Spring Clean + Decorate with Me 2020 | Cleaning Motivation With Music
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Spring Clean + Decorate with Me 2020 | Cleaning Motivation With Music

Welcome to my channel, I’m so excited for this video and I am
so excited for spring this year so let’s do this let’s decorate for spring I have
some cool different ways to decorate this year that I thought were fun and
something that I hadn’t seen before and I’m really excited to share with you
this entire video I hope you love it and if you do please slam that thumbs up and
it really helps my channel and it lets me know that you want more decor videos
in the future so without further ado let’s do this so the very first thing I
did is went ahead and clean up my kitchen one of the things that I
recently invested in is a bunch of really healthy cookbooks and one thing
that I really want to do this spring is to make more healthy foods in the
kitchen I am the queen of ordering food off of Jordache and I want to make more
home-cooked meals and less fast food options we’re getting really close to
getting our kitchen finish and I am so excited but for now I want to decorate
this kitchen just like me maybe over decorated this spring so it
can just feel like this place where I go and step inside the kitchen and just be
like ah that feels really refreshing or that feels really nice so that’s kind of
the goal that I’m gonna go for minimal with a little bit of modern and
something that I hadn’t seen before when it came to decor this year I got most of
my items at home goods and Michael’s I got maybe one item from Pottery Barn but
everything else was predominantly from home goods
a little bit too but every part of my body this doesn’t
need a run away from you yeah closer easy it’s been days but you know but
do with it he comes around but an artist I mean know in the comments below what
is one thing you’re super excited for this spring one thing I’m excited for is
to move my body get outside and drinking a lemonade I don’t know why but I love
lemonade and it just makes me feel like warm weather is coming there’s so many
times that I contemplate moving to Florida or moving down south because I
hate being in the cold is anyone else ever do that or is it
just me I’ve also been starting to use gloves so
when I clean even know a lot of the products that I use to clean with are
not super harsh chemicals I want to make sure that I’m making good choices for my
body I’m steady gonna blow your fuse
closer yeah – no and then I’m just going to move on to
dishes the dishwasher is actually running this so I had to do all of the
other ones by hand and right now for Alexa I’ve listened to the hot singles
playlist I usually start it on the song for and it’s been really good this past
week closer I can finally start on and if you guys have not been to my
brand new channel cache crush I’m gonna link it in the description box below
make sure you go on over there and subscribe Wednesday’s video is about how
much YouTube paid us for 14 million viewed video and how much to expect to
get paid on YouTube it’ll be a good one so go on over there and make sure you
subscribe and let me know when you come over from this channel so I can
recognize you a lot of people’s thumbnails and usernames I recognize
instantly so I want to go ahead and thank you for coming over from this
channel to that channel so please leave a comment used to be that you left me what you believe and all my ladies we’ve got a brother
doesn’t your finger one thing that I’ve been trying to do is
listen to more podcasts at first I was really into a lot of podcasts about
finances and ways to be more business savvy but one of the podcasts that I’m
really wanting to dive into is how to be a better mom so if you have a mommy
podcast that you listen to or a mom podcast gives good tips advice or just
encouragement for motherhood please share that with me in the comments below bye-bye as for decorating one of the things that
I’m gonna do is use some of the new healthy cookbooks that I got and put
them in the corner I also grab this book pedestal off of Amazon for just a couple
dollars it wasn’t quite the color I wanted so I just ended up spray painting
it white so that I could showcase the cookbook that I’m most excited about I also got this really pretty modern
flower Voss from home goods I thought it was really cute I hadn’t seen anything
like it and I thought I’d be a really pretty touch if you come in my home you
will see a lot of modern pieces but I also try to pull in a lot of cozy pieces
as well I also found this beautiful bouquet at HomeGoods and I thought this
would be perfect to kind of store behind the books and then I found this really
cute porcelain bunny at HomeGoods and then I got some chocolate eggs as well
funny thing is the kids do not know that these eggs are edible so they haven’t
judged them but I thought this display was very different it’s not something I
see all the time decorating with cookbooks and it’s very practical but at
the same time it is a big pop of color for the sink area I’m going to keep it
very simple one thing I’m really excited about incorporating for spring is little
bits of orange and I have started a little bit of a redone obsession and I’m
kind of excited about it and these are my new Raiden cups I just had to show
you I’m so excited I think they’re adorable
and then I’m just going to go ahead and ice the cupcakes the kids are at school
right now when I want to surprise them with cupcakes for when they get home
from school I tend to not be the best icing cupcakes so I’ve decided to just
do it with a knife and keep a very modern clean look it’s easy and anybody
can do it and then I’m just adding some spring colored sprinkles and if you
wanted to be extra cute with the cupcakes you could add a little
chocolate bunny on top of each one for the cupcake stand I just added two
little decor pieces to go underneath to just give it a little bit of spring
vibes that I thought was adorable and then I’m going to go ahead and sweep
the whole kitchen one thing I ended up replacing was the
rug in the kitchen I found this one and it is so gorgeous it has very homey but
a little bit of contemporary look to it and I just thought it was so beautiful
to find it at HomeGoods for 1999 was an absolute fine I wish I could have found
just one more and this is the finished look very clean not too cluttered but it
still has lots of pops of pink and feels so refreshing and I love that and then
I’m gonna go ahead into the kitchen and clear this space up one thing that we
recently did is pulled the rug because I was trying to DIY stain it into a more
of a gray color and I’m not getting quite what I want I’m even considering
potentially spray painting it white I know that sounds like the worst idea but
I was thinking maybe I could do that Jud rug do that if you guys remember what it
looked like white but then I worry about people stepping on it and then it
transferring onto the floor if you’ve ever done anything wild like that let me
know in the comments below I know it sounds crazy but I almost want to give
it a go this is the one chore I do almost every single day pulling all the
chairs out and just cleaning up the kitchen table when I was in college I
used to babysit for this family and they were so amazing one thing that they were
so good at is keeping their house immaculate and they had six kids and one
of the things she would tell me that she did every single night is get on her
hands and knees and clean her entire kitchen floor every single night I was
utterly impressed and I’ve never done that yet but I wanted to see if anyone
else does that as well then I grabbed this gorgeous reef from
Michael’s I thought it was so pretty I could not resist and normally I don’t do
wreaths but I wanted this space to feel very homey I also grabbed this really
pretty cheese tray from Michael’s with marble on top put a green tropical plant
on top and then grabbed a bouquet of baby’s breath and these really cute
rabbit salt and pepper shakers for the top just a little bit of spring but
still feels refreshing and clean then I am moving on to the living room
we actually ended up switching the rugs in here if you guys remember we had that
white rug and it ended up getting quite a bit of stains it was from West Elm and
it was gorgeous and stunning it was the kind of rug where you could move it with
your hands and the color would almost change as you moved the material however
since it was a polyester blend it stained really easy and even my husband
couldn’t get the stains out as far as the couch goes if you guys
know I don’t like a lot of color on my couch I like it very California white
clean just cozy there’s something about white and beige pillows that just wins
me over every single time I think it’s relaxing I think it’s inviting I just
think it’s perfect so I grabbed a couple of new ones and the old ones are on my
bed as far as the Manzo goes I wanted to be
simple with a little bit of pink but not over-the-top normally when I decorate I
keep it very neutral however I do want to incorporate some pink so that it does
feel refreshing and it feels more like spring fuck don’t you get it but now from me
when you’re learning great school give it to me like you want it did you forget
that golden rule what is I love it once I did it surely be given to fill you up
and leave me empty baby was back to my mistake cover and he’s feeling go into
changes so mad right now I can’t even think straight so knowing you read it before we get I
need clear my mind wiping down the bar but this actually
happens to be my favorite decor piece in the entire house right you know I love
the way that it turned out I grabbed some really eclectic and different
pieces from home goods I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with him at
first but I love I love the way this turned out
this mirror is set in a gorgeous stone and I just thought it was so cool in the corner I’m using the floral
arrangement from Pottery Barn and then I got a bookend to kind of squeeze it
together and I feel like it pulled everything together better than I could
have imagined also I want to share with you my printables I know everyone is
doing printables right now and I was incredibly inspired by my girlfriend
Bree she started doing these and I was like that is such a good idea and I
actually have my assistant create one that I love my printer is a little bit
messed up right now so it’s not printing it out ideally but I’m gonna link these
down below for you guys and on my goal planner one of the things that I have is
my finances my health ways to grow my mind the books that I would like to read
and ways that I can improve relationships or friendships those are
all very very important to me and I want to make sure that I focus on those every
single month filling this out whether it’s in the middle the beginning even
the end of the month it doesn’t matter as long as I’m having time to reflect
and really focus on what I need to do and I can come over to this list I can
check things off as I’m getting better at them but one of the big things that I
need to focus on this month is moving my body and not eating a fast food I’ve
been so busy with a lot of things on my plate and I tend to just grab door – and
just I’ve been making a lot of unhealthy choices this month and that is not me
and that is I who I want to be so this month I really want to prep myself for
some plant-based items I want to make sure that I’m putting good stuff in my
body tell me which I have now I just want to
get it right way too then for the next day I went ahead and just cleaned up our
entranceway cleaned up our oversized mirror and just wanted to clean the play
area in the front so this is kind of nice and it doesn’t look like a hot mess
for the entranceway we actually had surround helped us to kind of design
this look and they picked out this really dark rug I was so nervous about
it when they first suggested it to me because I was like that’s gonna darken
the space and it’s already so dark but I’m really glad that they suggested such
a dark color I do have to stain the mirror black and I have yet to do that
so kind of match and pull in together but I’m so glad that they suggest that
to me because when people come in with their shoes it doesn’t leave a stain or
anything like that which is perfect and exactly what that space needed if we try
to talk about it our history says we’ll just argue and I know you’re gonna act
up and then non-competitive friends it’s
really new then I am moving on into the bathroom and just cleaning up all of the
kid messes he’s feeling go into changes oh and also if you’re looking for a good
hand soap this hand soap from Trader Joe’s is amazing I like the lemon in the
grapefruit scent they are just my favorite they’re so refreshing they’re
not overpowering and they make your hands smell so good so if you’re looking
for hand soap try it you’re not going to get it I got
these cute little towels from home goods that’s a one thing my grandma says all
the time there’s never any towels in your bathroom so sometimes I try to
double up so if she comes over there’s a towel for her and then on our ledge I
just have this really cute hydrangea flower and a sign that I got from
Michaels that says everyone needs a friend that is all ears so cute and so
true and then I just added a little tiny bunny on the toilet and my husband jokes
that he cannot wait to see when the bunny finally it falls into the toilet I’d rather just weed and depleted maybe I need some and then I’m just
gonna go ahead and clean up the floors I do want to say thank you guys so much
for making it at the end of the video if you made it at the end of the video
hash tag Harry Potter I know that may sound weird but that’s one video series
that I love to watch in the spring and I’ll get to know who my people are made
it to the end of my video I love seeing those people that make it to the end and
they don’t just comment in the first couple seconds I love seeing the people
that make it to the end so please comment in the comment section down
below hashtag Harry Potter so I can know who
you are I love you guys and thank you for being so supportive thank you for
being you and thank you for being here I absolutely love you guys and I’m
grateful for each and every one of you guys and I hope you have an absolutely
amazing time getting your house ready for spring if you already have your
spring decor out or you finally get it out please send me some pictures on
Instagram I would love to see how your space turned out anyways thanks for
watching and I will see you in my next video bye guys


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