Tae Jin and Woo Hyuk were casted as SM trainees. [Happy Together/2019.05.23]
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Tae Jin and Woo Hyuk were casted as SM trainees. [Happy Together/2019.05.23]

Woohyuk, you said that you used to play baseball. I bet that you were really popular. – I’m sure that he was. / – Right. I used to attend a coed school. I did receive a few letters outside the front gate. It’s something we can’t relate to. You received letters? We’ve only received chain letters before. That or ones from our moms. Thanks to all the chain letters I wrote, my handwriting is now quite neat. There’s a fun story involving these though. I received about four to five of them every day. – No way. / – At some point, I only started to receive one letter. The words written in the letter were poetic, absolutely beautiful, and very sentimental. I’ve been playing sports up until that point, so I was completely mesmerized. – With the letter? / – Yes. I fell in love with her after reading the letter. It sounds like a movie. It went along for a few months. However, I found it weird because I used to receive four to five letters a day. – Why only one person? / – Ever since this letter was delivered to me, I received none. – Why? / – There were no more. I found out that the bully of my school… – The female bully. / – A bully? The other girls got scared. They were all scared. She blocked all the letters. Also, she made someone else write the letter. – Really? / – Yes. – It wasn’t her. / – Exactly. That’s why there was a weird rumor about me. What rumor? I didn’t even know who she was, but the rumor said that I was dating her and that I wasn’t a good person. A bad student? We have a photo of him as a baseball player. – You’re so handsome. / – Who can top that? (He looks like a character from a comic book.) – It’s like a commercial. / – I know. – One for a sports drink. / – Exactly. – How old were you? / – That’s when I was 20. No one here can top that. You didn’t realize you were popular though. Did SM Entertainment take an interest in you? He almost became a member of Super Junior. – Really? / – Well… After quitting baseball, I thought about what I should do next. As you know, athletes must also compete and play games under the spotlight. That’s why I was never uncomfortable with being in front of a crowd. I loved to sing even back when I was an athlete. You’re a great singer. So I thought I should try and be one. As soon as I quit baseball… Back then, street casting was a big thing on the streets of Apgujeong-dong. – That’s right. / – I just stood there. – Really? / – Yes. – No way. / – I wanted to be noticed. I didn’t know what else to do. So you just stood there? – That’s all I could do. / – You were that confident. How are you any different from Taejin? They’re the same. – You two are the same. / – No, we’re not. I didn’t know what else to do, – so I just stood there. / – And? An acquaintance of mine knew the director of SM Entertainment, so he introduced me. I got a chance to sing at an audition… That’s amazing. and the executives seemed pleased. They talked about a ten-year contract, but I had to be a trainee for three years. However, since my parents have supported me my whole life, I wanted to do something I love and be successful in their eyes. I wanted to keep that promise as soon as possible, so I turned down the offer because – of that training period. / – For quick results. Yes, quick results. And then just three years later, Super Junior made its debut. “Sorry Sorry” could’ve sounded like this. (Woohyuk’s version of “Sorry Sorry”) Still, you auditioned for the agency. – Later on. / – Yes, I did. Anyway, what’s astonishing is that I was picked up off the streets. – No way. / – It was back in 2002. That’s truly amazing. The head of the agency was very famous too. He was putting together a six-member boy band, and I was its first member. He asked me to help him find the other five. So we started to roam the streets searching for talents. – But… / – No way. We were in Apgujeong-dong when we saw a stunning young lady walk into a clothing store. Who was it? I knew she was the one, so I followed her inside. “I’m looking for members” “to join my new group. Are you interested?” “Sorry?” (Flustered) – She kept saying that. / – She was flustered. The head of the agency came in and said, “Hi, Bada!” – Was it Bada? / – Yes. You wanted her to join your group. – I… / – Seriously? (He tried to cast a singer at the time.) – I… / – Hadn’t she debuted? When I saw celebrities back then, I was dazzled by their beauty. I honestly had no idea she was a singer. So Taejin was also asked to join SM and JYP. We’re finally hearing the good stuff. She can’t let Woohyuk receive all the glory. Are you painting us as rivals today? – So on Rodeo Street? / – No, not exactly. I was offered a place at SM when I was young. Back in elementary school, I was visiting Seoul with my mom when we received a business card. JYP Entertainment also gave me one too. However, SM asked if I could sign on and become one of its trainees. But my mom said that my future was in dancing and that I was going to be a professor. She turned them down saying that I’d never become a TV celebrity. But you became the queen of baseball. My mom’s been regretting it recently. If I were to become a TV celebrity… – Why not sooner? / – Yes, at a younger age. In either agencies, – you would’ve thrived. / – I agree. You could’ve joined Girls’ Generation. Timing-wise, that seems plausible. – Or f(x). / – We’re just speculating. (This is all speculation.) We’re just guessing. I’m sure it wouldn’t have happened. But if you had joined SM… You were asked to become a celebrity, but you also received many blind date offers. The two ladies sitting in the middle are – queens of blind dates. / – They’re specialists. Not one went wrong for her. – Really? / – Yes. Is there a secret to a perfect success rate? On blind dates, men ask what your hobby is and what you like. They ask about the movies you’ve seen too. I’m not one to be patient when conversations suddenly fall silent. So before the conversation came to a halt, I asked the men questions. – You took initiative. / – I’m curious though. Since you’ve been on many blind dates, you probably didn’t like every one of the men. How would you deal with that? I can still have a good time that day. But what if… – He misunderstood. / – A misunderstanding. What if he got the wrong idea and told you that he’s never had this much fun before? This is a first for us too. Who would shake their bodies like that? “I had a blast!” (Shaking) What was that? – Unbelievable. / – Anyway… – Is that satisfaction? / – Show us then. – All right. / – Make it look cool. Let’s reenact a blind date of hers. You and Taejin go ahead. Taejin, it’s already 11 p.m. Time flew by so quickly. I know. I had a blast too. – Really? / – Yes. Can I perhaps get your number? Yes, of course. My number… – If you give me yours… / – Mine? – I’ll contact you. / – No, I’ll call you. I think it’s better if I got your number. You sound like you’ll never call. (His eerie sixth sense) Are you kidding me? Seriously? What a loser! – But… / – Hold on a second. Why don’t I try it with Youngsook? A fake blind date. But I’m no fun on dates. Let’s give it a shot though. Youngsook, I’d like to take you out again. – How cheesy. / – Can I get your number? I’ll call you if you give me yours. But… It’s what Taejin just said. Hold on. (Did we experience deja vu?) It transcends generations. You were rejected! It’s the same for you. So you just cut them off. Let’s get back to Taejin again. Did a man on another blind date ask for your number? – Really? / – What? What is that? Wow, that’s very bold. I’m sorry, but none of these can be confirmed. It really happened. So a man from another table came up to you while on a date? During my freshman year in college, I worked part-time near my school. Since it was an Italian restaurant, many blind dates took place there. I was working at the restaurant while blind dates were going on around me. The guy was at the counter to pay and when his date went to the restroom… I don’t know him, but he’s not that decent. That’s trashy. I was shocked as well. He came up to pay but then asked for my number. I was so surprised that I checked if he meant me. I pointed out that she was in the restroom. – He said it was fine. / – How brazen is that? He’s the worst. I thought that this wasn’t right, – so… / – Of course. I told him that I had a boyfriend. I immediately put up a wall between us. You’re the younger version of Youngsook. You don’t let anything get by you. I’ll make sure to keep it up. (You’re my role model.)


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