Senator Castro joins advocates to push for Clean Energy
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Senator Castro joins advocates to push for Clean Energy

This is a pivotal moment for Illinois when it comes to the issue of energy
policy. In 2016, Illinois passed the Future Energy Jobs Act, which was the
greatest clean energy breakthrough in the state’s history. It’s creating thousands of jobs spread across every part of Illinois, saving consumers
money on their bills and taking action to combat the real threat of climate
change. Now it’s time to build on that progress. The Clean Energy Jobs Act will
increase our investments in cutting-edge renewable energy and equity
programs. For example, CEJA will expand community solar programs so that people
who cannot put solar on their own rooftops can still subscribe to a solar
project. (Crowd Applauds) It calls for a five vote expansion of Illinois solar for all so that far more people can take part in the clean energy economy, either as workers or
customers. But, it doesn’t stop there, and I know from looking around
the Capitol today that we have the political power necessary to get this bill passed and onto on the governor’s desk. (Crowd Applauds)


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