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SCI Trainees

The trainees are the life-blood of
the lab and the science that we do. They come up with the best ideas
and the best ways to test them. It’s really important to think about
that investment for the future for a lot of reasons.
If we don’t work on training those people to ask the really good questions,
we lose an opportunity to change things in healthcare and cancer research.
– This opportunity has been great for me. It really presented an
opportunity to really work on the cutting-edge of cancer research,
as well as, improve my skillset. The main advantage I found here
at the Cancer Institute is being able to really broadly ask as many questions
as possible and getting a nice, helpful answer
and being able to move your research forward.
Having the potential to do translational work
that can have a very clear clinical impact really is a reason that
inspires me to be here everyday and gets me
excited about being able to impact other people’s lives.
As a kid, I grew up and always wanted to be a cancer scientist.
It means so much to be at an institution where
we focus so much on providing the best care possible to the patients.
For me to be involved in any sort of way, it means so much to me.

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