SKA looks ahead to landmark meeting in Shanghai
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SKA looks ahead to landmark meeting in Shanghai

Over the past few years we’ve had an engineering meeting for the SKA community at various locations around the world. But now in 2019 as we approach the end of
the design phase of the SKA we’re going to do something slightly different. So in the week started November 25th we’re
going to meet in Shanghai, China hosted by our colleagues at the Ministry of
Science and Technology and the Shanghai Observatory. If you think you’re a future user or contributor
to the SKA then this would be an excellent meeting for
you to come and learn about the project and learn how you might get involved. So we’re very much looking forward to seeing
engineers, who will hear about the very latest stage of the design just prior to the
Critical Design Review data scientists and software engineers who
will be contributing towards the planning of the operations, the
algorithm development needed for commissioning and for the SKA regional centres and we want to see astronomers there. I’m excited about this particular meeting
because it’s covering more than just engineering it’s really planning for the next phase
of the project. And this will be the first time we have publicly
aired these plans. And as an added bonus we’ll be taking a
side trip at the end of the week to the FAST telescope to see that magnificent instrument that our
Chinese colleagues have built. See you in Shanghai.

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