Rule Of Law Already Broken Where It Involves Trump | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
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Rule Of Law Already Broken Where It Involves Trump | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  • I H

    Civil war soon ? You know all the fantasy books. Like from the late great auther? Vince Flynn. He had hookups at the CIA. This is a real nightmare that no other author can even imagine

  • Yvonne Eiland

    4 more years of #DonaldTrump we will be a full blown dictatorship
    He'd be out and the country will be ruined for decades
    #FliptheSenatein2020 to start fixing the 💩 this corrupt administration has done this far..
    #DonaldTrump is doing to America what he did to Atlantic City..

  • Kathleen Hammett

    Barr actually signalled to Trump that he thought 'the president' should have control over the DOJ in an op-ed before he got the job of AG. Barr was telling Trump you want total control then I'm your man..

  • Stifled Voice

    By 2020 we were supposed to have flying cars and an egalitarian society in a globally connected world, instead we have a low life tv celebrity with illusions of dictatorship wiping his butt with the law. What a gyp.

  • D'shawn Cherry

    All the republican senators including BARR should become ex patriots and move to north korea since they like being dictated to and belittled all day long. Go to where they do that at. Makes sense right? Too much sense for them i spose

  • Santy Clause

    The double-standard is strong with tRump… up there, in his bubble, where nuthin is wrong (if he did it). tRump cannot do wrong because he is perfect. And if tRump thinks you did wrong, well you did wrong, fella; he said you was wrong ..and he is perfect, he can do that.

  • Mark Neal

    It is possible that Trump is going to cause one or more of his red hat wearing followers to snap through the haze and find their footing as an American, and realize they've been taken for a ride and are about to be dumped off. Sort of like being spun around and dizzy, then catching your footing and seeing what's in front of you, grinning.

  • Jojo Berkanhead

    Trump hiring outside prosecutors, also using rudy….. Is this so there is no government paper trail? He learnt if ya use government workers, then theres a record kept…….

  • D'shawn Cherry

    Barr didn't make that statement to scold trump lets be clear……Barr was trying to give the impression that he does NOT and has NOT spoken to Trump about any ongoing investigations. He's trying to absolve himself from the minion optics he's facing. I think he wrote the "a warning" anonymous tell all. That way he can just say he was "looking" out for US, and be Trump's minion right now.

  • Gerold Bosch

    If they took their oath seriously they would boycott Donald…. if public servants would do their job properly they would leak all this shady buisness…. how about a class action by a peoples movement? …there are ways of civil resistance!!

  • Beverly Glover

    None of this matters to Trump's supporters. They say Trump can do whatever he wants as president and whatever he does is for the good of America. Period. They are like programmed robots and always will be.

  • Ron Wuerch

    FAKE NEWS…Maddow Has No Idea What A Law Is…Cant Wait To See McCabe And The Rest Of Them Go Down…The DOJ Is In Real Trouble.

  • Mignon Simpson

    Grave miscarriages of Justice are being perpetrated by trump and Barr. It is past time for their removal from office and a permanent solution in curtailing the rise of Nazism in America. Live by this sword die by this sword as history has shown.

  • Iamtop

    You got people protesting against smaller things all over the world. Where are the Americans protesting the death of the Rule of Law ? Well, enjoy waking up in Gilead.

  • waiotahi52

    If you want to know what Donald J. Trump is guilty of, observe carefully what he accuses others of. It is a list of his own sins.

  • Del teh

    America believes in good governance, transparency, rule of law, free speech, election transparency, no corruption and a lot more for democracy to prevail. This is only applicable to other countries not to America!!!! What double standards!!! At least other countries are transparent with their corruption and call it what it is. Ohhhhhhh America!!!

  • Marc Emson

    Donald Trump and all of his cronies has already earned themselves a long prison-sentence throught their conduct alone.
    All it takes are brave SWAT-squads to march in and arrest them.

    Civilian-courage, Simple put.

    Herodes must rise or the country will fall next year if Trump cheats the election 2020 again.


  • NorthSide Custom RC

    This guy really got shut down then posted the video lmfao, every question to him he deflects with a "depends on how YOU" lmfao

  • Lofoten

    God bless you Rachel! Free press is more important now more than ever when the justice system is under attack from within by Barr.

  • Concerned European

    Please Americans join the world in combatting global warming no time to loose, think about why people are voting for Trump and try to give a good reason to vote for the democrats.There must still be some common sense in these people

  • James Murphy

    Donald Trump can now protect all friends and allies against any crime.

    Congratulations America you’ve elected a mob boss for the highest office.

  • james baker

    We are so lucky that Trump has revealed the corruption in the democrat/republican system. There are many baddies and they are lining up the ducks for the game of law and disorder trying to save America from the deep state rich people who tried to steal it.

  • brad rawson

    do you listen to what your crowing about, this stuff happened to trump in the muller investigation, dems deserve same scrutiny

  • Andrew L PickfordIII

    Broken? Shattered and damaged to the point that even his cultists believe they can brake it and get away with!

    Awakening the violent behavior of the previous 350 years prior to 1968!

    This power of misguided privelage is mimicked and received as a "right" of passage. Accountability for their actions of in plain sight justified violence and oppression is not a worry for them cause their leader who has shown them that they like him are"above the law"

  • G Rated

    Trump, Barr , Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Graham, Life Sentences may be suitable for the Treasonous Tyranny and Crimes being committed. Their going to Jail and will be punished to the full extent of the law. Lock him up!

  • Susan Delaney

    AUTOCRACY alive & well!!!!!!!!!!!Name calling does nothing, he knows what he is. He doesn’t care. We need to put our words to better use. We need to GETHIM OUT !

  • Harumi H.

    Now emboldened and fearless, Trump started to act as if he were indeed above laws. He is now trying to control everything even though he does have no understanding of running of the government. He is creating his own government by punishing anti-Trumpsters and by letting the arrested Trumpsters free. Trump will let them free and re-hire them into his cabinet, so that Trump could now do literally whatever he wants to do, including the illegal and fraudulent things without being charged at all. It will be Trumpsters organized crime empire, which he will replace the current government with, and continue punishing all of Anti-Trumpsters…not only the House Dems but also everybody who does not side or agree wit Trump. We will see lots of criminals starting to walk on the streets, starting killing every one who dies not agree with Trumpsters. The Republicans and Trump supporters… When are they going to wake up and to realize what they have done?? They are responsible for this devil to be emboldened and to be fearless enough to destroy completely the American democracy.

  • Mellow Seller

    The Senate allowed this by not holding Trump accountable. Why is there no news reporting about outrage from Congress? They all need to go. They are all the problem.

  • Peter

    “The great revolution in the history of man, past, present and future, is the revolution
    of those determined to be free.”
    – John F. Kennedy (35th President of the United States)
    Rise up America – This is NOT a monarchy led by DJT.

  • Richard Minor

    With all of this corruption, every person in jail needs to be set free. Because trumpt is letting his criminal free get out of jail. The justice system is corrupt.

  • Larrygilbertreyes Reyes

    I want to know names of senior officials we know it's trump who is going to PRISON and he better go to jail with Barr, and those ppl that help him, but need to go to prison with

  • Ferris Alx

    America has lost its way. The only hope now is that Americans turn out in record numbers to out those destroying democracy at its core.

  • Tahir Ali

    I’m not sure why more people do not see what is happening: at the behest of Trump, the DOJ is trying to change guidelines (lower sentencing) so that the judges ruling over the cases involving Flynn and Stone factor that into their sentencing decision making. Both Flynn and Stone were found guilty of crimes which benefitted Trump. In other words, both committed crimes for Trump, and this is akin to a mob boss influencing a judge’s boss to make sure his Capos get reduced sentences. Trump is the mob boss in my analogy.

    Is the economy so “great” that his supporters don’t care what is going on, or don’t seem to want to care to understand, or if they care the money will stop flowing because they are benefiting financially? Trump behaves like a mob boss and this behavior is beneath the Office of the POTUS.

  • Allan West

    The only people that suffer under your bias legal system are the friends of Trump, Stone gets 9 years McCabe is of free for doing the same thing

  • Rachel Melendez

    📣📣Warning bells are ring loud and clear 🚨🚨🚨
    Barr helping cover-up Trump Pals for Trump criminal corruption ! !!!🚨🚨🚨Danger People loudly 📣📣📣

  • Brutal Noodle

    Everything trump does is tainted…. every "investigation"… every "appointed" judge… every executive order….
    If a democrat takes office and wipes away every trump/trumpublican decision…… GOD BLESS THEM!

  • Harumi H.

    Now entire government is corrupt. The people can't trust even the justice systems. Trump will continue freeing his own followers and punishing everyone who stands against Trump. Vindman was the first. His brother was the second. Now he ordered to punish all of witnesses…for the telling truth. Trump's crimes were not condemned thanks to the corrupt Republicans, and therefore the Senate Republicans are to blame for this incompetent devil to start his criminal actions more publicly and more boldly. Did they want this criminal to be a president? UNBELIEVABLE! Trump is going to create really his own criminal empire by ripping up the US government by hiring his own followers and eliminating all of Anti-Trymp just because they are in his way. Crazy.

  • Dave Rees

    Alas, we are stuck here, in the Real Whirld, with a Rambunctious Donnie and not much else….. For a fictional break, try DONNIE'S GANG four stories about Donnie and his friends over the course of his First Term. He golfs with Barack & Shinzo. He cuts nukes with Vlad, and saves Boris' bacon come Brexit time. In GREEN eBook Kindle format, too. or Paperback, comme vous voulez. The eBook reads well on a phone with the free Kindle app. Best Luck, All! cheers

  • Harumi H.

    Real cowards are Republicans. They were afraid of being targeted by Trump like this… That is why they let him go free… This country needs a real courageous person with a real courage to stand up against this criminal and all of Trumpsters.. Bill Burr was quiet during the impeachment trial because he was involved in Trump's scheme and because he knew that the Senate Republicans would let him go free, so he quietly worked to help Trump by trying to undo all of Mueller works.

  • Shane Auer

    Genrally he would like much cash and selling your sons and daughters into war….don't matter wiith who…. just sell arms… can make more kids….

  • Wayne Riley

    Listen to what she is saying! Can anyone believe that this talk is out there? This is real and our government is doing nothing about it. The house should be running 24/7 bring everyone in to testify. Make a show of it!

  • Margaret H

    Clearly Trump is going to stop all of his mob from doing anytime at all and that is probably the carrot that is leading his gangsters to do his bidding instead of working for the people who pay all of them.

  • Iceberg Rose

    Omg. Is anyone listening to this stupid man now? The court of world opinion as found him wanting. Most Western countries no longer take his calls. Everybody is waiting to see which democrat will take his place. He's last years news.

  • Corey Davis

    I think it's time we stop making the focus on Trump and his administration. We all know they are traitorous garbage. We need to include exposing his supporters as well. I have been challenging ppl that support him on how they do so, and call themselves loyal to this country. Every last one gets mad, and has no sensible defense. If u support trump, ur filth, just like him. Ignorant. Care nothing for truth, the rule of law, or the ideals of this country. Thank u though, for exposing yourselves as morons. We need to know who u are, so as not to turn our backs on u.

  • Robert Muckle

    And American citizens are still not marching en masse to their Ivory Tower to protest the very demise of their Democracy! What has become of your country??? You were once respected and envied…and now you sicken those of us who witness your complacency and callous disregard! WTF America???

  • Alvinius Alviniathan

    This complete embarrassment of a president is the epitome of a fascist dictator. Fascist dictators take control of the law and use it to punish thier enemies and benefit thier friends. The clown in chief runs America like some corrupt, third world country.

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