• Wayne Whitworth

    Ryan does good work but he's not so still and stoic anytime the name "Trump" is mentioned. Ryan needs help in this matter. I've seen him on podcasts absolutely change within seconds and start cursing and losing it…all of his stoic philosophy goes right out of the window. Ryan, just breathe and realize that half of America disagrees with you. We all want the best for America, but just disagree on the path. This year or in 4 years, the administration will change and life goes on. I didn't vote for President Obama but I didn't go into a cursing fit whenever his name was mentioned. I actually prayed for the man and hoped that he would be a good leader.

  • Tanbay TV

    1. Get up early 4:04
    2. Start the day phone-free 5:02
    3. Go outside 6:52
    4. Journal 7:40
    5. Do the main thing right away 10:55
    6. Routine. Routine. Routine. 13.26
    7. Don't watch the news 16:08
    8. Explore a hobby 16:50
    9. Exercise 20:13

    10. Treat relationships seriously 23:00

    11. Say "No." A lot. 25:24
    12. Let go. A lot. 29:00
    13. It's either up to you, or it isn't. 29:27

    14. Practice being present. 31:10
    15. One of the hardest things is to do next to nothing…
    16. The good news about the present is that it keeps showing up to give you a second chance… 33:25

    17. Find "enough."
    18. Be still 37:13

  • Michael Babich

    What did he do except writing books? Seriously, the guy has zero real life experience with real results except repeating other people's stories and selling them as books. No reason to pay attention.

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