• raiders fan916

    And you guys going to bash the homeless right?
    Those of you think your going to heaven are not going judge not because one day god will judge you for what you say and do you cant be a luke warm christain…you should treat others how you want to be treated…

  • raiders fan916

    How many have bought a homeless person food gave them a blanket or even asked why are they homeless? Not every homeless person is on drugs not every homeless person has mental problems

  • Ivajlo Berberov

    Gospel Mission is ok. However Gospel Mission does not have wheel chair access. The shelter is on the second floor.. The staff there is afraid of people with wheel chair s. Gospel Mission— I needed to leave my wheel chair in storage. Marrys house over at loaves and fish is the same — no wheelchair access for the woman showers. Gospel Mission and Marry House need to fix Their wheel chair access. Jesus Christ loves us All..

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