• The Try Guys Test High Driving
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    The Try Guys Test High Driving

    (upbeat jazzy music) – Over the course of this series, we are going to drive under the influence four times. – We’re gettin’ drunk, we’re getting stoned, we’re gettin’ sleepy, and we’re gonna be textin’. – In this video, we’re gonna drive while high. – Oh, no. – We’ve set up a closed course that is a traffic simulation. -Yesterday, we drove the course sober as a control for our experiment. – I’m actually really curious to see if we can push this to the limit today, and find out, what is the threshold for stoned driving? – I’m worried about how I’m going to act today. I’m more worried…

  • Ted Corless Gives Cannabis Lecture to Tampa Bay Paralegal Association
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    Ted Corless Gives Cannabis Lecture to Tampa Bay Paralegal Association

    He is a trial lawyer with more than 20 years of experience. He regularly appears on Fox News, CNBC, Al Jazeera, iHeart Radio and Yahoo! to discuss breaking legal news stories. He’s recognized as one of the leading insurance litigation and sinkhole attorneys in Florida. And when he’s not battling large insurance companies on behalf of policy holders, Mr Corless authors and presents lectures throughout the United States on a wide variety of topics, including cannabis legalization, insurance coverage, complex expert testimony, criminal law, sports and entertainment law and insurance bad faith. As I noted, he’s been working on a book, he can tell you a little bit more about…