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Shraddha Advocates For Shruti | No 1 Yaari With Shivanna | Kannada Talk Show | Viu India

– Red or green. Oh my God.
– Let’s do this. – Sruthi, you’re stuck on a flyover.
– Yes, sir. I’ll give you a number,
call on that to ask for help. – Okay.
– Okay? – Ready. Yes.
– Okay? – 789923…
– 789923… Buddy, my bike broke down
on the flyover. The flyover near JP Nagar
that’s close to your house. ‘Which flyover?’ Okay, I’ll send you the address
of the flyover. – I’ll send you the location.
– JP Nagar. – JP Nagar.
– ‘I think you’re lying.’ Do you think I am lying? – Dhanu, one moment.
– Hi, Dhanu. – ‘Hi.’
– Guess who? – ‘Hello?’
– Guess who’s speaking? ‘I don’t know.’ I’m the hero of ‘Tagaru’.
I am very arrogant. ‘Who?’ – ‘Tagaru.’
– ‘Shivanna!’ Couldn’t you recognise me? ‘Sorry, sir.’ – No, no.
– ‘I thought she was playing a prank.’ No, I gave her the number
to call you. I’m just testing by what name she would’ve
saved your number. Nothing else. Your name is Dhananjay, right? It is ‘Dhanu’, ‘Dhan’,
or ‘Dhan Dana Dhan’, or ‘Idiot’. I just wanted to check what name
she would’ve saved it. Nothing else. One show…
– ‘What has she saved it as?’ Dhananjay… Very good. Okay. – ‘Superb.’
– Shraddha and Sruthi are here. Thanks, Dhanu. Okay Shraddha, red or green? – Even I’ll pick red.
– Pick red. – Cheers.
– Cheers. Okay, assume you’re a lawyer and you’ve got Sruthi’s case. How will you fight for her? Is it for drunk and driving? Do you want to know
what the case is? – Do you want to know what the case is?
– Yes. Okay then, so play. It’s about casting couch case.
Your client is Sruthi. Okay. – Yes, tell me about the case.
– I can tell you they are true. Not just this one situation, she’s spoken about this matter on
many occasions and interviews. One more thing that I would like to
bring to your notice is, opposite party hasn’t come yet. – They are having tea outside.
– This is a contempt of court… it can be easily derived
that they are… I think you’ve read more of physics. – Physics?
– I wanted to tell something else… – Derived, law, which law? Om’s law.
– Derived, law. – Newton’s law.
– Lawyer’s character doesn’t suit her. So, I will give the judgment
about who are the culprits. – Arrest them at the earliest…
– Right. – Send them to jail.
– Sir, actually… – Anything to be said?
– Yes, sir. Because that’s our aim.
It has to end systematically. You have to use other system
if you want to change it. You have to scare them.
Fear is a way to… My system, this is Shiv Rajkumar’s system.
Come on. – Done, sir. Accepted.
– Yes. Very good. – Sruthi, now it is your turn.
– Okay. – Red or green?
– Green. What’s the first thing that
you notice in a guy? – Eyes.
– Why? You can decide someone’s character
by looking at his eyes. – What do you see in my eyes?
– Experience. – You’re very experienced in life.
– Experience. You’ve experienced many things
and you’ve come with… With a lot of years
that you’ve lived. That is okay.
Don’t tell me professionally. Come to reality. This is reality. Okay, sir. You look
handsome, your eyes are beautiful. – Sir, your eyes are very beautiful.
– I was expecting romantic. Oh my God! – Romantic. Okay ready, sorry.
– That’s good. Sruthi, you played well. Okay. – Shraddha, red or green?
– I don’t want to get up. Who was first crush? In real life? – I…
– Do you have different lives? No, I mean, there’s celebrity crush
and real life crush. So, there was a guy named Harsh. Okay. He was in 7th grade
and I was in the 2nd grade. I was in the 2nd grade and he was
in the 7th grade. Five years of… – Was your first crush in 2nd grade?
– You were in 2nd grade… – He was very cute.
– Was your first crush in 2nd grade? – Yes.
– Then who’s your celebrity crush? My celebrity crush is Hrithik Roshan. – I was 10 years old then.
– Hrithik Roshan is everyone’s… – He was my crush.
– ‘Kaho Naa Pyar Hai’. Yes. It is below 12. You still haven’t
turned a teenager. – No, not yet.
– Oh my God. Our hormones are very active. – This is too much.
– Yes, really, this is too much.


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