• Trumanime

    the mental health system is corrupt. people with controversial personalities are medicated silent or shocked by the mental health system as to maintain order in society by a lousy thing called psychiatry. sadly mentally ill people are not allowed dreams even, or even a constructive future, according to the systems authoritarian control. some even are succumb to brainwashing by their supposed psych saviors. in the end the supposed psych saviors are not actually saving anyone. the system and society treat, and have treated mentally ill people like rotten trash. who understands people and what they go through better? it seems people think it is the doctors who try and numb and dull the mind with toxic drugs that can make some depressed-(or sad if we are speaking realistically), and those loser psychiatrists show no empathy, they just want your money. snake oil salesmen the lot of them.

  • Trumanime

    it seems to me that it is more important that it is advocated that mentally ill people should be treated more like human beings, and drop the deceiving labels and titles the psych industry uses as drug excuses.

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