna discuss them so if you’re a minor or a parent bear that in mind before watching the video and maybe watch with parental guidance the crux…

  • FEMA DTS (Deployment Tracking System) Video Series: Managing Trainee Candidates
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    FEMA DTS (Deployment Tracking System) Video Series: Managing Trainee Candidates

    (music playing) Welcome to the FEMA DTS Video Series: Managing Trainee/Candidates FEMA personnel who are qualified to be Coach/Evaluators utilize the DTS Qualifications Management Portal to manage the qualifications process when working with Trainee/Candidates as a Coach/Evaluator. In this video, we’ll discuss how Coach/Evaluators are matched with Trainee/Candidates, generally by selecting from a list of available Trainee/Candidates or by responding to a direct request from a potential Trainee/Candidate, how they upload documents and communicate with Trainee/Candidates, and, of course, how they endorse the tasks of assigned Trainee/Candidates. Task Books are issued, managed, and maintained through the DTS Responder Portal and Deployer websites. After viewing this video, we recommend that you…

  • Why Weight Discrimination Persists In The U.S. Workplace
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    Why Weight Discrimination Persists In The U.S. Workplace

    There is this study out of Harvard last year that looked at how our biases changed over time. Researchers examined data collected over a nine year period that measured implicit and explicit bias against certain marginalized groups. When people were asked to evaluate their own explicit biases, data showed that over the course of those nine years, racism dropped by 37 percent. Anti-gay attitudes declined by nearly half. And bias against high weight people declined by 15 percent. But when they measured implicit bias, which are our assumptions and attitudes that we may not be aware of or willing to express, it showed something much different. The research found that…

  • Constitutional Law
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    Constitutional Law

    Constitutional Law because it may not just directly apply to one thing or another, you know, it’s a basis for everything. Every law is based off of it one way or another. Every organization is based in it. Congress endowed a center on the bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution about 25 years ago roughly. And the center’s job is to basically promote knowledge of the constitution through a variety of mechanisms. Speaker series, opportunities for student involvement both in terms of courses as well as internships, etc. Through the Legislative Practice Center, I got to intern with the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman. As judiciary chair, you get a lot of…

  • Positioning Languages programs in schools
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    Positioning Languages programs in schools

    We did do some pre-session request: that you actually try and find in your school somewhere, your school context statement. It should be on most of the school websites. So, if you’ve got a gadget and you haven’t had a chance, if you could just think about what we’ve been talking about today in the context of your school, and we’re interested in reflecting on: how much is there a presence in your school around languages as a learning area, and also around this question of linguistic and cultural diversity of students? So that’s one thing. What is actually there? What is … what sort of statements is your school…

  • Reframing: Why Languages? Part 2
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    Reframing: Why Languages? Part 2

    We’ve given you a series of rationale statements in your hand out. You can come to those in a minute, but I’ll just set the scene. So, what we’d like you to do at your tables is to divide up those rationale statements and then read it really thoroughly and kind of feedback into the table discussion. The thing we’d like you to pay attention to is the general gist of these statements and what sort of messaging there is, and also the kind of language that they’re expressed in. So, have a good look at the ideas, the rationales, the justifications, the arguments, but also the kind of language…

  • True Scary Law Enforcement Stories | 4 Scary Stories from subscribers
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    True Scary Law Enforcement Stories | 4 Scary Stories from subscribers

    I was working as a Garrison Military Police Officer, it was Thursday at about 0345 and I was watching a stop sign as people tend to run the sign during the night thinking it was late enough to avoid getting pulled over. As predicted, someone blew right through the stop sign. I pulled the car over and for some reason, this stop gave me the chills. I walked slowly up to the car, my red and blue lights somewhat making it hard to see. As I walked up to the car I touched the back tail light (this is in case they flee, we would have prints to ID the…