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so you’ve become responsible for a loved
ones probate house or house in a trust and you’re looking for answers well
you’ve come to the right place I’m Kim Ward realtor and certified
probate real estate adviser on my channel you’ll find great information
about how to prepare and successfully sell a San Diego probate house or house
in a trust you may be experiencing right now the number one cause of
overwhelm when becoming responsible for a loved one’s estate you don’t live in
the city where the home is and wonder what are your options for handling the
remaining personal property once the family members have gathered their
mementos you’re also wondering how to prepare the home to get the best
possible price so how do you know what to do how to prepare the house since
2004 others like you have allowed me to help them and experienced a great
outcome just for a quick overview of my background I started by renovating
houses you know flipping with my contractor husband Dave we reach the
point where we purchase fixers made them beautiful and became landlords now I
help others like you to prepare market and sell probate homes and homes in a
trust so what does my experience mean to you it means my guidance on
cost-effective repairs when you choose me to help you I will provide options
each step of the way you consider your options make the decision and I
implement for you and if the best option is to sell as is we can do that too
my purpose is to lead guide and protect you each step of the way I welcome you
to engage post questions and comment because I’m here to help you put all the
pieces together so watch feel comfortable with your next
steps comment and subscribe Hi, I’m Laura. Hi, I’m Ashlie, and I’m Kim together we are Horizon Real Estates
Probate and Trusts Help

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