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Hi friends my name is Sunny and this is choque cultural Today i want to present you a special person Friends, he is my father-in-law I call him Papaji because in India we call father-in-law like this Today’s video is Tag of father-in-law Many of you asked me to make this video when i came to Peru We gonna answer the question that you asked on Facebook and Instagram So we gonna start with the first question What was your reaction when your daughter said she will go to different country Above all thing, I was afraid I was too much afraid I thought there was a different person after all this It was not Sunny I thought there was a different person that was using Sunny Perhaps a human trafficker or human organs trafficker I was thinking many negative things But above all, i was afraid Next question is, do you think that Sunny is a good husband Do you think that I am a good husband Yes, i believe that you are good husband The time we have spent together You have shown that you are a good husband and son-in-law and a good son I consider him a good husband Next question is, what do you think of Sunny’s culture I love the Indian culture I’ve heard about Indian culture from young age from movies It is colorful and i liked it so much Can you mention something that you like and dislike of Indian culture As i told you that i like dances, music and movies of India It is very beautiful and charming And what i don’t like about India is idolism They worship everything For me it is not normal, it may be because of my culture For me it is not normal to worship animals like monkeys, cows etc That’s what I don’t appreciate The next question is for me It says, what do you like of your father-in-law What i like about my father-in-law is that he is very attentive and hard working He leaves home early for work, he takes care of the family and protect them It is an example for me to be like him when I have my family He motivates me to be more responsible for the family I admire him for this My father is same so they are similar The next question for my papaji is would you like my Indian family to come to Peru Would you like my family to come to Peru to meet you Yes, I would love that they come here, it will be a wonderful visit Yes friends, my family also desires the same They also want to meet my in-law family In India, they believe that marriage is not only the bond between 2 family but also between two families The next question is, what would you think if i had not accepted your daughter if she had child with other man I would accept your decision Because in your culture it may be bad In my country, it is normal that a man accepts a woman with kids But i think your partner with kids is complicated as there will be complications In some occasions, ex of your partner will come and thing will be difficult So i will not have problem if he had not accepted her with kids Yes friends, it is difficult due to cultural differences, in India it is difficult to marry like this It is difficult to marry a person who already has kids In India, everybody marries in early age and being single so it is difficult It is because of cultural differences The next question is, if your father-in-law offends that you live in his house No, not at all, i am happy that my daughter is here And it makes me more happy that she is with her husband I have always wanted that they live together When she was in India, it made me sad She was very far, when there were family meetings we missed her a lot But now she is here with him so i am very happy This is what i ever wanted As you know they were separated for a time It was sad for us as well because a couple should be together always The next question is, if you would like your daughter to have kids Do you want to be grandpa Yes, i would love to be grandpa but not now Because I want my daughter and son-in-law to travel a lot in Peru But for the moment i dont want to have grand children Yes friends, this is convenient for us Neither my parents wants to be grand parents We also don’t want children for now Because we have to do a lot We have a travel and establish The next question is for me, what is the major difference between Indian and Peruvian father-in-law The major difference is that Peruvian father-in-law is more open and fun loving There are subjects that you can talk about with your Peruvian father-in-law but not with Indian one. Peruvian father-in-law is more fun loving than Indian father-in-law And sometimes Indian father-in-law threatens you that if you molest her daughter you will see consequences But above all Peruvian father-in-law is more fun loving The next question is for my papaji What did you think when Ruth said she had a foreigner boyfriend, did you get jealous, angry or you thought it was a joke I did not get jealous or angry Because when she said it was a foreigner i got surprised I did not take it seriously, i thought he is foreigner, he is very far And when she told me that he is from India, i thought it is impossible, he is in another continent so it was not very serious for me It was not worrying for me Didn’t you think that it will turn into marriage No, No, i never imagined that it will reach till marriage bond But when they talked about marriage i got afraid When i heard the word “Marriage” i got shocked because it was another level But the distance relationship did not bother me that much The next question i don’t know if it is for me or for my papaji but i will answer it Were you nervous when you saw him for the first time Yes friends, i was very nervous when i reached Peru Because here greetings are different and the culture is different In India, you touch the feet so i was very nervous That how will i greet them and how will i pass my initial days So yes i was super nervous The next question is for my papaji, what does he don’t like about me I think nothing, we have talk about it before, i have no bad feeling for him But what i would like is that he has more confidence with me Yes friends, i am trying to improve because in India we don’t have much confidence with elders I am trying to improve, i am trying to be more open but these things take time The next question is for me What are the differences in the rules of Ruth’s father and Sunny’s father The parents in India are more strict but here parents are more open and flexible with their children This is the difference i have noticed here, parents are more open here, in India its not like that In India, talking about sexuality is a sin It is very intimate subject to be talked about Parents and children don’t talk about it in India but in Peru it is normal The next question is, is it difficult that a Indian father accept the intercultural relation? And the answer is YES Because for India father it is difficult to accept a son or daughter in law of other culture And it is more difficult when they are from western culture because there a huge cultural difference The Indian culture is reserved and more conservative but the culture of Latin America and Europe are more open That’s why it is difficult Was it difficult for you to accept me because of my culture? No, for me it was neither difficult nor complicated the only thing that was worrying me was the distance It was another continent so this was the only worry The next question is, what did you think when you see my personally and would you like if i stay in Peru? What did you think when you saw me personally? I got very happy We were willing to meet him for a long time I wanted to meet him personally When we saw him, we were happy and he is the part of the family, we received him with love and respect We wanted him to be here as my daughter was alone here and they had to be together We could see the sadness on the face of our daughter It was wonderful to see him face to face and would you like that i stay in Peru? Yes I would like that they stays in Peru And one day when they have kids i would like to see my grand children here Every father and grand father wants that his children and grand children stay with them I would not like that they go away I don’t want them to go away I want my children to be with us The next question is, what did you think that we did not marry in Peru? I felt bad not because that they married in India but because i was not there in their marriage But i was happy that she got married Even she told me that his parents-in-law wanted her to marry I was happy because for me marriage is a wonderful thing Marriage has to be respected and it gives security so it gave me security But i am happy that they are here And we are planning that they get married in Peruvian style They have got married in India style now they will marry here in Peruvian style So i am happy that i will be present in their marriage here The next question is what is the difference between Indian and Peruvian son-in-law? It is very complicated But i think the difference is The Indian son-in-law is more respectful, attentive and good care taker But Peruvian son-in-law is different In my Latin culture, sometimes marriage is not taken serious Sometimes family is not much important Marriages fail due to infidelity Peruvian son-in-law is more open, he can say oh father-in-law let’s take couple of beers But with my son-in-law it is different, he is very respectful He has more values and very much educated It makes a huge difference The other question is, if you would like to visit India? Yes, i would love to visit India, it would be a wonderful journey Also a trip of my dreams I have seen the Ganga river in movies and in news I also want to visit Taj Mahal, it is one of the wonders of world I would like to go to Bollywood city and watch any movie shooting But yes i would love to go to India Is there any Bollywood actress that you like Yes i like the actress Karina Kapoor Do you like Aishwarya Rai Yes Aishwarya Rai also and in the men, i like Shahrukh Khan, he is very famous I would like to meet him So friends that’s all for today, we tried to answer every question and thank you very much papaji for being here, for your time and for this video It will help many people who are in distance relationship and their parents who are worried as you were initially So Thank You very much for this video Yes i am also very thankful to God for giving me a wonderful son-in-law We have bad concept of the thing we don’t know People put negative ideas in our mind which are false I have been very confused initially about their relation It was difficult for me to accept that she goes to India alone But now they are together and they are with me so i can not be more happy Friends we are very happy thank you so much to all of you We are 20,000 Really we are very thankful to all of you, although this channel passed through many things Once we wanted to give up due to problem you already know Due to distance also, the channel was inactive 9 months but it kept on increasing When we were at distance, we were 7,000, we did not upload any video neither any post on Facebook and Instagram But now we are 20,000 We are very happy and we hope that we keep on increasing We hope our Choque Cultural family increases Yes friends it had not been possible without your support so thank you very much We would love to give presents to every one but it is bit complicated for now But we will make a International lucky draw The 1st condition is to subscribe this channel and follow our social media I hope you like this video “Tag de Suegro” we tried to answer every question So like this video and leave your comments And don’t miss the opportunity to win the lucky draw so Subscribe this channel You can also follow us on our social media Facebook, Instagram and TikTok Our last TikTok video of Juanito was liked by many people It got a lot of views if you have not seen it you can watch it You can find the all links in description So that’s all friends take care Bye Bye


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