Swimming Pool Laws:: Obtaining a safety certificate. Sunshine Coast Solicitor- Argon Law
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Swimming Pool Laws:: Obtaining a safety certificate. Sunshine Coast Solicitor- Argon Law

If you are thinking about buying or selling
a property in Queensland which has a swimming pool, then you should be mindful of the rules relating to the need for swimming pool safety certificates. I’m John Gallagher from Argon Law and I
would like to tell you a few things about the regulation of swimming pools in the Sunshine
State. Under the regulations, a pool safety register
has been established, which can be freely searched online and contains details of properties
which have pools and whether there is a current pool safety certificate for such pools. Only registered inspectors can issue these
certificates and it can be a very expensive exercise to install or rectify a pool fence
to obtain a certificate. The seller of property with a pool must provide
the buyer with a current pool safety certificate prior to settlement. Or, if there is no certificate, a seller can
provide to the buyer a form called a “Notice of No Pool Safety Certificate”. Such notices
include advice to the buyer that it has 90 days from the settlement date to obtain a
safety certificate, unless the pool is on the common property of a body corporate, in
which case it is the body corporate that has 90 days to get the certificate. Sellers must provide a copy of the no pool
safety certificate to the relevant government department who are able to follow up the buyer
if no safety certificate is issued within the 90 days. Most standard contracts for the sale of residential
land include provisions about pool safety certificates and it is very important that
buyers and sellers understand their obligations under those provisions. In some circumstances
failure to satisfy those provisions can result in the termination of the contract. You should therefore discuss the pool safety
provisions with your legal advisor before you sign a contract or give us a call and
we will happily answer your questions about the pool provisions or any other aspect of
buying or selling property. For more weekly legal tips,
be sure to subscribe and get in touch with us via our website for further information.

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