• Dave Spence

    Notice how Richmond now is trying to calm Virginians down… not going to happen. And that lady in the back recording the VCDL lobby outside with her phone and putting her shades on… trying to look defiant and all… They are all actually shocked at the the entire state's reaction..I'm sorry, but when you come up with ridiculous laws, you get blow-back.

  • Duane Ryder

    make your votes count in the next election folks. Whomever votes to support the "governor" with the outlandish attempts to take away law abiding rights need to be removed.

  • Daniel Dennison

    "I'm not necessarily trying to make a point. I'm just trying to make the point………….."
    The Lt. Gov. of Virginia, Justin Fairfax

    Such is the contradictory mind of a democrat lying through his or her teeth.


  • BLKsheepdog Tony G.

    You can tell they don't care about what people think they already made up their minds….. what's even more embarrassing is they are passing the law in front of their face

  • ohroonoko

    Confiscation is the end game. They are inching you towards it. It might take 20 or 30 years, but that is absolutely the end game. Do not give one inch to the gun grabbers.

  • thastinger345

    Wake up folks…gun control bills aren't the only Marxist wet dream bills proposed. You're the frog in the water, propose SB16 then you're willing to settle for universal background checks and "red flag" laws…guess who the red flag will be.

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